Top 10 Reliable PCB Manufacturers in China

PCB Manufacturers in China

You have been hearing about PCB for a long time and you are now ready to see what it has to offer. You are looking to discover the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China that can offer you the value you want.

Before we look at these PCB companies and what they have to offer, let’s understand the concept behind PCB.

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a thin board that is made from laminate materials, such as composite epoxy and fiberglass. The board has many lines and pads that are designed to connect different components together, such as transistors, resistors, and integrated circuits.

Are you looking for the best PCB manufacturers in China? China has one of the largest concentrations of PCB makers, so you can be sure that you will get the value you are longing for.

On the other hand, it may take you a while to figure out the PCB manufacturer that can deliver top-notch value at the shortest time possible and at lower costs. That is why we have saved you the guess work and tiring moments of searching. Now, we have come up with the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China that have been doing great when it comes projects that are related to PCB.

1. Best Value Pick: Ray PCB    

China PCB Manufacturer RAYPCB

When it comes to PCB manufacturing in China, RayMing Technology(Ray PCB) stands taller above the other PCB manufacturers.

Established in 2005, the company has in the last fifteen (15) years of its existence, provided immense value when it comes to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing. The amazing thing about Ray PCB is that the company focuses on different kinds of PCB manufacturing, such as multilayer and double-sided. The company also offers high-end boards, such as high frequency PCB, Metal core PCB, Rigid-flex pcb etc,  as well as the best quality fabrication, which is why its services are highly sought-after all over the world.

Besides, making it to the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China list is not unconnected to the satisfaction of its customers, who do not hesitate to say good about the company at all times.

Hence, we position Ray PCB as our Best Value Pick and the most recommended PCB manufacturer in China for the above and many other reasons, such as the ones explained below:

Positive Aspects of Ray PCB

Firstly, In business, trust is essential. That is why Ray PCB remains one of the most formidable PCB manufacturers in China. From the reviews of many customers that have patronized the company’s services at one time or the other, it is evident that they have been patronizing Ray PCB because of the trustworthiness.

Secondly, Ray PCB is customer-centric. The company has been able to provide and facilitate the use of specialized customer services for the customers. So, you can be sure that you wouldn’t be getting generic responses, because the Customer Service Department of the company (Ray PCB) has a history of your transactions with the company. In the event of some complaints (which are rare), you can always get in touch with the customer service and they will make sure your concerns are resolved amicably.

Thirdly, Ray PCB doesn’t focus on the Chinese market alone. In furtherance of its commitment to ensure that the needs of more industries are met, Ray PCB has been able to provide specialized worldwide productions and deliveries of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

The last but not the least is the speed of delivery. Because PCB buyers would like to get the board at the earliest time to further their work, Ray PCB has consistently proven to meet up to that demand. Ideally, the company produces PCBs under twenty-four (24) hours and ensures that the deliveries are completed within five (5) days maximum.

Negative Aspects of Ray PCB

Ray PCB has some few downsides that you may need to have in mind too. In as much as these wouldn’t jeopardize the success of the PCB project the company would be delivering, it is important that you understand the challenges so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you learn about them elsewhere.

The first is that you may want to have some changes made to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) you ordered. This can be on the ground of some defects or you want some other features that haven’t been incorporated, such as min hole, min line gap.

Second and the last is that the prices of the PCBs manufactured by Ray PCB may be a bit on the high side. But, if you are looking for quality over costs, it could be a worthy investment.


  • Rigid PCB: FR4 material, Rogers Material, High TG material.
  • Metal core board: such as aluminum Base PCB, copper base PCB, ceramic base PCB
  • Rigid-flex PCB, flexible PCB, HDI PCB etc.
  • Specializes in single and double sided boards, Focus on the multilayer
  • 100% E-Test before ship out
  • High efficient supply ability 80K Sqm monthly.
  • Offers two easy options: Custom and Standard
  • Customers are allowed to upload a BOM File to explain their needs and desires for the Full Turn-Key PCB assembly projects
  • Provides one stop PCB assembly services(PCB manufacturing+Component sourcing+SMT assembly)
  • High-quality PCB Fabrication
  • 10 engineers and their own tooling house, strong at OEM
  • Implements the ISO9001 and QS9000 quality system
  • Advices customers on the best products for the target market(s)
  • In-depth knowledge of IPC Class II and III Standards


  • There may be need for changes, updating about min hole, min line width etc.
  • Urgent projects may be kept at bay because of the five (5)-day delivery timeframe
  • Some of the PCB projects can be expensive

2. PCBWay

China PCB Manufacturer PCBWAY

If you have been searching for the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China and it seems you are not making headway, it is time you take a seat as we have one of the companies you will like to patronize.

PCBWay is the name, and it has made tremendous impacts in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) market in China and beyond.

Located in Xiacheng, China, PCBWay redefined PCB manufacturing in a way that many companies are looking up to. For example, the company specializes on PCB Assembly Services, SMT PCB Assembly, and Custom PCB Design and Manufacturing.

Positive Aspects of PCBWay

PCBWay has among many other potential reasons for getting patronized, the use of high speed Pick and Place Machines that can process about 28,000 SMD components per hour.

The company also complies with RoHS standards, just as it offers state-of-the-art Advanced PCB Manufacturing, PCB Prototype, and SMD-Stencil Assembly services.

Negative Aspects of PCBWay

Some customers opined that the “quality of PCBWay’s services is slipping.” They cited the 15% failure rate in one component type and the noticeable shorts in the small surface mount pot.


  • DHL shipping that takes about 3 days
  • Excellent customer service that includes communication via chats and mails
  • No hidden fees
  • One-stop destination of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) fabrication and assembly


  • Quality seems to be slipping recently
  • Attempting to increase the prices of services without notifying the customers


China PCB Manufacturer JLCPCB

JLCPCB makes the list of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China considering the innovations it brings to the PCB market. From the fast shipping time to the affordability of the services, it is one of the best PCB manufacturing companies in China that you should consider patronizing.

Positive Aspects of JLCPCB

JLCPCB has over the last couple of years, grown to become one of the largest PCB prototype companies in China.

The company also offers fast shipping both in China and beyond. It uses flexible shipping channels, such as DHL, EMS, and AirMail for this purpose.

Negatives Aspects of JLCPCB

In as much as JLCPCB may seem fine for prototype projects, it may not be the best PCB manufacturer you will like to use for advanced projects.

For example, some customers complained that one of the batches made by the company was faulty, and that the vias would come out anytime the components are being soldered.


  • Fast shipping time
  • Affordable products and services
  • Ideally, the company charges about $2 for PCB Prototype
  • Customers can upload their files via the self-service platform


  • There seems to be communication difficulties as mentioned by the reviews of some customers
  • Faulty payment system: Credit card will be charged but the PCBs never show up


As the name suggests, ALLPCB is there to meet all the needs you may ever have for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Here are some details about the company:

Positive Aspects of ALLPCB

Located in the Xiancheng District, ALLPCB specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality and affordable PCB prototoypes.

The company also offers PCB Assembly and SMT Stencil services.

Negative Aspects of ALLPCB

ALLPCB seems to have hidden fees, as noted by some customers who said they were made to pay for more features that they never imagined, such as paying for “plated half holes.”


  • Fast turnaround
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service
  • Excellent HASL Surface Finish
  • Detailed order reports


  • There tend to be errors during the Gerber upload
  • Very thin top copper layer
  • Some customers posit that ALLPCB uses low-quality raw material for productions
  • Terrible PCB Cutting, as stated by some customers

5. 4PCB

China PCB Manufacturer 4PCB

Advanced Circuits (4PCB) is one our list of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China, and for obvious reasons too. The company has been meeting the PCB needs of its customers, both in China and from other countries around the world.

What You Will Like About 4PCB

4CB provides many services, such as Printed Circuit Board (PCB), and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA). That way, the company will be able to handle any kind of PCB needs you may have.

What You May Not Like About 4PCB

First, you may start experiencing problems from the website, which in our opinion, is a little complicated. The interface doesn’t help matters at all because the details therein are either tiny to be seen or you will need to go round in circles to locate them.

Besides, you will be able to get an instant online quote and pricing except you sign up for an account.


  • Leading the PCB industry with innovations and large scale productions
  • Provides full PCB assembly
  • Quality products and services
  • Customer service excellence
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Efficient shipping process


  • Non-intuitive website interface
  • High pricing
  • Needs to improve on the integration of PCB Fabrication

6. Bicheng Enterprises Limited

China PCB Manufacturer Bicheng Enterprises Limited

On the #6 spot of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China is Bicheng Enterprises Limited. The company is located in Shenzhen, China and has been doing well when it comes to providing the best Printed Circuit Board (PCB) services.

Upsides of Bicheng Enterprises Limited

Among the many features that make Bicheng Enterprises Limited one of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China are the manufacturing of iron-based PCB, as well as other variants, such as copper-based and aluminum-based PCB.

Downsides of Bicheng Enterprises Limited

Bicheng Enterprises Limited has some negative sides, which include the expensiveness of the products and the longer time it takes before the customer services gets back to the customers.


  • High frequency and aluminum PCB production
  • Extensive product lines that include multilayer PCB and multi-sided PCB
  • Provide different types of PCBs, such as ceramic, metal core, and fiberglass
  • Door-to-door shipment service
  • Prototype testing, free of charges


  • The products are not the cheapest in the world
  • It takes about 12 hours before the customer service can reply mails

7. China PCB One

China PCB Manufacturer China PCB One

When it comes to the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China, there is no doubt that China PCB One is one of the manufacturers you should be looking for.

In case you are wondering about why you should patronize the company, here are some important benefits the company has to offer:

Positives of China PCB One

China PCB One has been in the business of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for long. So, it knows what works and what shouldn’t be used. Therefore, your projects are guaranteed to meet the needs of the target market.

Negatives of China PCB One

China PCB One is more of a PCB manufacturer than one that can offer additional services, such as PCB Fabrication.


  • On-time delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • The products and services cover many industries, such as hobbyists, engineering, and businesses


  • The PCB services are limited

8. 86PCB

China PCB Manufacturer 86PCB

We wouldn’t complete our list of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China without including some of those manufacturers that were part of the formative process of the PCB industry in China.

86PCB is one of such companies and we are glad to feature it in our list of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China.

Positives of 86PCB

86PCB has been in the field of PCB manufacturing since 1998. Specializing in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) manufacturing, the company has in the last two decades of its establishment, being satisfying the PCB needs of its customers.

Negatives of 86PCB

In as much as the use of thinnest board thickness can be useful in some cases, 86PCB offers them but there are indications that the board thickness may not be supported by or be in line with the current PCB technology.


  • Uses E-Testing and Flying Probe to test for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Has a powerful quality control system
  • Strong customer support
  • Experienced in making special materials, such as Isola Rogers, Multilayer HDI PCB, and Teflon
  • 86PCB has relevant certifications, such as UL, RoHS, ISO, TS16949, and CE


  • Offers thinnest board thickness that may not be supported by the current PCB technology

9. Hitech Circuits

China PCB Manufacturer Hitech Circuits

Located in the Baoan District of Shenzhen, China, Hitech Circuits is one of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China that has been in the industry for long. With many years of experience, excellent PCB tools and machines, and expert staff, Hitech Circuits is there to provide the PCB needs you have.

Positives of Hitech Circuits

Hitech Circuits provides different PCB services, such as PCB Assembly, Surface Mount Technology (SMT), and Through-Hole.

The company also uses high frequency materials in the production of PCB products.

Negatives of Hitech Circuits

Hitech Circuits primarily focuses on the production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Hence, buyers that are looking to get other PCB products may not find them, at least, in the immediate time.


  • Offers full and partial turn-key PCB manufacturing and assembly
  • Use high frequency materials, such as Polyimide, Rogers, and Taconic
  • Offers flexible and rigid-flex PCB services
  • PCB Component Sourcing


  • Mainly concentrates on PCB

10. Agile Circuit

China PCB Manufacturer Agile Circuit

Agile Circuit is located in Guangdong, China. It is one of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China and was added to this list because of the impressive feature and the amazing work it has been doing for the PCB industry in China.

Positives of Agile Circuit

Agile Circuit specializes in the manufacturing and the assemblage of PCB products. From the SMT Stencils to the laying of the PCB Prototype and down to the manufacturing of the High Frequency PCB, this company has it all.

Negatives of Agile Circuit

Although on-demand and low-scale productions can be beneficial to some PCB buyers, it may affect others who are looking to buy more. Because Agile Circuit offers low volume and on-demand production, it can be a big problem.


  • Offers full-fledged PCB Assembly and PCB Manufacturing
  • Some of the services are: PCB Prototype, SMT Stencils, Multilayer PCB, Reverse Engineering, PCB Layout Design, and Flexible FPC


  • Offers low volume and on-demand PCB production, which may limit large-scale productions


Making a choose on the top 10 PCB manufacturers was quite daunting because we considered many factors, such as the manufacturers’ scale of production, the areas of concentration, and the overall feelings the customers have about the company.

It is at the end of the review of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China that we have picked Ray PCB as our Value Pick. As you can see from the breakdown and explanations above, it is obvious that Ray PCB has the most outstanding features.

From the certifications, quality control system, the quality of the products, and the diversification of its PCB products and services, it is clear that Ray PCB has all it takes to give you a truly amazing PCB experience.

Do you know of other PCB manufacturers that have what it takes to be reviewed into the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China? Do let us know in the comment section and tell us why the manufacturers should make the list.


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