Who are the Best PCB Terminal Blocks Manufacturers?

As a well-diagnosed thing in the connector toolbox of any engineer, terminal blocks had been utilized for decades to offer very everlasting, stable cord connections in quite a number of packages. Terminal blocks, additionally known as screw terminals, terminal connectors, or connection terminals, encompass a form of modular housing as well as insulated frame that connects or greater wires together.

Thanks to the semi-everlasting nature in their connections, terminal blocks assist to simplify the inspection and restore technique within the field. Although a distinctly easy thing, it’s far nonetheless useful to have baseline expertise of terminal blocks and their specs previous to choice. This article will talk about subjects which include the not common types of terminal blocks, key electric and mechanical considerations, in addition to elements that help engineers on this technique.

What are PCB Terminal Blocks?

PCB terminal blocks are modular, insulated gadgets that mount on revealed circuit boards (PCBs) and stable or greater wires together.  Terminal blocks are used to stabilize and/or terminate wires and, of their most effective shape, encompass numerous person terminals organized in an extended strip. Terminals are beneficial for connecting wiring to a floor or within the case of electrical electricity, for connecting electric switches and stores to the mains.

Terminal our bodies usually encompass a copper alloy with the identical enlargement coefficient because the cord is meant for use. This now no longer handiest prevents loosening due to differing enlargement fees however additionally reduces corrosion resulting from electrolytic movement among unique metals.

PCB terminal blocks, additionally referred to as digital blocks, are synthetic to be hooked up on a published circuit board, or PCB. It is essential to differentiate among PCB terminal blocks with fundamental pins and those having a pin-strip mounting that are pluggable.


PCB terminal blocks might also additionally encompass one or numerous unique functions.

  • The cord connections on pluggable terminal blocks permit for the circuit to be damaged with none unwiring, permitting short disconnection, testing, and maintenance. Pluggable terminal blocks can regularly be blended in this way that casting off plug disconnects electricity to the complete organization of terminals.
  • Stackable terminal blocks may be hooked up subsequent to every different store area; they’re usually DIN rail hooked up gadgets.
  • The product might also additionally characterize a hallmark light, usually a light-emitting diode (LED), to affirm that modern-day light is flowing via the tool.

Types of Terminal Blocks

Common Terminal Blocks

These are the standard terminal blocks, wherein every terminal connection is hooked up internally, and are particularly used for electricity distribution. 10-circuit, 20-circuit, plug-in kind, screw connection, and different kinds are to be had and are decided on in keeping with the specs of the system.

Connector Terminal Blocks

Connector terminal blocks are used to transform connectors of numerous requirements into terminals. Connectors are related to terminal blocks, and wires are related to the terminals similar to the connector pins without soldering.

Important Electrical Specifications During the Design Phase of Terminal Blocks

Voltage Rating

 A terminal block’s voltage score is in part encouraged via means of the pitch and dielectric electricity of its housing. Along the identical traces because the modern-day score, a terminal block’s voltage score ought to be more than the most device voltage, whilst additionally thinking about any voltage surges that would harm the connections.

Current Rating

 In general, the maximum essential specification to word in terminal block designs is the modern-day score. This is constructed upon 3 areas: the conductivity of the terminals, cross-sectional area, and the corresponding temperature rise. When creating a terminal block choice, it’s far advocated that the module includes a modern-day score of as a minimum 150% of the device’s predicted most modern-day. If a terminal block isn’t always well rated and operated at too excessive of a modern-day, overheating and harm to the terminal block can result in essential protection concerns.

Pole Count

This pole count is a usual way of expressing a wide variety of circuits housed via the means of a terminal block. This specification commonly ranges from a pole as much as twenty four poles.

What are the Important Mechanical Specifications?

Wire-Entry Orientation

Horizontal (90°), vertical (180°), and 45° are the 3 maximum not usual terminal block orientations. This choice may be reliant upon a layout’s format and which orientation creates the best health and accessibility to the connections.

Interlocking and Single Piece

The terminal blocks may be built in the interlocking or the single housings. Typically to be had in two or three versions of the pole, interlocking the terminal blocks deliver engineers the potential to fast acquire numerous pole counts or join unique colorations of the identical module kind together. Terminal blocks of a single piece unsurprisingly include all poles present in one module, which gives them greater pressure and ruggedness relying on the layout necessities.

Wire-Securing Method

Just like orientations, 3 methods of wire securing are available for the terminal blocks. These include push button, screw terminal, as well as push-in. All 3 kinds are distinctly real to their name. Screw terminal or screw kind terminal blocks include a screw that once tightened closes a clamp to stabilize the cord in opposition to the conductor. Push buttons characteristic definitely via means of pushing a button that opens a clamp to permit insertion of the cord after which closes the clamp at the cord as soon as the button is released.

6 Best PCB Terminal Blocks Manufacturers

Ningbo Max Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Ningbo Max Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is one of the widely recognized China PCB Terminal Blocks Manufacturers and PCB Terminal Blocks Factory. The company’s merchandise cover: PCB standard terminal blocks, plug-in terminal blocks, Barrier terminal blocks, Spring terminal blocks, feed via terminal blocks, LED electricity terminal blocks, switching electricity terminal blocks, LED lights terminal blocks, electric Terminal blocks, DIP switches, DIN41612 connectors, pin headers, girl headers and different connectors.

They handed ISO 9001-2008 exceptional control device certification, their wholesale PCB Terminal Blocks strictly enforce the enterprise and countrywide technical requirements, and feature handed CE, TUV, UL, CUL and different global general certification and SGS environmental check report, exceptional control and global requirements. Accept OEM/ODM and wholesale merchandise from our PCB Terminal Blocks Factory.

As a well-known digital additives producer, Ningbo Max Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. use superior manufacturing system and a satisfactory control team. They are a splendid international dealer of included electric connector merchandise. Their merchandise encompasses PCB connectors, Terminal block connectors, and Terminal blocks.


KDM is an expert in production and designing all kinds of terminal blocks. These are an electrical connection technique used on revealed circuit boards. KDM PCB terminal blocks additionally referred to as digital blocks which can be synthetic to be hooked up on PCB.

This PCB terminal blocks producer classifies their PCB terminal blocks in keeping with their tool kind in addition to their structure. KDM produces PCB terminal blocks used to insulate gadgets that mount PCB. Also, they give designs for PCB terminal blocks for stable and secure to terminate wires.

KDM can offer custom designed printing PCB terminal blocks to be able to simplify wiring with unique frame platings. They are the handiest producer that presented plenty of associated picks together with terminal block connector and terminal connector. They will assist you with customizing your PCB terminal block orders.KDM is skilled in income industries, additionally they offer a web offerings internet site to your online sourcing. So you may purchase and replace your electric merchandise and supplies.

Because KDM keeps each consumer updated with their modern-day product traits on this fast-transferring digital enterprise, they have come to be one of the pinnacle rated PCB Terminal Blocks Manufacturers within China. They adhere to mounting protocols and standard sizing.


AUK is a PCB Terminal Block producer based in Taiwan for almost forty years, presenting first rate merchandise, and as one in all aggressive PCB Terminal Block producers global in addition to OEM ODM precision production offerings.

Also, AUK gives you the numerous choices of PCB Terminal blocks, irrespective of the pitches or peak or length, many collections and brands to attain your demand.  Nevertheless, custom designed concept and layout is available as well, with four many years of producing in connectors, their revel in will aid your layout and requirement.

AUK’s undertaking is to come to be their client’s maximum dependable and specialized connectivity associate via means of presenting the maximum Suitable Interconnect Solution & Integrated Engineering Services.

As one of the maximum dependable PCB Terminal Blocks Manufacturers, they cherish their professionalism, collaboration, innovation and social responsibility. Most essential of all, they cost the maximum for their teams, clients and partnership. Please experience unfastened touch with them and let’s discover the answer together, it is going to be your most accurate choice ever.

Vital Electrocomp

Vital Electrocomp can be included among the pcb terminal blocks manufacturers and connectors to serve PCB packages. They manufacture different PCB terminal connectors/blocks as well as fuse holders for the PCB within the Indian marketplace today.

As one of the main PCB Terminal Blocks Manufacturers, Vital gives a huge variety of low profile, compact, versatile, terminal blocks, which interlock to shape a single terminal strip. Also, for screw kind terminal blocks those are to be had in two poles as well as three poles, for the screwless collection one could upload rows as preferred.

Established in 1999, Vital ElectroComp specialised in production and exporting of terminal blocks. When you specify Vital Terminal Blocks, you may locate the ones functions to store your time, board area and money. Meanwhile, they have got the layout and production talents they committed to the persevering with improvement of higher terminal blocks for global packages. Vital no longer handiest excessive exceptional merchandise, however additionally on-time transport at aggressive price.

Keystone Electronics Corp

For over sixty years, Keystone Electronics has been producing PCB terminal blocks and hardware, imparting exceptional merchandise at aggressive charges to enterprise, global. While their catalog merchandise meet maximum general necessities, changes in addition to custom fabrications may be synthetic to satisfy your unique wishes.

Design and engineering, precision device and die talents, near tolerance Stamping, Machining, and Assembly, laptop primarily based totally exceptional manage and responsive customer support are all critical in-residence sources which represent their Custom Manufacturing Division’s talents.

Keystone’s Quality System is ISO 9001 licensed via means of DNV Certification, Inc. beneath the RAB and RvA accreditations. Our exceptional warranty application is according to those necessities and applies to all general and custom interconnect additives and hardware.

It is Keystone’s exceptional coverage to constantly enhance its merchandise to fulfill the wishes of its clients and to supply exceptional merchandise, whenever and on time. Our Global Distribution Network is your warranty of short response, provider and dependability, global.


COMBICON is one of the biggest PCB Terminal Blocks Manufacturers all over the world.  It is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. An astounding fulfillment tale written along with you as their consumer and associate.. We look ahead to seeing you. They offer the proper PCB terminal block to your application.

Generate your preferred PCB terminal block versions. When doing so, use their prolonged portfolio and pick your preferred product with your selected colour, printing, and coding. COMBICON’s favorable commercial enterprise phrases allow their clients to transact with them in a hassle-free way.

Safety Ratings and Additional considerations

UL and IEC are the principle protection organizations used to certify terminal blocks. When searching at the datasheet of the terminal block, UL and IEC protection requirements may be listed, usually with some differing values. This is due to the fact every corporation makes use of a unique general for testing, so it’s far essential for engineers to recognize their general device protection necessities to be able to pick out a terminal block so that it will be in compliance.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

While possibly an afterthought in lots of designs, colour customization of a terminal block’s housing or buttons may be useful. In selecting precise colorations for terminal blocks, engineers could make it less complicated to hyperlink up connection factors in complicated structures and keep away from unsuitable connections.

Lastly, terminal blocks with better temperature scores also are an alternative in environments or packages managing excessive temperatures.


There are numerous PCB Terminal Blocks Manufacturers out there. We have mentioned a number of the quality PCB Terminal Blocks Manufacturers in this article. Ensure you figure with a producer that meets your necessities.


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