Top 10 China Quick Turn PCBs in China

Printed Circuit Boards, better known as PCBs, are essential to any electronic device/machine. They are not only important for industrial use but are very common in households as well. You might use several PCBs throughout the day without even realizing it. China Quick turn PCBs have become increasingly popular in recent times. It is because of the efficiency and speed of the production process. However, with the huge number of companies manufacturing and assembling Quick Turn PCBs, consumers have a big decision to make when choosing a PCB company for their needs.

They have hundreds of different uses, and thousands of companies manufacture and assemble them worldwide. However, let’s first go into a little detail about what PCBs really are.

What is a PCB?

A printed circuit board is the board base that supports and wires together electronic components in electronic devices/machines. It is the backbone of an electronic system. It uses conductive pathways, signal traces, or tracks to connect electronic components within a device. PCBs come in a wide range of types and sizes.

More recently, individual customers and industries have developed the need for customizable PCBs. This is major because of the increase in the number of its uses. Manufacturers find it easier to customize PCBs from scratch. They don’t go for assembling a huge variety of standard PCBs that might not fully meet customers’ needs.

What is a Quick Turn PCB?

As the name explains, a quick turn PCB is manufactured and put together over a short period of time. This behavior is because of the growing demand for electronic products worldwide. It is also because of the rapid increase in competition in the industry.

Quick Turn PCBs allow manufacturers to satisfy customer needs as quickly as possible while not compromising on quality. Depending on the level of complexity, a quick turn PCB can take anywhere between 1-7 days. The manufacturing company first receives the PCB design in a Gerber file format and then carries out a Design For Manufacturing (DFM) review.

Once the material and technical requirements are verified and approved according to industry standards, the manufacturing and assembly process starts. Prototypes are made and tested during the early stages before full production occurs.

Making a decision when you have so many options to choose from can be quite taxing. Therefore, you must keep in mind certain important factors to you or your business. These include the time you have before you need the perfect China Quick Turn PCB, the number of PCBs you need, your budget, and the complexity and size of your PCB. Once you have a rough idea of these, you can begin researching the plethora of companies offering China Quick Turn PCB manufacturing and assembly services.

Top 10 China Quick Turn PCBs

Here is a list of the best China Quick Turn PCB manufacturing and assembly in China to help you make an informed choice.

1. Hillman Curtis (

Hillman Curtis is one of the biggest firms in the PCB industry, located in China. It offers a wide range of services, including PCB assembly, manufacturing, component procurement, PCBA testing, and quality monitoring. The components procured and assembled in the PCBs by Hillman Curtis are 100% original and of the highest quality.

They offer products including single-layered, double-layered, multi-layered boards, and so much more.

The company boasts over ten years of experience with an expert team of engineers and technicians. Moreover, one of their main focal points is customer service. Employees have the training to pay attention to customer needs and make them feel welcomed and heard. It is because of great customer relations that Hillman Curtis is what it is today.

Additionally, Hillman Curtis’ parent company is Rayming Technologies, which is also one of the leading service providers in the PCB industry.

2. RayMing PCB (

This Chinese-based manufacturer is one of the fastest manufacturers of PCBs in the country. It makes use of rapid prototyping and can assemble and deliver a standard PCB in less than 24 hours.

The company’s personnel make it stand out. The dedicated team ensures the highest quality. Rayming PCB offers a range of products and services, including breadboarding, prototyping, and engineering. The fabrication processes meet industry standards perfectly, and the right amount of testing and inspection goes into ensuring high quality.

Rayming is the best decision you can make for your next electronic project. The complete production processes take place under one roof. The company does not outsource. Moreover, the manufacturing plant is laced with digital technology, which allows for easy order entry, rapid fabricating, and prototyping as well.

3. Imagineering Inc.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

Often ranked as one of the best PCB manufacturers in the world, Imagineering Inc. prides itself on its state-of-the-art production facility, high-speed prototyping, and guaranteed delivery. The company has an operating experience of more than 30 years in the industry, and it is safe to say that they know what they are doing.

Imagineering operates as a network of domestic and offshore facilities and makes use of the most advanced technology in its machinery. The prices of their products are also affordable, which ensures customer satisfaction. Their customer service is also one of the best in the industry, and that is what enables a greater turnaround.


ALLPCB prides itself on the shortest lead time of any China Quick Turn PCB manufacturing and assembly company. Moreover, it offers its customers an online production tracking facility. All processes, including fabrication, prototyping, and production, completes with the aim of saving the most time. ALLPCB was among the top 10 in the Hangzhou Industry Key Enterprises. The manufacturer was also awarded the “National High-Tech Enterprises” award.

ALLPCB has one of the best state-of-the-art production processes that allow the company to run rigorous testing on its products before they are delivered to the customer. It strictly adheres to the SOP of the industry and goes above and beyond to ensure efficiency as well as excellence in all of its PCBs.

5. Custom Circuit Boards

Customer Circuit boards are one of the most reliable PCB companies, especially for engineers and doctors. It has also been operational for more than three decades. The company’s specialty is mission-specific PCBs which include a great deal of customization according to the particular requirements of the customer.

For this purpose, the company thrives on the most efficient customer service. The board’s fabrication takes place in-house and incorporates agility in the whole process. The company can produce PCBs with more than 24 layers, and it offers all services at competitive prices.


JHYPCB is perhaps one of the quickest PCB manufacturers in the industry. The company has been at its a-game for years now. It has a record time of fabricating a 30-layer Quick Turn PCB in mere 6 days.

If your Gerber files are sent to the company, it can review them immediately and fabricate PCB for you in under a day as well. The reviews are done from an engineering perspective, and no stone is left unturned to ensure the highest possible quality. It also has a huge workforce with over 500 employees who are all dedicated to getting the job done most efficiently and cost-effectively.

The manufacturer also prides itself on the use of economical materials that help reduce the cost further. High speed and quality can be regarded as the two primary goals of JHYPCB.

The main facility is located in Shenzhen, China.

7. PCBWay

rayming pcba

With over 12 years of Quick Turn PCB manufacturing experience, PCBWay is one of the leaders in the industry. Moreover, it is home to state-of-the-art facilities and the most advanced technology to remain in that leadership position. The team of engineers at PCBWay carefully reviews and approves every Gerber file that is sent to them. Therefore, the final boards they fabricate are nothing short of perfect.

One of the added facilities it offers its customers is the time schedules for those that are not in hurt to get their quick turn PCBs. This allows for better customer service and satisfaction as the most urgent orders are processed first. However, this does not mean that the company compromises on quality in any way.

The prototypes of all orders are sent to customers for a trial run, and the problems they face are promptly addressed. PCBWay also has an ISO certification which makes it all the more credible. The company is also famous for processing large orders of PCBs and delivering them on time as well as for excellent prices.

8. Mer-Mar Electronics

Definitely one of the oldest in the industry, Mer-Mar electronics boasts an experience of more than 40 years. If the successful operations of a business for more than four decades don’t tell us about its performance, we don’t know what does.

Mer-Mar electronics makes use of the most recent technology in its manufacturing process. Moreover, the company can manufacture and assemble huge quantities of boards without lacking excellence in a single one of them. It maintains global industry standards through all the stages of its production process, and the rigorous testing and inspections don’t leave room for any error.

The PCBs manufactured by Mer-Mar electronics are ISO certified and meet the customers’ needs to the dot. Mer-Mar electronics are the true pioneers of China Quick Turn PCB production, and they take the most excellent care of their customers.

9. Epec Engineered Technologies

When it comes to experience backing up performance, nobody does it better than Epec Engineered Technologies. This manufacturer of Quick Turn PCB has been in the industry for more than 70 years, and their success is a testimony to that.

Epec has hit the nail on the head in terms of lead times and customer service. Their PCBs are one of the best in the industry and are available at amazing prices. The company has invested in a large facility which is equipped with the latest technology. This allows for delivering quality at the quickest times.

The entire production process is fully compliant with industry standards. Epec will help you with your Gerber Files as well and will make sure the sending and receiving of the data is a smooth process.

The company also enjoys a good relationship with transport company UPS with its hub in Hong Kong, which is helpful in the timely delivery of its products to customers. Any logistic and customs issues are resolved on their end so the customers don’t face any inconvenience.

10. Venture

Venture is a Quick Turn PCB manufacturer that has been operating in China for more than ten years. The company is well-known for its consistent and seamless PCB assembly service. It promises and delivers your quick turn PCB in as low as just 24 hours. Customer service is regarded as being “stress-free.” This is because they have proven their professionalism and commitment to delivering the best quality service time and time again.

If you have tough project deadlines to meet and jampacked schedules, Venture will have you covered.

Their facility is located in one location under one roof, but they provide quick turn PCB services all over the world. Moreover, their operations are strictly compliant with the SOPs and quality standards of the industry. Customer service and technical support are also available around the clock, and the prices they offer are extremely affordable.

Venture ensures the highest quality of not only its products but also its production facility, with regular checks and evaluations to ensure industry standards are met. Your quick turn assembly needs are all taken care of by Venture.


The list of Quick Turn PCB manufacturers around the world is never-ending. However, this list only includes the best ones. Do thorough research on the company you are planning to entrust with the responsibility of fulfilling your China Quick Turn PCB needs. This list can help you narrow down your options, but the final decision is always yours.


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