10 Best Rogers PCB Suppliers

To many circuit board designers, Rogers is important for the high frequency circuit board materials, as soon as they’re privy to FR4’s bad overall performance at the microwave frequencies. Also, whenever they place a quote for these PCBs with the use of these Rogers materials, they inform the producing company that they require Rogers PCB.

This article specializes on those important elements you need to remember while deciding on the Rogers PCB supplier and best Rogers pcb supplier all over the globe.

What is Rogers PCB?

PCBs that use the Rogers laminates are referred to as Rogers PCB. Rogers is a business enterprise that produces laminate substances used to make PCBs. In maximum cases, PCBs are product of the fabric FR4 composite of glass fiber and epoxy resin. Rogers substances have excessive parameters, and a mixture is feasible for Rogers fabric and FR4 within the production of PCBs.

The Rogers PCBs have the lamination of ceramic hydrocarbons and a dielectric layer for insulation. This layer acts as a horrific conductor for the electric connections and transformations. The oxides of metals and different substances like porcelain and mica act as excellent insulating substances for this purpose. This use of insulating fabric complements the particular traits of the fabric.

This insulating layer enables the PCBs to lessen the lack of alerts to an awful lot extent. Moreover, it additionally enables to keep the dielectric constant inside a positive variety. Therefore, Rogers PCBs are to be had for packages in exceptional fields and industries. They offer important and particular residences with a pleasant overall performance at excessive frequencies.

Owing to their growing use, these days, it is straightforward with a purpose to locate Rogers PCB producers who concentrate on making circuit forums with Rogers substances. Unlike different general substances there are positive matters to be stored in thoughts while deciding on Rogers fabric on your PCB.

Rogers PCBs provide a huge variety of packages in a whole lot of industries. It incorporates the subsequent items. Rogers PCB can be utilized in antennas for cell base stations, direct broadcast satellites, verbal exchange systems, microwave equipment, 5G modern-day stations, carrier-grade enabled Wi-Fi, and different packages.

Top 10 Rogers PCB Suppliers in the World


At Technotronix, they offer Rogers PCBs in relation to Rogers circuit board production encompass Dielectrics, Laminates, and Prepregs. Their extraordinary substances are particularly acknowledged for his or her cap potential to resist harsh and serious environmental conditions.

As the Rogers PCB supplier, they’re completely geared up to fabricate eponymous PCBs made out of fabric sourced from Rogers; this is acknowledged for his or her sturdiness and reliability. They offer excessive blend PCBs, excessive frequency Rogers circuit board, RF Rogers PCBs, Rogers PCB prototype, SMT Rogers printed circuit boards, and much more.

The variety of producing PCBs are dependable, green and excessive overall performance for all sort of forte packages. The exceptional Rogers merchandise encompass RT/Duroid, RO3000, and RO4000. When you want fantastically dependable PCB assemblies, you could anticipate Technotronix. They can relax confident that they’ll make use of the extraordinary fabric of Rogers and integrate it with their technical knowledge in growing excessive fine PCBs.

Their Rogers PCB Manufacturers can be glad to get hold of your bespoke necessities associated with Rogers PCBs and make certain that your idea be added to life.

Hillman Curtis

Hillman Curtis has for long been in an affiliation with the Rogers Corporation, who’s a global producer of top performance laminates, dielectrics, as well as prepregs. With high frequency printed circuit substances sourced from the Rogers Corporation, they construct PCBs with great frequency and great overall performance.

Their variety of Rogers circuit boards is designed to provide more thermal overall performance in excessive software environments. Also, the company has vast experience in RFID information method engineering as well as a whole excessive-frequency fabric processing management machine to make certain product layout functions.

They were an ISO 9001 licensed business enterprise which keeps to make certain that MCL has the essential controls and tactics in the region that each consumer needs to assume from their PCB partner.

Sierra Assembly Technology

 Sierra Assembly has knowledge in operating with a huge variety of the Rogers PCBs substances that may resist harsh conditions. Also, widely categorized below PTFE-primarily based totally substances and Thermoset substances, they’re selected to fabricate PCBs with excessive cease sturdiness and overall performance.

Also, a few among the numerous substances we buy from the Roger Corporation encompass. PCBs synthetic the use of Rogers excessive frequency laminates provide numerous useful functions while utilized in a thermal environment. Also, the motives Sierra Assembly makes use of that Rogers PCB substances of their fabrication method are to enhance impedance management and thermal control.

 Widely mounted as a main Rogers pcb supplier, they aim at fixing troubles inside many industries. They frequently bring together overall performance pushed Rogers PCBs in for packages in military, defense, telecommunication, wireless, etc. Next time while you want fantastically dependable PCB assemblies to serve excessive frequency packages, get them accomplished at this Rogers PCB supplier, which depends on Rogers PCB supplier within the market.


RayMing is a famous Rogers pcb supplier in China. This business enterprise takes pleasure in providing a huge variety of the Rogers PCBs.  RayMing is an expert Rogers pcb supplier that gives numerous types of the Rogers PCBs on your project. They hold a near partnership with primary worldwide logistics organizations with the intention to supply your PCBs thoroughly and promptly.

Their group is devoted to ensuring each PCB you order meets your expectations. The overall performance of our manufacturing is constantly monitored to make certain that every one merchandise is produced according to our production standards.

RayMing shares some Rogers fabric versions in their warehouse, and they produce natural Rogers PCB. If you’ve got a unique layout and fabric request, ship your layout and requirement to income@raypcb.com together with your PCB stack-up. If you want layout hints and consultation, you’re welcome to touch them.


MADPCB is identified as a dependable Rogers pcb supplier with centers in China, and clients in a whole lot of technologically superior markets accept as true with our complete PCB (PCB) offerings protecting naked PCB fabrication, meeting, components sourcing, programming to practical checking out. All jobs can be accomplished below one roof to take away your risk, store your energy, time and cost.

With years’ of vast experience in PCB production, assembling and designing excessive fine PCB forums, MADPCB constantly offer superior technology, expert recognition and know-hows to the industries of car, medical, security, power, energy, lighting, IoT, Industry four.zero and communications.

At MADPCB, consumer delight is their purpose. They have a whole form of Rogers merchandise that is assured to be authentic. They can offer you a pricing that is inside your budget. Also, they are able to use Rogers PCB to remedy your prototyping problems. Their superior knowledge permits them to deliver Rogers PCB that exceeds your expectations.


Kingford is one of the maximum skilled rogers PCB providers in China, specialized now no longer simplest in pcb meeting however additionally quick-flip PCB prototype and fabrication. They are completely geared up to fabricate eponymous PCBs made out of fabric sourced from Rogers; this is acknowledged for his or her sturdiness and reliability.

They offer excessive blend PCBs, excessive frequency Rogers PCB, RF Rogers PCBs, SMT Rogers circuit forums, Rogers PCB prototype and greater.

Kingford cooperates with international providers to make certain that the supply of digital additives is plastic and the authenticity is assured. They have a whole and user-pleasant pre-income and post-income control machine, which could fast and comprehensively reply to the man or woman desires of clients, and offer clients with technical support, manufacturing operations and order offerings 24 hours a day.


PCBMay is an expert Rogers pcb supplier in China, they might offer many exceptional types of the Rogers PCBs on your project. There are over 500 employees of their workshop and the month-to-month manufacturing capability is 40,000 rectangular meters.

PCBMay gives extraordinary and excessive-overall performance to Rogers PCBs. They additionally offer aggressive fees and on-time delivery. 10+ years of Rogers 3210 production. Rogers PCB is PCBMay forte and they are able to offer many varieties of Rogers substances for you.

Their personnel contributors are specialists. In addition, they have got smooth and well-maintained PCB manufacturing equipment. As a skillful Rogers pcb supplier, PCBMay gives paintings in development to clients each week.

PCBMay has greater than one thousand clients everywhere in the international market like Canada, the US, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Russia amongst others. If you want a Rogers pcb supplier, PCBMay is a really perfect alternative for you.


 Millennium Circuits Limited components diverse answers on your production and engineering desires, together with circuit board technology. Their competencies expand to PCB layer stackups, PCB electric checking out, RoHS compliant circuit forums and lots of different technology and substances to exceed your fine and customer support expectations.

At MCL, their considerable revel in and aggressive pricing permit you to cognizance at the maximum important desires to your organization, out of your forums to many different merchandise, in a streamlined method. Contact them these days to analyze greater approximately how we assist you to.

Over the remaining 15 years, MCL has labored with clients of diverse sizes and industries, together with car, customer electronics, marine, commercial equipment, check and size, LED, medial and greater. When it involves getting your circuit forums synthetic, MCL is a business enterprise that prioritizes the subsequent studies a consumer need to assume: fast quote reaction, bendy lead times, technical support, providing reducing area technology, price-to-fee ratio, and a whole lot of PCB answers via a unmarried supply.


PCBGoGo has long-term, strategic partnerships with Rogers production centers, a few in the region in view of their inception. Your Rogers PCBs are in no way produced via means of the bottom bidder out of a big pool of factories. Rather, they’re fabricated at a vicinity that may be a proper-match on your PCBs specs, volume, and lead-time.

PCBGoGo has a centered technique to make certain that your PCBs are produced on the pleasant-match manufacturing unit to make certain most fine and consistency. As an industry-main, Rogers pcb supplier primarily based totally in China. Their purpose is simple: they need to deliver you the pleasant PCB every and each time — engineered for ease of manufacturability, produced consistent with consumer specs and expectations, and competitively priced.

The capability is examined and assured via way of means of their educated and certified employees and via way of means of their engineers withinside the area of size technology. They are capable of reply to consumer requests and layout appropriate check adapters with our group and take a look at the capability with software.


In line with their ideals is that our function to clients is to be that of a real partner, PCBCart is aware that the simplest manner to perform this is to provide the very best fine Rogers merchandise on the maximum aggressive fees. They  assist to seek advice from their clients via technical steering on components like impedance modeling, fabric selection, and layout for manufacturability.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

Furthermore, they usually have consumer’s pleasant pursuits in relation to supplying revolutionary answers for production of their PCBs. They have specialists in each segment of PCB development. They  are a complete characteristic PCB production answer that assist you with the layout, fabrication and meeting of your Rogers board, all of the manner via checking out to packaging and shipping.

When you are operating with PCBCart on your PCB production, you might not be speaking to 3 exceptional organizations to get the whole thing accomplished. Also, this Rogers pcb supplier gives excellent consumer support. They make certain all desires are attended to. With PCBCart, you could be confident of fine Rogers PCB.


As you can know, PCBs play an important function in almost all digital merchandise that we use daily. Therefore, you want to hold in the back of your thoughts the proper substances in relation to production of your PCBs.

There are lots of providers and producers that use exceptional substances even as making your PCBs. Plenty of them make use of both FR-four or Rogers fabric. However, Rogers PCB are normally utilized in numerous packages.


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