Top 10 Aluminium PCB Manufacturers in China

Aluminium PCB Manufacturers

Stay glued to the article till you get to the end as you are about to get value on the top 10 aluminium manufacturers. Many always get confused when choosing aluminium PCB manufacturer that will do an excellent perfect job for them. This article is an eye-opener.

That said, there’s need to understand what PCB is and then aluminium PCB before you can choose an excellent manufacturer.

What is the Printed Circuit Board (PCB)?

PCB( printed circuit board reinforce and interconnect both the electrical and electronic constituents using a conductive track. It mainly consists of a flat sheet substance attached with copper foil laminated to the substrate. The foil is divided into past and vias which perform various functions.

What is Aluminium PCB?

This type of PCB has a similar layer to other PCB. Instead of having fibreglass or a plastic substrate, it possesses a silkscreen layer and solder mask. It is a mixture of lead and tin with a metal substrate.

The aluminium board is useful in LED electronic because it lengthens the lifetime of LED and durability.

Aluminium PCB has the unique characteristic of keeping heat away from the board to avert any form of damage. Thus, aluminium PCB is also called, ” good thermal conductive PCB”.

You are about to learn about the top ten aluminium PCB manufacturers but before that, let’s briefly talk about the application of aluminium PCB.


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Application of Aluminum PCB

  • It’s applicable in the streetlight, spotlight, flashlight, e.t.c.
  • It’s highly important and applicable in system automotive LED
  • It’s also useful in electric motor control
  • LED application
  • Also applicable in photovoltaic

Advantages of Aluminum PCB

The aluminium board is the most thermally conductive PCB option. They keep heat away from vital component to ensure minimal circuit damage.

Good high level of heat tolerance. The substrate created always has a high level of physical durability that lowers the risk of breakage.

Aluminium PCB is also environmentally friendly and in addition to a reasonable cost.

Aluminium PCB is a type of PCB to reckon with because of its durability, environmentally friendly, accessibility, and its lightweight.

Here are the ten professional aluminium PCB manufacturers that you can trust.

Aluminium PCB

1. Ray PCB

If all you need is reliability and expertise, Ray PCB is a manufacturing aluminium PCB company that offers 100% reliability.

100% satisfaction of customers is the company’s competitive advantage. The company has earned the trust of its customers worldwide by being credible.

The strength in credibility is their dominant factor. Smart and competent engineers make up the working force of Ray PCB. The company business ecosystem is the best for customers.


2. Eastwin Global Limited

Eastwin is one of the leading industry in the production of aluminium printed board circuit (PCB) for their uniqueness in thermal management of PCBs. The use of quality materials and their accommodation for standard and professional ethics stands them out among other companies. The company is known to always maintain quality materials in the three layers of an aluminium printed circuit. The three layers include the circuit layer, the insulation layer and the base layer.


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3. Fast PCBA

The great advantage of Fast PCBA aluminium manufacturing industry is their marketing system. Situated in China, they have the capacity of five million points per day and quality control equipment.

Their corporate culture enhances their productivity and as well the brand reliability. They have a flexible and as well as outstanding comprehensive service.

Fast PCBA is one of the best for your quality aluminium PCB.

Fast PCBA obtained 1SO9 001 in May 2016, they also obtained UL certification as well as IS01400 certification in December 2001. You should be rest assured to get the best from them.

4. Amitron

This is one of the experience aluminium PCB manufacturers. they have been in the market manufacturing standard metal base for decades.

For more than thirty-five years, amitron has provided outstanding high-quality aluminium printed circuit board with sound customer service.

The strength of Amitron lies in constantly improving their qualification by automating their process of manufacturing and updating equipment.

This in turn ensures standard quality at the lowest cost. There’s no order too difficult for the company to handle because of their expert staff and investment. The under-listed factors differentiate Amitron from other aluminium PCB manufacturing industries.

  • High quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • The expertise of staffs from the engineers to the customer service

5. Rapid Circuit

Rapid circuit is a professional aluminium PCB design and manufacturing company equipped with the right ecosystem to manufacture high standard aluminium PCB.

The company was established in 2017. Despite their recent operation in aluminium PCB manufacturing industry, Rapid circuit is setting the pace for starters.

The company have one of the fastest services from schematic to layout and mainly operate on the latest designs. They obtained international recognition for their outstanding performance and high tech expertise. The following are the values you will enjoy from Rapid circuit.

  • Time delivery
  • Adherence to international norms of quality
  • Selling products at pocket-friendly prices
  • One to one consultation service

6. Well PCB

Well PCB is a well-known registered aluminium PCB industry in Australia. It’s one of the most preferred aluminium PCB manufacturing company by customers because of the following factors inherent in the company’s corporate culture.

Fast delivery: Well PCB have one of the fastest delivery options. They produce a quick turn to meet twenty-four hours delivery.

Competitive price: even though they offer one of the competitive prices in the world, they as well accept the following means of payment:

  • T/T
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal and
  • Bank transfer

Aluminium Substrate

On-Time and Safety Delivery

The company uses numerous means for delivery to customers such as FedEx, normal shipping and door to door service.

Quality Assurance

All products adhere to the regulatory bodies specifications. They also ensure that all their products undergo multiple testing services.

Excellent Customer Service

At Well PCB, the customer is always right is their practising principle.


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7. Advance Standard

With the experience and operational expertise and capacity of Advance Standard aluminium PCB manufacturing industry, you are certain to get the best.

The high ethical standard and value stand them out. You can be certain to get your standard aluminium PCB from them.

8. American standard company

The aluminium PCB manufacturing company was founded in 1988. The company is one of the leading aluminium PCB manufacturing company.

With many years of experience in manufacturing professional aluminium PCB, the company has earned the trust of its customers.

They have succeeded to maintain the standard of operations over time.


This is one of the leading aluminium PCB manufacturers. The company have recorded high-performance overtime.

The capability of MCPCB hinges on the quality of materials used in manufacturing product.

10. More PCB Limited

The outstanding feature of this aluminium printed circuit board manufacturer is that the company is endowed with experienced professional staffs that can manufacture aluminium PCB with high thermal conductivity.

The company has recorded professional excellence over time. Offering a high standard value and high tech option is their core value.

Here are the following reasons why aluminium PCB manufactured by more PCB LTD is one of the best to use.

The Length of the Aluminium Base PCB

The company supplies up to 150-160mm of the aluminium base material of LED PCB for effective heat dissipation.

Standard and Professional Quality

The high standard and professional quality are as a result of more than ten years experience in aluminium PCB fabrication.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer is their utmost priority, therefore, the customer service representative provides technical consulting service. The customer service department and the engineers provide technical support to you.

Quick Turn-Around

As soon as you get the prototype, there’s always mass assembly to support high business demand to save time.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Aluminium PCB

aluminium board

1. How Can You Describe Aluminium PCB?

Absence of plastic substrate and fibreglass differentiate aluminium PCB from any other printed circuit board.

This kind of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is highly difficult to manufacture. Despite they can be double-sided, they also have a unique feature of being single-sided.

2. What is the Best Description for Aluminium Substrate?

This is mostly used in LED and some Power converting electronic. Aluminium substrate help to direct away intensive light produced by LED, therefore, protecting the component from overheating because the LED produces a high level of heat.

Another unique description of the aluminium substrate helps in extending the life span of LED and as well increase the stability of the LED.

The various places where the aluminium substrate can be found street light and household lightening.

Conversion of power and regulation of electric are efficient nature of PCB aluminium board.

These are the reasons why other industries make use of the aluminium board only that the implementation is not immediately.


3. What’s the Reason for Using Aluminium in Circuit Board?

Since aluminium can transfer heat away from the component and reducing the heat because of the effect. using aluminium is necessary for safety. It also Accord strength and durability to a  product. Ceramic and fibreglass don’t possess this unique characteristic.

4. What are the Advantages of Aluminum PCB?

First, mining and refining aluminium is easy because of their accessibility in a different climate. This result in the low cost of aluminium of PCB, unlike other metal that is more expensive to mine.

Second, they are environmentally friendly because it’s a non-stop toxic substance as well as highly recyclable. The environmental friendliness of aluminium makes aluminium PCB to be highly recommended to customers.

The third reason is that excessive high temperature can cause damage to electronics. So, it’s always wise to use a material which can regulate the heat and also transfer heat from the component of the circuit.

Finally, the weight of aluminium metal is very light and that contributes to the durability of the board. There’s resilience, strength in aluminium and these don’t add any additional value to the aluminium metal.

5. What are the Classifications of Aluminum PCB?

Aluminium PCB is divided into three:

Universal Aluminium PCB

In this kind of aluminium PCB, the layer of dielectric is practically made of glass tuber made up of epoxy.

High Thermal Conductive Aluminium PCB

Here the dielectric layer is made up of resin with enormous high thermal conductivity.

High-Frequency Aluminium PCB

This kind of aluminium PCB is one that the dielectric layer is composed of resin glass fibre which gives aluminium PCB unique high-frequency characteristic.

6. What are the Manufacturing Difficulties of Aluminum PCB?

Most of the problems encountered during manufacturing Aluminium PCB are all the same from different quarters because the production procedures are the same.

Below are some difficulties encountered during manufacturing Aluminium PCB:

Copper etching

The problem of copper etching is always encountered when the copper foil is over 30z. The copper foil always needs compensation because the copper foil use in Aluminium PCB is thicker. When the design is not per the design expected, it will be difficult is encountered mostly in the copper foil.

Mechanical manufacturing

There are three basic mechanical processes in manufacturing, and they are drilling, modelling and scoring.

Those processes lead to reduce the electrical strength if not we’ll manage. The drilling parameter can as well be adjusted to prevent further damage by constant generation.

This will facilitate your mechanical manufacturing.

7. How Important Is Aluminium PCB And The Areas You Can Apply Aluminium PCB?

Aluminium PCB has a diverse use and it’s widely applicable majorly in all sectors of human existence.

The under-listed are some few areas where aluminium PCB is put to use:

  • Medical theatre lightening
  • High power converter
  • Interior decorator lightening
  • Power scanner
  • Signal beacon
  • Electrical transmission system
  • Lightening tools used in surgery

8. Why is it that Aluminium PCB is so Popular?

Some benefits make the aluminium PCB to be useful and popular to all. Listed below are the few benefits that make aluminium PCB to achieve wide popularity.

  • Lightweight
  • Able to control and minimise heat
  • Strong and last long
  • Zero negative environmental impact


You now know the best manufacturers of Aluminium Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Which of these companies do you like their services the most?


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