Best 12 Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers In China

Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers

Best 12 Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers

PCB fabrication isn’t just a process that can be completed within a few hours. It is a lengthy process that takes time. However, manufacturers can reduce the length of time it takes to fabricate a PCB. In some cases, PCB manufacturing can take just 24 hours. However, this depends on the urgency of the PCB.  Quick Turn is a great option for PCB fabrication. Also, faster lead time is a crucial component in today’s PCB industry.

These days, it is more crucial to save as much time as possible. Also, speed and quick delivery are what clients consider when choosing a PCB manufacturer. We are in a fast-paced world where time has become a critical factor. With a quick turn PCB manufacturer, you can get your PCB delivered faster than ever before. In this article, we provide details about the best quick turn PCB manufacturers.


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What is a Quick Turn PCB?

A quick turn PCB is a type of circuit board that takes less time to fabricate. Due to the fast turnaround rate, the fabrication process requires advanced technology. In as much as it takes a shorter time to fabricate this PCB, quality is still assured. Irrespective of the fast turnaround time, this PCB features great quality. Also, Quick turn PCBs means completing the fabrication processes within a short time.

Quick Turn PCB Prototypes

Manufacturers design PCB prototypes to ensure functionality. They design this  work at an extremely rapid pace. This is because it is impossible to debug and tweak a product until you have built it.  Early prototypes can be different from the end product. Therefore, manufacturers design the first batch of prototypes in smaller quantities.

How to Choose the Best Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers

Quick turn PCB manufacturers offer customers with fast PCBs while delivering quality. Also, these manufacturers ensure they meet up with their clients’ delivery schedule. However, there are criteria to choosing the best quick turn PCB manufacturers.


Regardless of the time taken to complete the production process, quality is crucial. The best quick turn PCB manufacturer will never compromise quality for speed. Also, choose a manufacturer that lays emphasis on quality.

In addition, the type of raw materials should be of high quality. Also, a manufacturer’s operation should conform to the global industry standards.   Furthermore, the prototype PCB manufacturing must comply with global standards and guidelines.


Quick turn PCB manufacturing requires the utilization of the most recent technology. The best quick turn PCB manufacturers utilize state-of-the-art technologies and machineries. Therefore, it is important to choose a manufacturer that uses advanced laminators and etching machines among others. Also, you can make enquiry about the testing methods of the manufacturer. A well-equipped PCB factory can fabricate high-quality boards within a short lead time.


You need an experienced and skilled manufacturer to fabricate your quick turn PCB. Experience is a factor to consider when choosing the best quick turn PCB. Ensure you inquire about the client base. Also, you can check the reviews and ratings of past customers online. This will give you an insight.

Customer service

This is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the best quick turn PCB manufacturer. You want a manufacturer that will respond to your needs with immediate effects. Also, ensure you have various means to contact your manufacturer if the need arises.



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Benefits of Quick Turn PCB

Quick turn PCBs offer various benefits which include:

 Quick turnaround time

The primary objective of quick turn PCB is to offer finished PCBs within the shortest time.  Regardless of the PCB complexity, speed is necessary. Manufacturers who understand the competition in the industry always strive to achieve this. Therefore, this prevents customers from experiencing unnecessary delays.

Variety of circuit boards

Also, quick turn PCB manufacturers offer a wide range of circuit boards. These manufacturers understand that they are attending to the needs of several clients.


Quick turn PCB manufacturing reduces the amount of time used to fabricate a board. Also, with faster turnaround time, manufacturers are able to produce more boards within a short time.


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12 Best Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers

There are a wide range of quick turn PCB manufacturers. We will look at the best 12 manufacturers you can opt for.


Technotronix is a popular quick turn PCB manufacturer in the United States. With more than forty years of experience, Technotronix has been providing custom quick turn boards. The American-based company uses state-of-the-art machinery and processes. Also, Technotronix works with professional PCB manufacturers that make production processes easier. Technotronix is able to deliver quality boards with fast turnaround time. The delivery times range from 24 hours to 3 weeks.

There are several reasons you need to choose Technotronix. This huge body of knowledge implements a customer-centric  approach. Also, Technotronix ensures it puts the customers’ interest first. That means, it makes sure customers’ needs are well attended to. Furthermore, Technotronix provides high quality boards at competitive prices.

This quick turn PCB manufacturer ensures all its products go through stringent testing. It employs functional testing and other testing methods. Also, Technotronix complies with ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standards. This company lays emphasis on quality. Also, it offers multilayer PCBs of about 24 layers. Customers have peace of mind whenever they place their orders from Technotronix. At Technotronix, you can get your quick turn PCB assembly in 24 hours. Also, this company has branches in other countries in the world.

You can visit this link to order your PCB:


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RayMing PCB

rayming pcb assembly

RayMing is a Chinese-based manufacturer that offers quality quick turn PCB services. Also, this company provides rapid PCB prototypes. It is a one-stop PCB service that can assemble your quick turn PCB in as low as 24 hours. RayMing understands the importance of speed in businesses. Also, quick turn PCB assembly services serve as its foundation.

RayMing works with professionals who dedicate their time in delivering the best quality. Also, this company offers prototyping, bread boarding, and engineering services. It employs the most recent technologies and machineries for fabricating quick turn PCBs. RayMing ensures it complies with the industry standard in its fabrication processes. All its quick turn PCBs go through the right testing and inspection.

RayMing is your best choice for any electronic project you need to complete on time. This company has the capabilities to help you meet your deadlines. The employees here take the right procedures to ensure your order meets your requirements. Also, RayMing completes all its production processes under one roof. It doesn’t out-source any production process.The quick turn PCB manufacturer features interactive digital systems. This helps with order entry, rapid quoting, and more.

Visit this link to place your order:

Imagineering Inc.

This is one of the best quick turn PCB manufacturers in the world. Imagineering offers quality quick turn PCB assembly. With a state-of-the-art facility, this company provides 24-hour turnaround on its prototypes. Also, there is a 100% guaranteed delivery.

Imagineering has been in operation for more than 30 years. It specializes in flex and rigid multilayered boards. Also, this company provides same-day turnaround for production and prototyping. Imagineering has offshore and domestic facilities. Also, this company incorporates the most recent technologies and machineries. With all these features, PCB users can get high-quality boards at standard prices.

All PCBs fabricated by this manufacturer meet class 3 standards. Also, Imagineering offers great customer services. Imagineering assures you great quality and faster turnaround times.

To know more about Imagineering Inc, you can visit:

Custom Circuit Boards

This is a reliable quick turn PCB assembly company. Designers and engineers across the world have banked on Custom Circuit Boards. Custom Circuit Boards has more than three decades of experience. Also, you can depend on this manufacturer for your mission-critical PCBs. This manufacturer prioritizes quality. Therefore, it delivers quality PCBs regardless of the short time the manufacturing process takes. Custom Circuit Boards understand the importance of quick delivery. Therefore, this company guarantees great customer satisfaction.

The customer service here is top-notch. Custom Circuit Boards meet the needs of all customers. This company fabricates its boards in-house. Therefore, the whole PCB fabrication process is agile. Custom Circuit Boards has its headquarters at Phoenix, Arizona.

Custom Circuit Boards have extensive prototype PCB manufacturing capabilities. Also, this quick turn PCB manufacturer can fabricate up to 24-layer PCBs. The maximum board size for multilayer boards are 16″ by 26″. Also, the quantity and complexity of the board determines the turnaround time. Furthermore, this company offers high-quality PCBs at competitive prices. As an industry leader in the United States, Custom Circuit fabricates all sorts of boards. Their boards range from multilayer PCBs to mission critical and Class 3 PCBs.

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If you need to get your PCB completed as soon as possible, then JHYPCB is your best option. JHYPCB understands the importance of speed and quality in PCB fabrication. Therefore, it has continued to deliver high-quality PCBs at fast turnaround time.

JHYPCB is a Chinese-based quick turn PCB company with long-standing experience. Designers and engineers across the world have relied on this quick turn PCB company. This company has several manufacturing facilities where it fabricates quick turn boards. Also, it offers quick turn prototypes services to several applications.

Before any PCB manufacturing begins, there is a full engineering review on PCB orders. Therefore, this eliminates quality issues and delays. JHYPCB fabricates up to 30-layer quick turn PCB within 6 days. Also, this company is in Shenzhen, China.

Also, this leading fast turn PCB supplier offers turnaround time that can be as short as 24 hours. Immediately the company reviews your Gerber files, it can deliver your PCB in a day. Also, JHYPCB offers quality, speed, and competitive prices. This company uses the most ideal and economical materials to reduce cost. With over 500 employees, JHYPCB has been able to fabricate quality PCBs at a high speed.

Visit this link to make your order:

Avanti Circuits Inc.

Avanti Circuits is an industry-leading quick turn PCB manufacturer. This company has been operating for over 20 years. Also, it has fabricated millions of PCBs and processed several orders. This US-based quick turn PCB manufacturer has full in-house capabilities.

The customer service at Avanti Circuits is top-notch. With more than 50 employees, this company delivers quality. Avanti Circuits will meet your needs irrespective of the quantity of your PCBs. This manufacturer focuses on delivering quality PCBs with a short lead time.

Also, Avanti offers a wide range of PCBs. These boards differ in sizes, types, and layers. This company complies with the industry standards in its PCB fabrication processes. Uncompromising honesty and integrity are the bedrock of this company. In some  cases, it can take 24 hours to complete a board. Therefore,  customers can save money on PCB manufacturing. Also, it enables them to devote their time to other things.

Avanti Circuits designs prototype boards which reflect how the circuit boards would function. Therefore, this company uses professional standards. IPC class 2 specification is an example of such standards.These specifications ensure that every single PCB has a high standard.

To learn more, visit



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Mer-Mar Electronics

Mer-Mar electronics has unparalleled engineering services. Also, it has the most recent equipment for offering quick turn PCB assembly. This company delivers quick turn boards at fast turnaround times while maintaining quality. Also, Mer-Mar focuses on providing top quality boards regardless of the board volumes. It is a huge body of industry knowledge with more than 40 years of experience. This gives Mer-Mar an edge over others.

Here, customers are assured 100% quality with a fast turnaround time. Mer-Mar is a one-stop solution for different types of PCB assembly. It offers both double-sided and multilayer boards. Mer-Mar delivers boards that meet your requirements irrespective of your design’s complexity. Also, it delivers PCBs that are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

This company focuses on improving its operations and processes. It maintains global standards all through the stages of the PCB assembly. Also, it maintains quality by carrying out stringent tests and inspections. This fast turn PCB assembly service can produce high-quality PCBs at large volumes.

You get to experience good customer service. Mer-Mar Electronics prioritizes the needs of its customers. Customer satisfaction is paramount to this quick turn PCB manufacturer. Also, you can get quick prototyping services at large-scale production.


Epec Engineered Technologies

This company has a long standing experience in quick turn PCB manufacturing. This is one of the major factors that distinguish it from other manufacturers. Epec has over 70 years of experience in quick turn PCB fabrication. Not all PCB manufacturers can guarantee top quality quick turn PCBs at the fastest turnaround time. However, Epec guarantees its customers such a service.

Epec Engineered Technologies has the right experience and manufacturing capabilities. These help in delivering quality. This company ensures it complies with the industry standards in every production stage. Also, epec’s quick turn PCBs are available at competitive prices. Epec is located at New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States.

Epec has the required facilities and experience to fabricate high-volume boards. Also, Epec won’t delay your production if you have CAM’d the Gerber data. This company has a good relationship with UPS at its hub in Hong Kong. It has a dedicated space on UPS aircraft. Therefore, its products don’t delay while in transit. Since every product passes through its Hong Kong hub, Epec ships large PCB volumes at low prices.

Also, before all packages leave Hong Kong,  Epec pre-clears them through the U.S Customs. Therefore, its logistics team can resolve any issue that arises before the package gets to the U.S.




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This is a reliable quick turn PCB manufacturer in China. PCBWAY has state-of-the-art facilities and long standing experience in PCB production. With 12 years of experience, PCBWay is one of the industry leaders in quick turn PCB production. Also, this company offers turnaround time within 24 hours. The engineers at PCBWAY reviews and approves your Gerber files. Once they do this, the turnaround time can be as low as 24 hours.

Also, there are other time schedules for customers that aren’t working with a tighter timeframe. PCBWAY offers quality regardless of the lead time. At PCBWAY, quality is of utmost importance. Asides quality, this manufacturer offers quick turn PCBs at competitive prices. Also, PCBWAY can deliver large volumes of quick turn PCBs at the lowest prices.

Furthermore, PCBWAY prioritizes its customer’s satisfaction. That is why it has a team that attends to the needs of customers. Also, it offers solutions to PCB prototype problems encountered by its customers.  PCBWAY ensures all of its products undergo the right testing procedures. This quick turn company is ISO certified. Also, it offers multilayer boards of more than 10 layers. However, the number of layers will determine the turnaround time of your PCB.



This is an RoHS certified quick turn PCB company founded in 2003. Also, it is ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and UL (E357001) certified.  A-TECH CIRCUITS prides itself in delivering quality. This company has over 15 years of experience in PCB manufacturing.  Also, this company understands that time is of essence. Therefore, it delivers PCB with fast turnaround time.

A-TECH has 420 skilled and experienced employees. This company focuses on low to medium volume quick turn PCB production. At A-TECH, double-sided PCBs take 24 hours to fabricate and deliver. 4 to 6 late take 48 hours while 8 or more layers take 72 hours. This quick turn PCB company has customers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

With its advanced technologies and manufacturing capability, A-TECH CIRCUITS offers a wide range of PCB fabrication. It delivers from simple single sided PCB, dual PCB to complex multilayer PCB up to 30 layers. Also, it fabricates core PCB, rigid PCB, and more.



ALLPCB values the time of its customers. This quick turn PCB assembly delivers its PCBs within the shortest lead time. Also, this company prides itself in offering online production progress tracking functions.  In addition, it makes life easy by providing customers with automatic quotes. All these help to save time.

ALLPCB streamlines its production line. This makes it possible to design customers’ custom prototype PCBs in a short time. After fabrication, ALLPCB offers shipment via express companies. This modern high-tech quick turn PCB manufacturer offers SMT stencil and PCB assembly services in Hangzhou. The award-winning PCB manufacturer was ranked as Hangzhou Top 10 Industry Key Enterprises. Also, it won the “National High-Tech Enterprises award.

ALLPCB adheres to the industry standards when it comes to its production process. Also, this manufacturer ensures its quick turn PCBs undergo the right tests. It fabricates different boards which range from single-sided PCBs to multilayer boards. ALLPCB has invested in state-of-the-art production and testing technologies. Therefore, this will help to enhance efficiency in every aspect of production.

To place an order at ALLPCB, visit



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Venture is one of the best quick turn PCB manufacturers in China. With over 10 years of experience, this company provides seamless and consistent fast turn PCB assembly services. With venture you can get your quick turn PCB in as low as 24 hours. Also, Venture provides stress-free services to customers. This company can meet tough project deadlines while delivering quality.

At Venture, all quickturn assembly processes take place under one roof. Also, venture provides quick turn PCB services across the world. Furthermore, Venture complies with the quality standards of the PCB industry.  This company’s live sales and technical support is available 7/24. Also, this leading quick turn PCB manufacturer offers its services at competitive prices.

Venture carries out proper evaluation on its quick turn PCBs according to the official quality standards. Some of these standards include RoHS and UL among others. You can always rely on Venture for any of your fast turn assembly needs.



There are several quick turn PCB manufacturers across the world. However, we compiled the list of some of the best quick turn PCB manufacturers you can opt for. Each of these manufacturers has the right experience and skill. Also, they offer top quality quick turn PCBs.


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