How Fast Can Be a Quick Turn PCB Assembly ?

Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Since the demands for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are on the increase, it is now important to ensure that the services are rendered in good time. That is the idea behind the concept of the Quick Turn PCB Assembly.

As you may have known (as a PCB ardent fan), Quick Turn presents many opportunities to the buyers, and the manufacturers, as well.

But, if you are not versed in all that, we will take the time to instruct you on the relevance of Quick Turn PCB Assembly in the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) industry.


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What Does Quick Turn PCB Assembly Mean?

What Does Quick Turn PCB Assembly Mean

The basic and underlying concept of Quick Turn PCB Assembly is that it enables the PCB buyers/customers to get their PCBs in good time.

From another perspective, Quick Turn PCB Assembly also means that the PCB manufacturer will have fewer jobs to do because the entire process only requires a streamlined workflow that will be completed in good time.


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An Overview of the Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Haven looked at the definition of the Quick Turn PCB Assembly; it is now time to look at how it works.

The breakdown and explanation below highlight the streamlined workflow that shows the commencement of the Quick Turn PCB project from the start to the finish.

  1. Expert Layout Review

In as much as the Quick Turn PCB Assembly is meant to facilitate work on the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), it doesn’t mean that the standards in the PCB industry wouldn’t be adhered to.

In this case, the first step to be taken by the Quick Turn PCB Assembly manufacturer is to make an expert layout review of the boards. The primary aim amongst many others is to discover and eliminate any manufacturing defects that could have hampered the success of the Quick Turn PCB project when it is completed.

Once the expert layout review has been put to work and the defects have been spotted, the next step will be to address the challenges and get to work.

  1. Sourcing of Materials

The relevant components that will be needed for the success of the Quick Turn PCB Assembly will now be sourced.

Although the selection and the acquisition of the relevant materials for the project may take some time, it would be beneficial if the PCB manufacturer already has some retailers it sources those materials from.

In the absence of that, the manufacturer can rely on the experienced team to source materials, depending on the industry the PCB project falls under.

  1. Reduced Manufacturing Period

The fact that Quick Turn PCB Assembly is quick in all sense of the word is not limited to the fast completion. It is also mainly because the traditional working timeframe tends to be halved this time.

Instead of the many days (and weeks) that the PCB manufacturer may require to complete the project, Quick Turn PCB Assembly now ensures that everything is completed in a matter of a few hours.

  1. Quick Turn PCB Fabrication

Instead of waiting for long hours for the fabrication of your Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) to be completed, you can now get everything under twenty-four (24) hours. This feat is courtesy of the Quick Turn PCB Fabrication feature that ensures that the fabrication of the boards is completed in good time and without much blemish.

It is also important to mention that the quick turnaround of the PCB Fabrication also comes with varieties of offers. In this case, multiple PCB Fabrications can be completed within one day (24 hours). Some of the variants offered here are the 4 Layer PCB, Single Sided PCB, and the Double Sided PCB.

  1. In-House Stock

What plans have you made for the sourcing and procurement of the components needed for the designing and manufacturing of Quick Turn PCBs?

For some PCB buyers and customers, they would rather outsource that job to the PCB manufacturer to handle. Yet, other PCB customers would rather buy the components.

Whether you bought the components yourself or you got one from the PCB manufacturer, the fact is that the manufacturer will also offer you the best service. It is so because the PCB manufacturer has an experienced and in-house stock team that tackles the procurement of components needed for Quick Turn PCB Assembly.


Request Quick Turn PCB Assembly Quote , Pls Send PCB File to Now


  1. Low Volume PCB

Low volume orders for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are also tenable. The reason for this that the PCB manufacturer tends to have many orders for higher volumes of PCBs.

Therefore, the manufacturer will be trying to see that it can deliver smaller projects before delving into the bigger ones.

To that end, you as a low volume PCB customer stand to gain many things in the process. Among the many benefits are the tenability of getting your low volume PCB units processed, and the designs can later be remodelled into the full-scale variant over time.

  1. Large Volume Discounts

In as much as the Quick Turn PCB Assembly tends to be of immense benefits to low volume PCB customers, it can also make the same impression on the part of the high volume customers.

In this case, there will be discounts on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) that are over 5,000. It is also pertinent to mention that the PCB manufacturer will be happy to take off a good chunk of money for the customers only if there are placing large volume orders for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

  1. Mixed Technology

If there is anything that must not be overlooked in the Quick Turn PCB Assembly, it is the mixture and fusion of technology.

The Through Hole (Thru-Hole) and the Surface Mounting (SMT) technologies are combined to ensure that the Quick Turn PCB Assembly is quickly completed.

Wrapping Up

It is very easy to hand-in your PCB designs to the PCB manufacturer while the latter will be able to process the designs and complete them in good time.

Are you ready to use the Quick Turn PCB Assembly? What are some of the reasons why you prefer it?


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