Top 8 PCBA Manufacturers From China

Top 8 China PCBA Manufacturers

In this 21st century, we can’t do away with technology, because it’s very crucial in our day to day activities, ranging from our televisions to office gadgets.

Without technology, we would live in fear of the unknown, but with it, we can project a lot of things and tackle them if need be.

Technology has made life easier for us, we don’t have to stand in queues just to get things done, with our smartphone we can transmit signals technically and get things done with ease, but these electrical gadgets wouldn’t be complete if there aren’t any assembled PCB on it.

It is with the help of an assembled PCB that those signals can be transmitted far and near within seconds.

What’s a PCB?

PCB is a short abbreviation for Printed Circuit Board which is a layer board made up of silk, substrate, copper, fibreglass and others.

Nowadays, printed circuits can be seen everywhere, even though they have different designs, they still conform to a few basic design principles.

Printed Circuit boards can also be called Etched Wiring Board or Printed Wiring Board or Printed Wiring Cards.

Types of PCBs

  • One single-sided (one copper layer)
  • Double-sided (two copper layer)
  • Multi-layer (outer and inner layers)
  • Rigid PCBs
  • Flex PCBs and
  • Rigid-flex PCBs

A PCB is sometimes rigid but its flexibility is required when the copper layer mounted is on a flexible material to resist high temperatures. Rigid Flex PCB . PCBs made it possible to reduce the size of electronic equipment, but it’s also made to manufacture an effective and more cost circuit.

PCBs now serve as a compact and quick to respond to current option to the olden form of wires and big resistors in a box which makes it heavier.

PCB comprises of different layers such as the copper layers, pad, the solder mask, silkscreen and so on.

Meanwhile, a PCB can’t carry out its full function if it’s not assembled, that brings us to know what a PCBA means before we delve fully into letting you know the top 8 China PCBA Manufacturers.

Printed Circuit boards

What’s a PCBA?

PCBA known as Printed Circuit Board Assembly is a process of joining and assembling electrical components such as capacitors, diodes on the printed circuit board which makes it fully connective, and stable.

PCBA makes the gadgets less in weight because it’s capacitors, transistors are mounted on the printed circuit board, so you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying heavy resistors and other electrical components to connect them to get your gadgets functioning.

During the assembling of the PCBs, most PCB company’s use Through-hole technology (THT) or surface mount technology (SMT) or both technologies mixed to mount PCBA depending on the components and circuits to be assembled.

Best PCBA manufacturer in China

There are lots of PCBA manufacturers now due to the speed at which new technologies are been invented. However, a lot of them can’t manufacture it to suit the device it’s used for.

That is why we decided to go in-depth to know some companies that give the best and we found eight of these companies worthy to be called a PCB manufacturing company.

So, if you’ve been looking for one, look no further because the right place to manufacture PCBA is right here. We assure you the best and quick manufacturing PCBA companies.

Below are the 8 PCBA companies that we can guarantee you of:

1. RayPCB

rayming pcb assembly

RayPCB, also known as RayMing Technologies are experts in manufacturing and assembling rigid, flex, rigid-flex and high reliable PCBs.

They deliver speedily and are solely committed to making sure the manufacturing process goes on smoothly without any flaws to meet your quote.

They also do free custom and DFM checkings, PCB electric test which is used to exhibit the process before assembling and PCBA function test which helps in detecting whether the components are placed on the right dimensions, all it does is to verify the process.

Ray PCB designs give space for other components for its efficiency and increase the complexity of designs mechanically to improve the rate at which gadgets solutions are optimized.

They are also customer friendly and have many years of experiences in the PCB industry. With RayPCB you are assured of a PCBA that decreases the stress and weak points of a gadget.

RayPCB manufactures and assembles multi-layer PCB, express PCB, ceramic PCB, flexible PCB, rigid PCB, rigid-flex PCB, high volume PCB, HDI PCB, aluminium PCB, led PCB and many others.

One thing RayPCB does that I like is the way they design, manufacture and assemble Printed Circuit Boards, exactly as the customer’s specifications with international standards.

Ray PCBs are always tested with an Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to enhance the efficiency of the PCBs and to increase the speed at which it is been delivered.

For PCBs, RayPCB is the best PCBA plug.

If the military can trust them with their Rogers PCB manufacturing and assembling, then they are worth it.

2. PCBSky

PCBSky is more than capable of providing a high PCBA service. They are active in taking prototype orders, and printed circuit board products orders.

They specialize in microelectronics, PCB prototypes. They can also manufacture and assemble the exact specification of PCBs you want and also give you a solution for the effective running of your PCBA.

They support their customers, provide quality service and deliver on time.

3. Cesgate

Cesgate is a company that has invested heavily in the world’s most modern manufacturing and test equipment industry.

They are professionals in manufacturing flex and rigid-flex PCBs, high TG PCBs, HDI PCBs.

Cesgate is a global brand that establishes a long term relationship with its customers and offers them a fast, solid and reliable PCBA service without any delay in delivery.

They don’t just produce PCBs, they assemble it, and also provide a sure solution for their customer electrical manufacturing devices. They are very efficient in terms of service. You can try them out.


JLCPCB provides reliable cost reduction PCBA solutions in the electronic industry, they deliver high-quality PCBs on time and they know how to maintain the company-customer relationship.

JLCPCB has proven to have the best PCB prototypes in China and provides full PCB assembly.

5. GreatPCB

GreatPCB just as their names sounds are great when it comes to PCB designing, manufacturing and assembling.

GreatPCB have been into this industry for over 15years and have taken over many electronic sectors, due to how they provide quick full turn-key printed circuit board assembly services which include functional testing and sourcing the electrical components.

6. ChinaPCBOne

ChinaPCBOne makes your PCBA designs a reality. They design, order components, manufacture, assemble and test PCBs.

Their factory is most concentrated in the electronic manufacturing industry. They produce High density interconnects (HDI) PCB, special printed circuit board materials, impedance control PCB, and full and partial turnkey PCB.

Their assembling capacities are

You can contact them for your PCB procurement and assembling.

7. PCBOnline

PCBOnline is very good when it concerns prototypes and assembling of PCBs. They deliver your PCBA on time and they make sure PCBA suits your business needs.

They make use of advanced machines such as solder paste detection. They provide various assembly solutions including the Surface mount technology, Through Hole Technology (THT) and then the turn-key assembly. They give you an international standard PCBA quality.

8. Aiketon Electronics Limited

Aiketon Electronics Limited offer a wide range of products, ranging from the manufacturing and assembling of PCBs to manufacturing of the original pieces of equipment.

Their services are fast, easy and economical. Not minding the rate at which they provide their services, they make sure it comes out with very good quality.

With the services offered by Aiketon, you can never go wrong in terms of PCBs down to the main electronics.

They provide functional testing, custom tape and reel packaging, automatic(PTH) insertion, robotic soldering and manual insertion during the manufacturing and assembling of the PCBs.

The way the PCBs are assembled gives a lasting impression that you got the value of your money.

You can get HDI boards, Teflon and hybrid boards, heavy copper weight and rigid-flex PCBs from them at an affordable price.

They give free DFM reports and gives you the best solution to PCBs. They also deliver complete manufacturing solutions at its best quality as if it’s theirs.

Things We Considered for the Best PCBA Manufacturers

Before concluding on the companies that offer the best PCBs, here is what we checked:

1. Components Library

There is this mistake most companies do, and that’s not drawing those designs before designing it, which makes them end up wasting customers’ time, resources and components.

A PCBA engineer ensures that all components he drew in his design are ready before the actual design begins.

And with the drawn design, they can know where to rightly install the components on the circuit board beforehand, and what prototype to use.

Then detect on which mounting technology to use for the assembling, then the PCB board is ready for designing.

2. Interior Design

No one wants an untidy job, that’s when the interior design comes in place. When designing, the size of the board should be considered and the spaces in it too, to make the printed circuit board efficient for use.

The pieces of equipment used during this process should be put in check, ensuring that the equipment and technology used are appropriate when designing the board is an important factor to consider, to avoid unnecessary patchworks and PCBs that might end up not working under the space of a week.

It’s just like brushing a long hair, while it should be combed, it will end up making the hair tattered, therefore losing its attractiveness within a few minutes.

3. Placement

The Placement also known as Layouts, should be looked into cause it’s very crucial. If the circuits are not placed on the right positions, the circuit board won’t be efficient.

The circuit boards that carry the same function should be placed near to each other and the components it contains should have spaces to make the connection easier for its functioning.

When installing, the way the small quality components are being installed shouldn’t be the same as the way the high-quality components should be installed, cause most of the high-quality components conducts a lot of heat and if it’s not rightly placed, it would affect other components, in other to prevent that, it’s placed separately from elements that can’t take the convection of heat.

Also, the right circuits should be rightly placed in order. You don’t place the circuits open circuit on where a closed circuit to be to avoid sparks.

4. Connectivity

When wiring, make sure you follow electrical standard rules. Once there is a misplacement in technology, the PCBA can’t function properly.

Wrong wiring sometimes results in electric shocks, and malfunctioning of the PCBA.

5. Tear Drop Shape (TDS)

From the name, you should have known what it would look like. It’s that shape in the circuit board that looks like a drop of tear, used to prevent the contraction of wire and guide-hole & the contraction of wire and pad when an external force is mounted on the circuit board.

So when going for a PCBA, make sure the TDS is properly placed between the wire and pad between the through-hole and wire.

6. Technology and Qualities Used

When mounting the PCB assembly, the surface mount technology should be used on small components like diodes and integrated circuits, whilst, thru-hole technology should be used on large components like capacitors.

In some situations, mixed technology is used when they are relatively small and large components in the assembly.

Then the quality should be standard and efficient for use.

7. Customer relations

A responsive customer care service tells how professional a company is. That way, customers can get to tell you how they want their PCBA to be like and also communicate easily if need be.

The PCBA Manufacturer You Should Go For

When searching for a PCBA manufacturer who would design according to your specifications and international standards, go for any of these 8 manufacturers above.

You don’t have to worry about standing in queues, because they all have enough engineers and their customer service is top-notch.

Now you have the best, the rest that makes up your electrical device is an assurance.

What are the criteria you look out for when searching for the best PCBA company?


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