Understanding What Prototype SMT PCB Assembly Is About

Prototypes of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are used to reduce the number of defects in a circuit board design. They help OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) analyze their proposed circuits’ weaknesses and strengths. Also, they help manufacturers save on what they would have spent rectifying defects, thus reducing the rate of product recalls. For this reason, many companies would rather spend on a prototype PCB assembly before venturing into high-volume PCB production.

Meanwhile, SMT assembly has become very important today, with the rapid development of ICT (information and communication technology). The major work is to smolder components with tiny quantities of molten solder paste and assemble them on circuit boards. After soldering the components, passive components like diodes and capacitors are manually inserted. Many PCB prototype assembly service providers are out there, and partnering with an experienced provider comes with many advantages.

What Is SMT Assembly Technology and PCB Prototype?

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SMT Assembly technology involves smoldering electronic components and mounting them to a printed circuit board. The component leads are attached to pads on the surface of the circuit board using tiny amounts of molten solder paste. This technology uses automated equipment to position and mount components onto the printed circuit board. SMT assembly technology comes with a variety of advantages to the process of PCB assembly.

On the other hand, a PCB prototype is a profile or overview of what the actual PCB will look like when designed. Considering the high demand for the best Assembly of Prototype PCB, this point is essential. It is even more so because there is a certain level of mastery that is required in the manufacturing of PCBs.

Thus, from first creating a prototype of a PCB, the manufacturer has the opportunity to spot likely errors in the design. Many times, if these errors are not immediately addressed, they can affect the long term functionality of the PCB. Then, they can note and fix the errors while manufacturing the main PCB design.

The Advantages of Using SMT Technology for Prototype PCB Assembly

Before anyone starts using any SMT technology, they always want to know the benefits of the particular product. One can gain many benefits and advantages from using SMT Technology for Prototype PCB Assembly, and the most notable of these benefits include:

● Quicker and More Accurate Mounting

Automation is the major benefit SMT brings in manufacturing a Prototype PCB. SMT can automate, and this helps manufacturers to mount components faster and more accurately. As such, they will get reduced manufacturing costs and high throughput – and although the rates are higher, it’s worth it. Moreover, apart from the costs, the automation ability of SMT also minimizes labor rates, thus bridging the gap between the US and China costs.

● Maximize Space on Circuit Boards

SMT Technology utilizes smaller, compact, and lighter components than its through-hole counterparts. As such, manufacturers and engineers can maximize space on PCBs; they can reduce product size without compromising performance or functions. More so, engineers can make products more portable by using smaller, lighter components that reduce the weight of products.

● Higher Packing Density

SMT technology ensures a higher packing density, thus removing the need for difficult and time-consuming lead forming. This is because PCB manufacturers and engineers can use higher-powered components in SMT PCB assembly than through-hole technology. Contrarily, through-hole technology drills holes in the PCB solder joints and inserts leads into those areas, which is more difficult and time-consuming.

● Larger Number of Components

SMT assembly technology enables engineers to place many components on a small PCB surface. Since SMT components are much smaller than through-hole components, they typically offer higher component density. This high component density comes in handy when engineers work with a limited board space – like in handheld devices.

● Use of Mixed Technology PCBs

Using SMT assembly technology, it is possible to manufacture PCBs that combine surface-mounted and through-hole components. This comes in handy when there are space constraints, and one must use both connectors.

Top 11 Prototype SMT PCB Assembly Service Providers

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PCB prototyping may sound like it would be easier than actual PCB manufacturing, but it is equally as hectic. As we said earlier, you need a certain level of mastery to ensure it is done accurately. As such, we recommend giving this project to a company with the experience and expertise needed for accurate PCB prototyping. However, considering the number of service providers in this regard, finding one that meets your needs is challenging.

We have researched on your behalf and gathered the top nine PCB prototyping service providers. Each company has its advantages, so understanding your personality and personal preferences is important.

1. Raypcb.com

RayMing Technology, or Ray PCB, is one of the best, most reliable PCB prototyping companies. The company has a fifteen-year experience, meaning it has the relevant experience and expertise needed for quality PCB-related projects. Ray PCB first designs PCB Prototypes, which helps the buyer have a clear picture of what the actual design will be like. Other services Ray PCB offers besides PCB prototyping include PCB fabrication, mass PCB production, SMT assembly, and purchase components, among others.

Ray PCB is renowned for having a quick turnaround time and real-time delivery of PCB Prototypes and actual PCB designs. The company does a pretty impressive and commendable job regarding PCB prototyping, which you want to try. Thus, if you need a reliable, top-notch SMT PCB Assembly service provider, Ray PCB is one of the best places to look.

2. Hillmancurtis.com

Hillmancurtis.com is a China-based PCB assembly manufacturer that offers complete PCB assembly, including SMT Prototyping. The company is renowned for providing partial and full turn-key printed circuit board assembly services in China and internationally. In the full turn-key service, Hillmancurtis.com handles the entire manufacturing process, including procurement of 100% original components, PCB prototyping, and actual PCB manufacturing. It also offers PCBA testing as well as continuous monitoring of quality before the final assembly.

Whether you are looking for a double-sided surface mount design or a complex multilayer board, Hillmancurtis.com has you covered. The company aims to provide high-quality products designed to meet customers’ requirements with its experience in IPC Class II Standards. These standards involve very stringent cleaning requirements, production tolerances, and heavy copper, thus enabling the company to satisfy its customers. It has a genuine commitment to outstanding customer service and a team with unparalleled technical expertise you can benefit from.

3. JLCPCB.com

As the largest PCB prototype enterprise in China, JLCPCB.com is a company that specializes in PCB prototype and small-batch production. It has over ten years of experience in PCB manufacturing with over two hundred thousand satisfied customers at home and abroad. The company’s name echoes in China and beyond in the Printed Circuit Boards market as a top-notch full-service PCB Company. JLCPCB.com has over ten years of active experience in the industry, enabling it to stamp its footprints.

JLCPCB is undoubtedly a professional manufacturer of PCB prototypes with an unbeatable pricing policy, guaranteed quality, quick turnaround time, and fast delivery. JLCPCB specializes in PCB prototyping, giving customers an overview of the outcome of their PCB. Additionally, it deals in small-batch PCB production, which empowers PCB buyers with limited demand or low finances for a larger production.

4. AXIOM-MS.com

Axiom Manufacturing Services is widely known for its wide range of services in the electronic industry. The Texas-based company offers high-quality SMT PCB Prototype Assembly alongside other PCB services such as Turnkey PCB Assembly and PCB Manufacturing. AXIOM-MS.com is a world-class contract manufacturing service provider with supply chain solutions that help customers’ products sell faster. Each customer is provided with innovative, bespoke technological solutions that reflect the dynamics of their respective market.

The company is particularly known for exceptional service levels that ensure components’ security and conformity. With a track record of providing high-quality PCB prototyping for customers, AXIOM Manufacturing Services is one of the most reliable companies.

5. ALLPCB.com

ALLPCB.com was founded in 2015 as a company committed to building a super ECMS (Electronic Collaborative Manufacturing Service) system. It is a collaborative giga-factory with businesses covering PCB, SMT Assembly, electronic components, and a variety of other fields. The company works with a self-developed online system and production facilities with which it strives to create the best electronic manufacturing system globally. It has a presence in over 160 countries and a global community of over 170,000 satisfied customers.

ALLPCB is a company that focuses on providing full-scale PCB services to its clients, out of which Prototype PCB Assembly stands out. The company assures its customers of a quick turnaround of PCB Prototypes, ideally within twelve hours after you place your order. Additionally, ALLPCB promises high-quality PCB Prototypes facilitated using the latest PCB Assembly technology and machines. Furthermore, it gets its components from reliable suppliers – and fast.

6. ACI

Advanced Circuit International is a Prototype PCB Assembly service provider specializing in several PCB-related services. It has many years of experience, with a track record of working with many big brands in different niches and industries. The company’s affiliation with big-name technology brands is a testament to the fact that it knows its onions and understands PCB designs perfectly. Advanced Circuit International designs and manufactures PCB Prototypes for some industries, including the aerospace, defense, and medical industries.

Besides PCB Prototyping, ACI offers multilayer PCBs, Rapid Prototyping, and RF/Microwave antennas. Due to the number of PCB orders on its hands and the number of countries it serves, ACI has facilities worldwide.

7. PCBCart.com

PCBCart.com is a professional Chinese PCB production service provider with over ten years of experience in electronics manufacturing. The company has manufactured PCB prototypes and actual designs for over ten thousand companies in more than eighty countries worldwide. With a customer satisfaction rate of about 99%, the company prides itself on providing the best quality service available. PCBCart.com lets you choose the PCB service that suits your project: PCB prototype or standard PCB service.

Whether you only want the PCB Prototype or the full PCB service, PCB Cart has covered you. The company offers a quick turnaround time and real-time delivery, with instant access to 24/5 technical support from experts.

8. PCBJC.com

Journey Circuits (PCBJC.com) is an Illinois-based PCB company with the slogan “Leading the way in PCB Design and Manufacturing.” It is currently regarded as one of the most patronized, largest Prototype PCB Assembly companies in the US. The company’s PCB prototyping service is top-notch, but there are other PCB-related services it offers. Other offerings include:

  • PCB manufacturing.
  • PCB Assembly and Stencils.
  • Multilayer PCB manufacturing.
  • The production of display boards.

Journey Circuits offers high-quality, reliable, and affordable Prototype SMT PCB Assembly services as a one-stop solution for PCB manufacturing and assembly. The company’s domestic and offshore manufacturing facilities can surpass its customers’ expectations.

9. Optimatech.net

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified technology company, Optima Technology Associates offers customer-service-oriented contract electronic assemblies. It is the one-stop shop for printed circuit board manufacturing and SMT PCB prototyping. Although it offers several PCB Assembly services, the basic concept behind Optimatech.net is PCB prototyping. Its other services include OEM manufacturing, PCB integration, Box Build, PCB cable assembly, PCB testing, PCB manufacturing, and Through-Home PCB assembly.

Furthermore, Optima Technology Associates has an irresistible offer for its clients. Depending on its client’s budget, it gives its customers the choices of small, medium, and high-volume PCB production. Optima Tech is undoubtedly a PCB Prototype Assembly company you can trust with your project. The company aims to offer its customers better value to help strengthen its strategic position through its ISO-approved facilities.


We have provided the top ten Prototype SMT PCB Assembly service providers worldwide with the properties that make them stand out. These nine companies have undoubtedly set the standard for engineering and manufacturing robust, hardened SMT PCB Prototype Assembly.Ray PCB is undoubtedly the best in the world now, followed by Hillmancurtis and others. Each of these companies has peculiar offerings, which you want to look through to find what suits your project best. A careful analysis of each as provided in this post can provide you with all the necessary details.


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