10 Multilayer PCB Manufacturers in China

Multilayer PCB refers to the kind of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that has more than one layers. Ideally, a PCB is meant to have one layer, but depending on the applications, the layers can be more than one. The multilayer PCB fits into that use case.

So, in this article, we will make a review of the top 10 companies that engage in the provision of fabrication, design and production services for the multilayer PCB.


If you are looking for a reliable multilayer PCB manufacturer in China, your first choice should be JHYPCB. The company makes the list for many reasons, ranging from the excellent circuit board design process, the series of tests it subjects the boards to and the company’s many years of experience.

Multiple Layer Support

The goal of using multilayer PCBs is to integrate multiple layers of conductive material that are placed in the center of the material. With the voluminous layers that are added here, it creates the opening for a reduction of the interconnections, higher assembly density and increased flexibility.

JHYPCB satisfies the intents of the multilayer PCBs by supporting multiple layers. Unlike some of the other multilayer PCB manufacturers, the company does not limit the production to 10 layers or less. Instead, JHYPCB’s manufacturing capability extends to 30 layers of conductive material.

Multilayer PCB High-Performance and Reliability

You can be sure that the reliability of the multilayer PCBs from JHYPCB is optimum. The company ensures the compliance of these circuit boards with the following standards:

  • ISO
  • RoHS and;
  • UL

Mass Production Capability

No matter the volume of circuit board you want to order for, rest assured that JHYPCB can handle it all. This manufacturer “provides multilayer PCB prototypes with a quick turnaround and mass multilayer PCB manufacturing services.”

2. Winow New Energy CO., Ltd

Also called Winow PCBA, this is a multilayer PCB manufacturer that specializes in the production of circuit boards that have multiple layers of conductive material.

It is pertinent to mention here that the company combines the production of the multilayer PCB with that of the complex circuit boards, such as Rigid-Flex PCBs and High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs.

Winow PCBA uses the “state-of-the-art multilayer circuit board fabrication equipment to ensure that the finished boards” they distribute “meet the exacting standards and technical specifications.”

In terms of the capability, the manufacturer assures of the following:

  • Offering a wide range of solder mask colors, such as blue, green, red, yellow, black and white.
  • Winow PCBA also manufactures up to 38 layers of conductive material for the multilayer circuit boards.
  • To ensure the best performances possible, the company uses different surface finishes. Examples of the supported surface finishes are OSP, HASL/HASL Lead Free, Immersion Silver and ENIG.
  • This multilayer PCB manufacturer also offers different kinds of materials. Examples are Telfon, FR-4, Rogers and CEM-1. Others include FR4 Halogen Free, CEM-3 and High TG.

3. Philifast

The speed of producing circuit boards is one of the core factors to consider when choosing a manufacturing company. This fact makes Philifast to stand out of the crowd, because of the company’s specialization in providing multilayer PCB production in the shortest time possible.

Custom Circuit Board Designs

Worth mentioning is that Philifast specializes in making custom multilayer PCBs. As such, one can rely on it to make circuit boards that do not only integrate multiple layers of conductive materials, but also the circuit boards that can be further modified to the customers’ needs.

Delivery Timeframe

Philifast engages in the provision of quick-turn PCB and PCBA prototype. It is also pertinent to mention that the company has an Express PCB service that facilitates the design process. You can expect the multilayer PCB to be readied in 24 hours from the time of placing the order.

32-Layer PCB

Philifast also offers up to 32 layers of conductive materials for the multilayer circuit boards.

4. PCBCart

Here is a multilayer PCB manufacturer in China that specializes in producing high-quality circuit boards. PCBCart has been in the business of providing a variety of high-quality multilayer circuit boards.

These PCBs are also produced to meet the needs of customers who are particular about the lead time, design and cost of the circuit boards.

Below are some of the capabilities of this multilayer PCB manufacturing company:

Full Feature PCB Fabrication

One of the highlights of PCBCart’s services is the delivery of full feature PCB fabrication services. The company does this to help the consumers get value for their money. It is also imperative to point out that the company offers the service, bearing in mind some of the design iterations, such as the layer counts, board type and material.

Supported Boards

Multilayer circuit boards can be further broken down into different types. You can find the ones that fall into multilayer flexible PCB, rigid-flexible multilayer PCB and the multilayer rigid PCB.

You can count on PCBCart to design and produce these kinds of multilayer circuit boards.

Supported Materials

Different materials are used to maximize the potentials of the multilayer PCB. In terms of the service offered by PCBCart, the following are some of the supported materials:

  • FR4 Halogen-Free & High Tg
  • FR4 Tg 140C/150C
  • FR4 Halogen-Free and;
  • FR4 High Tg 170C/180C

Layer Counts

PCBCart also offers different layer counts for the multilayer circuit boards. The layer counts start from a minimum of 1 layer to a maximum of 32 layers.

Multilayer PCB Techniques

Different techniques or design processes can be maximized to make the most out of the multilayer circuit boards. In the case of the PCBCart services, the company offers the following techniques:

  • Electrical test
  • Blind and buried vias
  • Via in pad
  • Gold fingers
  • Press fit


PCBCart also offers different kinds of surface finishes for the multilayer PCB. The surface finish processes include but are not limited to OSP, HASL (both the leaded and the lead-free), Immersion Silver/Tin and ENIG.

PCBCart Offers Several Manufacturing Options

The manufacturer offers different kinds of manufacturing options, including those for the full feature PCB and the advanced PCB manufacturing processes.

In this case, the company offers the following:

  • Peelable solder mask
  • Quick-turn circuit board production
  • Edge plating
  • Press fit hole, Half cut/Castellated hole, Countersink/counterbore hole.
  • Blind vias, buried vias & microvias (both the staggered and the stacked)
  • Carbon mask
  • Via in pad
  • Impedance Control: this is based on the trace width and impedance demand.

5. SAYFU Multilayer Circuits Co., Ltd

SAYFU is a leading multilayer PCB manufacturer in China. The company specializes in the production of different kinds of multilayer circuit boards.

If you are looking to get custom designs of the rigid-flexible multilayer circuits or the basic multilayer circuit board, you can be sure that this company will handle it.

It is also imperative to point out that SAYFU produces variations of the multilayer circuit board. The following are examples of these variants:

  • 4-layer multilayer PCB
  • 6-layer multilayer PCB
  • 8-layer multilayer PCB
  • Multilayer rigid-flexible circuit
  • 10-layer multilayer circuit board


UNITEPCB is a Shenzhen-based circuit board manufacturer that specializes in the production of multiple layers or circuit boards. It is imperative to mention that the company offers an extensive multilayer PCB service.

The following are some of the services it offers:

Multilayer FPCs

This refers to the production of the multilayer Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs). UNITEPCB produces this kind of multilayer PCB to satisfy the market demands of circuit boards that have multiple layers and which are flexible – can be bent, twisted, and folded during use.

It is pertinent to mention that the qualification of a circuit board to be a multilayer FPC is that it must have up to three (3) flexible conductive layers.

On its part, UNITEPCB ensures that the circuit boards meet this specification and that it can provide different types of multilayer FPCs to meet the design objectives.

Multilayer Aluminum PCB

This is another variant of the multilayer PCBs that UNITEPCB makes. The multilayer aluminum circuit board refers to the type of circuit board that has several layers of conductive material, and which is separated by insulating layers.

Circuit Board Manufacturing Capabilities

The capabilities or abilities of the circuit board manufacturer to make the boards help to convince prospective customers that the company is worth entrusting the job.

This multilayer PCB manufacturer has the following capabilities:

  • Surface Finish: the company offers the following types of multilayer PCB surface finishes – Silver Plating, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Carbo and OSP. Others are Tin Plating, Lead Free HASL, Immersion Silver, Gold Plating (and gold).
  • Layer Counts: the number of layers integrated into the PCB depends on the manufacturing stage. For example, the standard PCB takes up to 40 layers while the advanced takes up to 60 layers.

7. Agile Circuit Co., Ltd

This multiplayer PCB manufacturer in China is based in Shenzhen. The company prioritizes the production of multilayer circuit boards that have up to 3 mil of ultra fine pitch, up to 26 layers and which can support both the single and the differential controlled impedance.

Agile Circuit also has the following capabilities:

  • The provision of high-frequency base materials
  • Low loss, halogen-free and ultra-thin packages.
  • Blind and buried vias
  • Laser drilling and small hole drilling

8. VictoryPCB

This is one of the multilayer PCB manufacturers in China that did not expressly mention the provision of the multilayer PCB service. However, VictoryPCB ensures that it offers multiple integrations of layers into the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

According to the information on the website, the company can potentially produce up to 40 layers of circuit boards. It can also make custom designs, as per the clients’ requirements.

Why Choose VictoryPCB?

We recommend that you choose VictoryPCB as your favorite multilayer PCB manufacturer in China for the following reasons:

Excellent Circuit Board Inspection Capabilities

The company ensures that it takes care of the testing and inspection of the multilayered PCBs to be certain that they are fully functioning.

The following are some of the testing capabilities:

  • The company deploys the aging test to ascertain the probability of the test failure, as well as the invalidity of the PCBA board.
  • X-Ray Testing: VictoryPCB offers both the AOI and X-Rau Testing to confirm the presence or absence of the fine and micro defects after lamination on the multilayer PCB.
  • The manufacturer also offers the following types of multilayer PCB tests – FCT test, ICT test and the In-process quality control.

9. 86PCB

86PCB is one of the oldest multilayer PCB manufacturers in China. The company has been in existence since 1998. As a professional PCB and PCBA manufacturer, the company helps consumers to get different layers integrated into Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

86PCB can potentially manufacture PCBs that have up to 24 layers with a minimum board thickness of 0.40mm for the 4-layer and up to 1.20mm for the 10-layer circuit boards.


86PCB has the following as some of its strongest capabilities or deliverables:

  • Optimization of the multilayer PCBs for prototyping and large volume productions.
  • The company meets the customers’ demands both in terms of design process technologies and materials.

10. ChinaPCBOne

This is a one-stop shop service provider for a variety of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) needs. ChinaPCBone also produces multilayered PCBs that have up to 40 layers. The company also have the following to its advantage:

  • The use of special materials and design processes.
  • High-quality insurance of the multilayer PCBs.
  • ChinaPCBOne optimizes the multilayer PCBs to fit into the following applications – high-frequency communication, electric power, industrial manufacturing, automobile, LED lighting and Bluetooth communication.

Here is another professional manufacturer of multilayer PCBs in China:

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

Hitech Circuits

Hitech also provides one-stop solutions for PCB designs. In terms of multilayer PCB production, the company produces from 4 layers, 8 layers of rigid PCBs and 4 layers of semi-hole multilayer PCB boards. It also specializes in the production of high-speed PCB for electronic digital.

The following is a list of Hitech Circuits’ capabilities:

  • Production of up to 38 layers of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Offering of different surface treatments, such as Carbon Ink, HASL, Peelable Mask and Immersion Silver. Others include HASL Lead Free, Golden Finger, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Flash Gold and OSP.

Final Words

The advantages of working with a multilayer PCB include but are not limited to the board’s usage of a single connection point, high circuit density and board thickness.

However, the multilayer PCB has some downsides, including the difficult maintenance process, higher processing costs because of the requirement of specialized equipment, as well as a complicated test method.

Nevertheless, you can rely on the professional service of RayPCB. We help you configure and optimize the multilayer PCB as per the target applications’ requirements. You can also count on us to give you professional guidance on how to maximize the PCB for the best results.


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