Top 30 PCB Fabrication Manufacturers in the World

PCB Fabrication Manufacturers

A printed circuit board is a major consideration when making a great design for any electronic product. Now, you have a deep comprehension of the significance of printed circuit boards, but what should be the next line of action?

Do you know the best manufacturers, which can assist you in designing the right circuit boards to ensure you have an efficient electronic product? Here, we will be revealing to you the top 30 PCB fabrication manufacturers globally.

Surely, these PCB fabrication manufacturers offer great value that will transform your electronic products and make them more marketable.

What are the Top 30 PCB Fabrication Manufacturers In The World?

Zhen Ding Tech


Zhen Ding Tech is another top PCB fabrication manufacturer that delivers excellent services. This pcb assembly company has fine main manufacturing locations across China, Taiwan, and India.

This PCB fabrication manufacturer has the belief that it is possible to unlock the future more if there were more and enough materials that will facilitate circuit board design.

This company simplifies the PCB fabrication process by breaking the most important aspects down. They design different PCBs, which include IC board carrier, hard and soft board, rigid PCB, HDI boards, and more.

Due to our experience in the field, we have taken our time to review the best PCB fabrication manufacturers out there. The order is random. Work with a company that meets your expectations.


Unimicron prides itself as the leading PCB Company in the world, and truly, this PCB fabrication manufacturer has proven that.

Also, Unimicron designs and fabricates whatever circuit board will improve your devices’ functionality. For this reason, this PCB fabrication manufacturer provides its customers with different choices to choose from. Some other types of PCB they design are ELIC, FPC, Rigid-Flex, and HDI circuit boards.

No matter the type of fabrication you desire, Unimicron will do even more to deliver an excellent job.

Journey Circuits Inc

This is another well-recognized PCB fabrication manufacturer located in the Illinois area of the United States. It is also one of the largest and leading manufacturers in the U.S. Some of the services and products rendered by the company include PCB assembly, PCB fabrication, and PCB stencils.

Due to the highly-reliable and high-quality nature of these PCBs and assemblies, they are useful in automotive, instrumental, computers, power, aerospace, industrial, medical equipment, and communications industries.

Journey Circuits Inc Website

RayMing Technology

rayming pcb assembly

If you have been searching for a top PCB company to handle all your PCB needs then RayMing is the company to choose. RayMing is a top fabrication manufacturer based in China, which offers the best services. They stand out from the rest because they offer both in-house and full services. They handle fabrication, prototyping, and assembling of the entire circuit board. Also, if you need to customize your circuit board, RayMing handles this excellently too.

Through the company’s turnkey printed circuit board manufacturing, you surely want them to handle all aspects of your design. RayMing will buy all the necessary components for your board design, will design as well as manufacture your circuit boards, will test them and monitor the quality continually until the assembly of the final product.

Asides from pcb fabrication, their services also include short-run assembly, IC programming, PCB testing, SMT stencil, manufacturing of heavy copper pcb, pcb assembly (low volume), one-off design of circuit boards, quick-turn pcb design, and more.



This china-based PCB fabrication manufacturer is known to work closely with its customers to ensure that they meet all their needs. This is what most customers want, because with your manufacturer having this quality, you can be sure that the whole job will become easy.

Kinwong does a great job in the design of your circuit board. There are areas where the company focuses on when handling PCB fabrication manufacturing. These include medical and industrial, where they offer the best components to produce modern devices used in the medical field.

Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)

Advanced Circuitry International (ACI) is a world class and trusted supplier and manufacturer of Antenna, Microwave, and RF PCBs.

Also, Advanced Circuitry International (ACI) has manufacturing facilities in different places including Georgia and Atlanta in the United States, Gandhinagar in India, and Curitiba in Brazil.

Furthermore, ACI is known as the leading manufacturer of highly-reliable PCB in the United States. They also deal in PCBs for the medical, telecommunications, defense, and aerospace devices.

The major focus of the company is on Antenna, RF/Microwave, Multilayer PCBs, Large Format, PCB fabrication and assembly, and rapid prototyping services.

Rush PCB

This is another top PCB fabrication manufacturer. Rush PCB is a very good source of high-quality PCBs. Located in the Silicon Valley area of California, this company boast of having one of the best process in the pcb industry.

Furthermore, Rush PCB focuses on ensuring the satisfaction of customers as well as delivering high-quality products. Some products service Rush PCB offers include BGA, Rigid Flex and Flex PCB, HDI PCB, PCB fabrication, assembly, and manufacturing, and full turnkey printed circuit boards.

Custom Circuit Boards

This company is surely one of the top pcb fabrication manufacturers in the world. This is for good reasons.

It offers quick turn PCB manufacturing (full-service), and it has the ability to fabricate the prototype you desire, as well as the number of printed circuit boards you want to produce.

Custom circuit boards have a lot of capabilities. These include manufacturing of printed circuit boards having between one to forty layers having board material. Furthermore, they do well in catering for your design and needs, high-volume or medium production, and prototypes of small volume, all within a specified budget.


This PCB fabrication company is one of the best PCB fabrication manufacturers globally. The company is based in the California area of the United States.

Also, it is a professional manufacturer of printed circuit boards, and it offers manufacturing of custom PCB, fabrication, PCB prototyping, and assembly according to the requirements of the customer.

Furthermore, their well-trusted and world class PCBA and PCB are useful in different applications such as Defense, Aerospace, Solar and Renewable Energy, Medical, Wireless Telecommunications, and Rigid-Flex PCB.

China Fast Print


This pcb fabrication manufacturer focuses majorly in innovation and technology. The company believes that only with using the right technology will more opportunities be available for the PCB industry.

China Fast Print has more than 30 service centers located in different countries, including China, USA, and U.K. The collaborations resulted to robust circuit board development, which are useful in industries like semiconductors, industrial control, telecommunications, rail transit, automotive electronics, medical electronics, and computers.

RedBoard Circuits

RedBoard Circuits is another top PCB fabrication manufacturer located in the Arizona area of the United States. China and Taiwan are the two countries where the manufacturing of all their printed circuit boards take place.

Furthermore, all the boards from RedBoard Circuits are Lead-Free and RoHS compliant. In addition, this manufacturer is known as not just the largest complete service manufacturer of printed circuit boards all through North America, they are also the largest suppliers.

Also, this company deals with the manufacturing of different PCB types for different industries and applications.

Suntak PCB

Suntak PCB is committed to ensuring that your electronics come out successful. It was established in 1995, and with its more than 4500 employees, you can be sure that this pcb fabrication manufacturer both has the necessary experience and that your pcb designs will be taken care of.

Also, the company is well-known for its commitment and mantra to offering high-quality PCBs to customers. Furthermore, the company tests, designs, and manufactures printed circuit boards for different applications and industries.


If you are searching for a PCB design that is cost-effective, then NexLogic is the way to go. This PCB fabrication manufacturer is involved in PCB fabrication, Testing, PCB assembly, and more.

Furthermore, NexLogic provides a solution for lead-free printed circuit board assembly services. Also, their reliable and high-quality printed circuit board assemblies and PCBs are used widely in many different industries, which include defense/military, medical, oceanographic, commercial, telecom, and semiconductor companies.


This company, based in the Florida area of the United States, has been focused on the manufacturing and supplying of top-quality PCBs, since 1994. A.C.T is known to manufacture different PCB types as well as services related to PCB assembly.

Furthermore, they make use of the highest quality and PCB technology standards. Some of the services and products A.C.T renders include RoHS compliant PCBs, Metal Core, Rigid Flex, Flex, Rigid PCBS, and single-sided printed circuit boards, up to 22 layers.

Also, the company offers local support, produces worldwide and offers value even beyond the savings.

Tripod Technology

This is another top PCB fabrication manufacturer, which is well-known for its great inputs towards circuit boards development.

Also, the manufacturer also prides itself with the top-class processes it utilizes in manufacturing different circuit boards. Furthermore, Tripod technology continues to make huge waves due to its business model despite being involved in circuit board design business for years.

As a strategy to push its PCB manufacturing level to a greater level, it goes as far as doing some research as well as development.

Epec Engineered Technologies

This is another top company that deals with PCB fabrication. It is located in the Massachusetts area of the United States. It also has a huge presence in Western Europe, Asia, and North America.

Furthermore, they provide customized printed circuit board solutions to customers. The company also ensures that the design, as well as the process of manufacturing is cost-effective, timely, and most accurate.

Also, Epec Engineered Technologies focuses on the manufacturing and design of very reliable electronics that serves medical devices, aerospace and military applications, measurement and test equipment, consumer electronics, transportation and automotive industry, and industrial applications.


DSBJ is a company in China that has over 30 years in PCB fabrication manufacturing. It is present in over fifteen countries.

Asides from this, the company is well involved in different PCB productions like fabrication of Flexible and Rigid PCBs. They are also involved in the production and fabrication of rigid-flex circuit boards.

Working with DSBJ gives you access to these services: stiffeners, cover lays, standard cost-effective production of Rigid-Flex PCB, construction of air gap, intermediate density designs through the plated through-hole and interconnect processing. Furthermore, DSBJ offers full an extensive assembly of printed circuit boards.


This is a local PCB fabrication manufacturer that is dominating China. They also have a great history. This company was launched back in 1985 and it focuses mainly on circuit board production of different types.

Their process for production starts with research concerning the printed circuit boards; this is one before they start the design. Next, they design the boards according to the specifications of the buyer or customer. Next, is the manufacturing, and then tests. Lastly, they offer maintenance and after-sales services.

JY Circuit

This company is based in the United States. JY Circuit is known to manufacture a wide range of high-quality printed circuit boards at highly competitive prices. Also, the company delivers quickly within a specific time frame.

Furthermore, the company’s printed circuit boards are utilized by some top electronic industries and companies located in the United States.

This company is a professional at producing back board, Teflon board, Flexible board, double and single sided board, heavy copper board, and more.

Shennan Circuits

Shennan Circuits has evolved, bringing new trends into its design capabilities of circuit boards. This pcb fabrication company was established back in 1984, and for the past three decades, has extended its reach to four other locations in China. Also, in North America, it has established subsidiaries.

Furthermore, the company strives to be a top provider of electronic assembly, substrate packaging, and design of printed circuit boards. Also, it established a full value chain of circuit board, which includes circuit boards’ micro assembly, electronics assembly, testing of circuit boards, and manufacturing of PCBs.


PCBWay is a top pcb fabrication manufacturer that has gained wide recognition. The main goal of this company is to be the most professional of all PCB manufacturers for low-volume production and prototyping. Also, this company has spent over ten years in the field and focused on meeting customers needs from different ranges of industries.

There are many reasons why you should buy your printed circuit board from PCBWay. These include a 24/7 continuous assistance service and production, trusted experience, team support by more than 90 professionals, lots of competitive advantages, and great quality that customers approve of globally.

Gul Technologies

This company stands out because it aims to unravel some issues that PCB consumers face. As a manufacturer of PCB with vast experience in the space, Gul technology believes that one thing to search for when providing a service or product is customer satisfaction.

Gul technology’s circuit boards are useful in applications including computers, automotive, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and more.

Furthermore, this company considers the future. This is because Gultech flows continually with the latest trends for development in the PCB industry.

Aisheng Precision Technology Company

Choose Aisheng Precision Technology Company, if you have been searching for a pcb fabrication manufacturer that has a deep understanding of how to design circuit boards, and is also ready to deliver whatever circuit board you desire.

This company is well-known for different reasons. It is the first PCB fabrication manufacturer to produce hard and soft bonding types of circuit boards. It is also inquisitive about the way production of circuit boards impacts the environment.

Kyosha Circuits

This is one PCB fabrication manufacturer that has been consistent for years. It has a great history dating five decades, when they began as a Japanese maker of printed circuit boards.

This company isn’t owned entirely by investors from Japan because some shareholders are Chinese investors. The designs of circuit boards that Kyosha Circuits can fabricate include single-sided and silver through-hole boards.

All through the production process, the company is always there to help you.

Shengyi Electronics Limited

This is another top PCB fabrication manufacturer that has been dealing with the circuit board production since 1985.

Furthermore, Shengyi Electronics Limited started as a local manufacturer of printed circuit boards. However it has now become a brand that is internationally recognized, which is involved in the marketing of circuit boards in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific countries.

Also, this company focuses on the manufacturing of HDIs, Backplanes, Rigid-Flex boards, and Line Cards.

Sun&Lynn Circuits

This company can also be referred to as SL PCB. This PCB fabrication manufacturer also specializes in representing technological innovations regarding domestic factories of circuit boards.

Since its establishment in 2002, the company has gone through different strides. One great element of the growth of this manufacturer in the past 19 years has to do with its vast experience as well as its more than 400 employees that work relentlessly to offer optimized pcb design solutions to consumers.


JLCPCB is another top manufacturer involved in PCB fabrication. Since its establishment in 2006, this company has made a great name in the printed circuit board industry.

With more than 15 years of continuous improvement and innovation based on the needs of customers, the company has grown so fast and delivering cost-effective and highly-reliable PCBs.

The company is also there to deliver quick SMT assembly and PCB prototype services much quickly. The company is constantly searching for new ways of shortening and improving the process of PCB prototyping.


This company is top PCB fabricator manufacturer based in China. Since its establishment in 2015, the company offers services to communication equipment, consumer electronics, electronic apparatus and instruments, industry solutions, IoT application, intelligent hardware, industrial control, and more.

Furthermore, ALLPCB has a self-developed collaborative production and online system facilities. Also, it strives hard to create the best manufacturing system for electronics all over the world, thereby making a transformation in industrial structure and a new revolution in electronics


This company is well-known for its professional PCB fabrication manufacturing. Asides from this, they also offer component sourcing and PCB assembly.

Furthermore, with more than a decade as a leader in the industry, PCBgogo is widely regarded to have vast experience in the business. The company produces top-quality printed circuit boards and offers the best services for PCB assembly for customers.

Also, more than 200 employees work with this company due to the prosperous and safe environment PCBgogo provides


PCBMay is a top PCB fabrication manufacturer in China that offers different PCB board types, as well as assembly services, which includes mass production and prototype.

Furthermore, PCBMay has more than 10 years experience in the manufacturing and fabrication of printed circuit boards. Also, it offers 24/7 engineering tech and sales support.

Also, for every new order, there is no minimum requirement for your order. In addition, all the PCBs from this company meet IPC Class 3 or Class 2. You can always bank on them because they have enough raw materials to assist their customers.

This company offers aluminum PCBs, Rogers PCB, HDI PCBs, flexible and flex-rigid circuit boards, etc.


For sure, we have hundreds of manufacturers of printed circuit boards in the market. However, just a few of them can guarantee you short lead time, high-quality work, and possess the latest knowledge necessary for the PCB industry. We’ve done all we can. You only need to go through and choose whichever suits your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. We will be ready to help you.


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