Top 10 Aluminum PCB Suppliers

It is possible to craft Printed circuit boards from numerous metals. These unique PCBs are called the metallic core PCBs. Aluminum circuit boards are one of the famous kinds of metallic MCPCBS, which are useful in lots of the present day programs.

These PCBs have metallic-based as well as copper-clad laminates. Such a production makes the circuit board a high-quality electric insulator and a thermal conductor. It additionally enables the PCB to deliver a great overall performance. There are lots of aluminum PCB suppliers out there. However, we’ve compiled a listing of the top aluminum PCB suppliers.

What is Aluminum PCB?

Aluminum PCB has the capacity to dissipate heat when used in electronic products. An aluminum PCB is one of the typically used types. It has the standard FR4 laminate and an aluminum core. The circuit board enables warmth dissipation correctly with the assistance of a thermal clad layer that it functions.

These printed circuit boards are broadly utilized in programs concerning tight tolerances and excessive strength. The Three Layers in an Aluminum PCB consist of circuit layer, thermal insulation layer, and base layer. Aluminum PCBs are designed and synthetic in a different way compared to the alternative kinds of PCBs.

During the production of an aluminum PCB, a very thin dielectric layer is introduced among the circuit layer and the bottom layer. This dielectric layer is electrically insulating and thermally conductive. After including the dielectric layer, the next step is to etch the copper foil or the circuit layer. This lets you get the specified pattern. Also, the circuit board’s metallic base layer, with the assistance of a thin dielectric, enables you to get rid of all of the heat present in the circuit.

Top Aluminum PCB Suppliers

Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec produces aluminum PCB that works with a complete selection of great performance as well as low-fee materials from top providers across the globe. Aluminum PCB includes a dielectric metallic base featuring a bonded circuit copper layer which helps in creating better transfer of heat to assist in cooling the components even as putting off troubles related to dealing with fragile ceramics.

Furthermore, this Aluminum PCB supplier strives hard to be the excellent aluminum PCB producer in relation to surpassing all client expectations. They offer a huge variety of interface pads that are thermally and electrically conductive, thermally conductive hole fillers, thermal segment alternate substances and electrically insulating and thermally conductive materials, in addition to specialized devices for excessive extent production.

Their engineering group has a few years of experience assisting our clients layout arrays which might be the maximum fee powerful for them to depanelize. Over the past 70 years, this aluminum PCB provider has modified dramatically because the enterprise keeps evolving to evolving needs and generation. This aluminum pcb supplier is at the leading edge of innovation, with the information and agility to transport at the rate of today’s businesses.


RayMing has been a top aluminum PCB supplier for more than ten years. Our complete function aluminum PCB making abilities as well as value-added options, along with Free DFM Check, permit you to get top-quality aluminum PCBs fabricated to work with your budget. 2 layer aluminum PCBs through RayMing are broadly used for LED lights, automobile systems, and power equipment.

This aluminum PCB supplier is able to offer top-quality aluminum boards. Rayming is offering the latest printed circuit board production technology and the best possible requirements for aluminum boards.  You can count on them to fulfill your aluminum PCB needs.

Their PCB production factory is ISO9001-certified, IPC-A-610, and IPC-A-600 compliant. Also, the company has an advanced PCB production facility, a devoted group for procuring top electronic components, to fulfill the ever-growing call for aluminum circuit board assembly services.

Furthermore, for all orders, their group of engineers and PCB assembly professionals offers Design for Manufacturing and Design for Testing services, which might be essential in the course of the pre-manufacturing phase to make sure of a top-quality manufacturing at an affordable fee.

Millennium Circuits Limited (MCL)

Millennium Circuits Limited can provide today’s printed circuit board generation and is a main provider of aluminum-core PCBs. We use contemporary-day generation to offer precision-synthetic PCBs that meet our clients’ rigorous specs. This aluminum PCB supplier can offer you with fine aluminum circuit boards in your programs. MCL additionally promotes PCB designs that optimize production methods at each degree fabrication, meeting, checking out, shipping and assist. They can work with you on designs that assist production excellent practices to make sure advanced PCB fine.

MCL gives numerous floor finishes for his or her aluminum PCBs, along with the subsequent Immersion gold, Immersion silver, Immersion tin, and Hot air soldering level (HASL). They can deliver you with advanced part-plated boards in your PCB programs.  Also, they carry out all of the essential assessments on part plating to make sure protection and notable overall performance.

Also, this aluminum pcb supplier can deliver your commercial enterprise with multilayer aluminum boards that will help you boom velocity and capability to your digital programs. For clients with a decent flip time for a brand new product release that calls for a complicated board, this aluminum pcb supplier affords technical information shape prototype via manufacturing growing velocity to marketplace.

MOKO Technology

MOKO has vast experience in offering aluminum PCBs to clients in exclusive industries. They are an expert group masking engineering, production, and client carrier. As one of the excellent aluminum PCB providers in the enterprise, they are able to constantly provide the excellent answer primarily based totally to your assignment requirements.

Their in-residence production and meeting make sure of the excessive fine of every aluminum PCB. They have stringent methods, earlier than shipping, all PCBs could undergo a sequence of inspections and checks along with computerized optical inspection, x-ray inspection, and purposeful test. Working with them can prevent trouble.

This aluminum pcb supplier manufactures aluminum PCBs the usage of enterprise-main generation and contemporary-day devices that dramatically will increase productivity, from prototyping to low-extent, excessive-extent manufacturing, and the whole lot in among, they are able to supply merchandise in a quick turnaround. Moreover, they team up with dependable delivery agencies to make sure on-time shipping is possible.

This aluminum PCB provider integrates state-of-the-art generation and methods of their aluminum PCB production. Also, they team up with some experts who’re dedicated to presenting only quality.

Hillman Curtis

Hillman Curtis has expert standard reviewers that make sure of maintaining quality control measures in each process of aluminum PCB manufacturing. They leverage better testing technologies. They have a PCB design as well as assembly review, which guarantees top-quality control. Hillman Curtis is dedicated to assisting you get the best aluminum PCB services and products at competitive prices.

They use different PCB materials. Also, they have got a department for customer care that attends to the needs of the users. They are approachable in case you need to make updates earlier before the manufacturing begins.

Also, this aluminum PCB supplier has been involved in manufacturing top aluminum PCBs for years. So, you could expect to enjoy their custom-designed and top-quality aluminum PCBs with a view to meeting all your requirements.

Rush PCB

Rush PCB makes Aluminum PCBs, the maximum famous amongst metallic core boards. They use aluminum core because the base fabric, and standard FR4 over it. The aluminum base acts as a thermal clad layer for dissipating warmth efficiently, retaining warmth generating additives cool, thereby growing the general overall performance of the board and the device. Among all of the aluminum-primarily based totally PCB manufacturers, their clients recollect our aluminum PCBs because of the maximum beneficial strategy to excessive strength programs.

This aluminum PCB supplier has been generating Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards (additionally known as Metal base PCBs) for a few years now.  This aluminum pcb supplier gives aluminum boards for a huge variety of industries.

Rush PCB manufactures aluminum printed circuit boards (PCB) with a complete choice of excessive overall performance and low-fee substances. Their aluminum PCB meeting Service is unrivaled in phrases of velocity, fine, and workmanship. From bare circuit boards to field construct and very last meeting, RUSH PCB Inc. is your highest quality one-prevent shop, with the maximum competitive pricing all over the industry and a dedication to overall client satisfaction.


This Aluminum PCB supplier gives fantastic aluminum PCBs and the excellent aluminum PCB all around the international market. They specialize in quick-flip PCB prototyping and turnkey aluminum PCB meeting offerings and are one in every of China’s main agencies in the enterprise. As electronics engineers’ excellent partners, they stay dedicated to offering remarkable services.

All of your orders may be reviewed through PCBGOGO engineers. Their precept is to apply their career to make sure which you get precisely what you expect. PCBGOGO is now no longer most effective in the assembly of aluminum PCB, however additionally metallic core PCB fabrication.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

These boards are customized in line with your needs. Just searching at the “product classes” this aluminum PCB supplier focuses on, this aluminum PCB provider has increased over the years. These classes consist of information conversation, optical networking, clinical treatment, aerospace, navy etc. simply to call a few.


ALLPCB is one of the most important and most famous aluminum PCB providers in China. Built over 30,000 rectangular meters of land, ALLPCB focuses on producing fantastic PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) in low price. These boards are customized in line with your needs.

This aluminum PCB supplier has been producing aluminum PCBs for years. Their complete function aluminum circuit boards making abilities and Free DFM Check let in you to get fantastic aluminum PCBs performed inside budget. Also, their Aluminum PCBs are broadly used for LED lights, strength device and automobile systems.

Their excessive precision processing device and green operation ensures fine. They offer best custom designed incorporated answer through in-intensity conversation with clients. Also, they maintain lowering shipping time and manufacturing fee, that will help you win the excellent marketplace timing and advantage the competitive part.

This aluminum PCB supplier has independently advanced a sophisticated PCB online ordering system, CRM control system. Customers can quote on line, order on line, pay on line, question the manufacturing development on line and music the logistics facts on line. ALLPCB has invested big sums of cash to introduce current manufacturing and checking out device & software.

PS Electronics

PS Electronics is a top professional in aluminum PCB production, who is aware that the thermal conductivity is one of the key properties, and receives excessive-overall performance uncooked substances from the main providers. Their aluminum PCBs come from their strictly managed production flow.

They own the unbiased production cores in Guangdong China for metallic core boards, in which it runs low to excessive extent Aluminum PCB production, quick-flip prototyping is jogging on unique lines.

As an aluminum PCB supplier, they manufacture digital additives for you in line with the specs in your merchandise. They are satisfied to gather partly or completely automatic aluminum PCBs in numerous sizes for you. You can depend upon the best fine way to their today’s manufacturing cores.

Their aluminum PCBs are saved in a dark, dry environment. Because maximum of them without problems get moist, yellow, so must be used inside forty eight hours as soon as they’re taken out from the vacuum packages.


Venture has labored on hundreds of LED lights tasks through offering aluminum (metallic-core, copper base) printed circuit boards which might be with the main generation of warmth dissipation. This aluminum PCB provider is the proper desire in your aluminum PCB requirement, they’re depended on through hundreds of digital engineers everywhere in the international via our100% fine assured policy.

Venture has complete aluminum PCB technical understanding and production enjoy. They have complete technical understanding in the production of aluminum PCB fabrication. Venture Electronics can offer the whole aluminum PCB answer from a 1-32 layer board, from bendy PCB to rigid-flex PCB.


We have given a comprehensive review about the best aluminum PCB suppliers all around the globe. You can also narrow down this listing of Aluminum pcb supplier by their state and country.


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