Top 10 Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturers In China

rigid flex pcb manufacturers

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are used in many electronics production because of the interconnection of electrical parts on the board. This is not leaving out the versatility of the boards that make them useful for different purposes.

The rigid flex PCB is one of the common types of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). We want you to understand what it is and how it works. That way, you will have in mind the expected outcomes of the PCB design before looking for the best rigid flex PCB manufacturer.

What Is a Rigid Flex PCB?

rigid-flex PCB

The rigid flex PCB is a hybrid circuit board design that integrates the rigid circuit substrates and the flexible circuit substrates. The combination of the two helps in the integration of the relevant elements from the flexible circuits and the hardboard.


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Rigid Flex PCB Design

There are different types and designs that the rigid flex PCB can take. Out of all those options, only two seem to be outstanding as they have been repeatedly used over the years.

Here are the two major designs and types of the rigid flex PCB:

Dynamic Flex

This is the type that deals with the flexibility and long-standing effects of a printed circuit board even after repeated bending and folding.

Dynamic Flex also ensures that the traditional wear and tear associated with many PCBs aren’t common. With that in place, you are confident that the board will last for many years, even when used with some pressure.

Flex to Install

Extra care must be taken if you are looking at designing the Flex to Install variant of the rigid flex PCB. It is because of the limited options when it comes to folding and bending that makes this important.

For example, the major point of bending and folding the Flex to Install rigid flex PCB is when it is under assemblage. It is also possible for that to happen when the flex is being removed.

Therefore, additional bending and folding after this time may lead to wear and tear on the flex. So, try as much as possible to avoid using the Flex to Install rigid flex PCB in the high vibration use case.

The 10 Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturers You Can Trust

When it comes to designing a rigid flex PCB, you must be careful about the manufacturer you are hiring for the design.

A good and experienced PCB manufacturer will give quality while another that isn’t versed may mar the success of the project.

We understand how sad it may turn out if you don’t get the desired quality you wanted for the job. So, here are some of the top 10 rigid flex PCB manufacturers you can trust for the project:

1. RayMing Technology

rayming pcb assembly

RayMing Technology otherwise called Ray PCB is one of the best hands when it comes to rigid flex PCB. The company has many years of experience in that field, as it has designed and manufactured hundreds of rigid flex PCBs for different brands.

Of course, experience is one aspect of the job. Ray PCB also packs the most excellent PCB designing tools that aid in the accelerated design of your rigid flex PCB projects.

Here are some of the reasons why you should prioritize Ray PCB as the company to manufacture your next rigid flex PCB:

Three Dimensional Connections

The ideal design of the rigid flex PCB is that the flexible circuits and the rigid boards will be connected in one circuit. Hence, it may lead to limited spacing inside the board.

For that reason, you will need a PCB manufacturer as Ray PCB to make the job successful. What this company does there is that it produces Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) using three-dimensional connections. That will, in turn, lead to the accurate use of the rigid flex PCB for different applications and devices despite the limited space.


When designing a rigid flex PCB, you will be looking at getting quality at affordable costs. That is one of the many things that Ray PCB offers you.

This manufacture has a knack for quality just as it ensures that your budget wouldn’t be a reason why the outcome of the PCB design wouldn’t be great.

Standard Offerings

You are confident that Ray PCB will provide the best rigid flex PCB with an offer to make the same standard.

Moreover, you have the best opportunities for getting the design completed as you wanted because of the varieties of designs.

Some of the standard offerings that Ray PCB is making are:

  • Double-sided circuits
  • Single-sided circuits
  • Multilayer PCBs


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You don’t have to look further for the best rigid flex PCB manufacturer because we have another right here. PCBCART is a PCB manufacturer you can rely on any day, any time.

We are pleased with the efforts the company has been making in the area of ensuring that the designing and production of rigid flex PCB is hassle-free.

We would like you to have some ideas about how PCBCART will bring in its expertise and robust PCB design capabilities to make your next rigid flex PCB project worthwhile.

Board Size

PCBCART is offering one of the largest board sizes as far as rigid flex PCB design is concerned.

Ideally, the minimum board size (from the company’s specifications) is 6mm x 6mm. It can be as high as 457mm x 610mm.

Fast Turnaround Time

You are not just looking to design the best rigid flex PCB. You are also hoping to take delivery of the same in the shortest time possible.

Understandably, some PCB manufacturers may work under pressure and deliver low-quality designs.

That isn’t the case with the rigid flex PCB services you will get from PCBCART. Aside from the qualitative and excellent design on the PCB, the company also offers a fast turnaround time. Ideally, it will take between 2 days and 5 weeks to complete the project.


PCBCART also offers quality rigid flex PCB design. Some of the areas that the quality of the board is evident are:

  • Up to 2.0, Oz finished copper weight
  • Using the Standard IPC 2 quality grade
  • Provision of up to 4 layers



It makes sense to always patronize a rigid flex PCB manufacturer that specializes in that area. It will not only save you costs but also ensures that you will have the best quality ever.

And you don’t have to think of any other PCB manufacturer than Flex PCB. This is a company that has consistently proven its mettle as far as the design and production of rigid flex PCB is concerned.

Here are the Flex PCB capabilities in the area of rigid flex PCB design and production:

Varieties of Options

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. The same holds true of the rigid flex PCB designs and productions offered by Flex PCB.

Some of the options that the company offers in terms of rigid flex PCB include but are not limited to:

  • High-Density Interconnect (HDI) Flex Circuits
  • Standard Flex Circuits
  • Standard Rigid-Flex Circuits


Multiple Layers

The layers of the rigid flex PCB is another important consideration when the PCB manufacturer is being selected.

Flex PCB offers many layer counts for the rigid flex PCB designs entrusted in its care.

Here are some of the layer counts that you will derive from the different options:

  • Up to 4 layer counts is obtainable in the Standard Rigid-Flex Circuits
  • Up to 10 layer counts can be obtained when designing the Standard Flex Circuits
  • 18 and more layer counts are feasible on the High-Density Interconnect (HDI) Flex Circuits


4. PCBWay

PCBWay is another PCB manufacturer that proves to offer some of the best and reliable rigid flex PCB designs.

Besides, the company fabricates rigid flex PCBs so the same can be used in different use cases and fabrication applications.

Some of the attributes of the rigid flex PCB manufactured by PCBWay are:

  • The company uses the Polyimide Flex + FR4 to design and manufacture the rigid flex PCBs.
  • Up to 4, Oz finished copper thickness for the rigid part.
  • About 2 Oz finished copper thickness for the flex part


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5. EPEC Engineered Technologies

The fifth company on the list is EPEC Engineered Technologies. This is a company that specializes in the designing and production of different types of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), including rigid flex PCBs.

The deliverables and capabilities of the company include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance on the rigid flex PCB design from the early stages to the end of the design.
  • Advice and tips by the engineering team for the successful completion of the design.
  • Patterning and designing of the rigid flex PCBs for use in many applications. Some of the potential use cases are in the aerospace, portable devices, and medical sectors.
  • Improved rigid flex PCB design reliabilities
  • Significant cost savings
  • Use of up to 20 layers


6. Rigi Flex Technology Inc.

Rigi Flex Technology prides itself to be one of the most reliable and dependable rigid flex PCB manufacturers.

With special concentration on the designing and production of rigid flex PCBs, the company offers high-quality and affordable designs.

The capabilities of the rigid flex PCBs designed by Rigi Flex Technology Inc. are:

  • The use of OSP, Immersion Gold, and HASL for the rigid flex PCB surface finishing.
  • Turnaround time of 5 days maximum
  • Shielding materials: Carbon, Copper, Tatsuta, and Silver Ink


7. Proto Express

Also called Sierra Circuits, Proto Express is a rigid flex PCB manufacturer that focuses on the provision of flexibility advantages to the board.

Besides, here are some of the other capabilities and offers that make it one of the best rigid flex PCB manufacturers:

  • Designing of the boards using the Flexible Flat Cables (FFC) that cannot be damaged even when bent.
  • Surface finishes using Selective Gold, HASL, Tin Nickel, ENIG, Immersion Silver, and OSP.


8. Agile Circuit

Agile Circuit is leading the frontline for the reinvention of the global rigid flex PCB industry so the customers can get the best from it.

Agile Circuit also has more capabilities and features that make its rigid flex PCB services better than what many other manufacturers are offering. Here are some of them:

  • The company has the ISO and UL certifications for the effective control of the rigid flex PCB quality according to the IPC Standard.
  • Many years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of rigid flex PCBs.
  • Real-time delivery of the rigid flex PCB designs.
  • Designing and building of the rigid flex PCB to the desired specifications.


9. Multi-Circuit Boards

Multi-Circuit Boards (Multi-CB) is yet another leading manufacturer of the rigid flex PCB.

Based in Germany, the company ensures strict compliance with industry standards and high-quality levels.

Some of the capabilities and offers made by the company in respect to rigid flex PCB are:

  • The use of excellent materials, such as FR4 High Tg, Polyimide, High Tg Polyimide, and FR4.
  • The surfaces of the rigid flex PCBs are designed with HAL lead-free, Immersion Tin, and Chemical Gold.
  • Up to 24 layers that include Flying Tails.
  • Maximum size of 250mm x 450mm.


10. Printed Circuits

Printed Circuits is on the list of the best rigid flex PCBs because of the quality materials that the company uses and the speed of delivery. Those and the affordability of the rigid flex PCB design are the major reasons why it has consistently become customers’ favorite.

Beyond that, Printed Circuits also has machinery in place to ensure that the rigid flex PCB designs are optimum and quality.

The company also offers these services:

  • Support of the rigid flex PCB design for many application types, such as Dynamic Flexand Flex to Install.
  • Designing the rigid flex PCBs to economize space, especially for high-density applications.
  • The rigid flex PCBs can be used in many industries, such as industrial & commercial, medical, aerospace, and military.


Final Words

Selecting the best rigid flex PCB manufacturers wouldn’t be a herculean task once you understand how their rigid flex PCB designs will be of benefit to you.

And the ten (10) rigid flex PCB manufacturers above are ready to take on your rigid flex PCB projects and turn them into a masterpiece!


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