Top 20 EMS Manufacturing Factories in 2022

EMS Manufacturing Factories

The demands for electronics for both different purposes are increasing every day. The electronics industry experiences constant innovation and advancement over time. This industry is very vast, hence, the need for constant advancement. Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) factories offer a wide range of electronic manufacturing services.

The best EMS factories ensure the delivery of cost-effective and high-quality electronics. These factories design, test, deliver or provide help for electronic assemblies and parts. In this article, we will look into the top 20 EMS manufacturing factories in 2022.

What is EMS Manufacturing?

EMS Manufacturing describes the designing and testing of PCB assemblies and electronic components. Also, EMS manufacturing factories are responsible for performing these functions. Furthermore, EMS manufacturing is a broad industry that entails different aspects. The manufacturing of electronics requires a well-detailed process.

Electronic components and PCB assemblies are widely used in several applications. EMS manufacturing designs products for OEMS and provides value-added services. Also, OEMS are commonly known as original equipment manufacturers. Therefore, EMS manufacturing is completely different from OEMs.

EMS describes companies that design and test electronic assemblies and components. Also, these companies provide several services to Operation Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).


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What are the Top 20 EMS Manufacturing Factories in 2022?

EMS Manufacturing company


The headquarters of Jabil is in Florida, USA. Jabil has over 100 facilities in 20 countries. Also, this EMS manufacturing factory offers electronic design and production services. Founded in 1966, Jabil has continued to offer systems support to customers in the areas of automation and consumer products. Also, Jabil is one of the biggest EMS manufacturing factories in Tampa Bay Area.

Furthermore, the American EMS manufacturing factory has about 100 plants in 30 different countries. Also, Jabil specializes in electronic product solutions and manufacturing. Asides EMS manufacturing, Jabil also offers Diversified Manufacturing Services (DMS).

Jabil offers supply chain services to consumer industries and EMS. Also, this EMS manufacturing factory works with a team of professional engineers to deliver efficient products. The main customers of Jabil include Philips, HP, and more.




This is an EMS manufacturing factory with long-standing experience in electronics manufacturing. Flextronics is an American electronic manufacturer. Also, it established a factory in Singapore. Therefore, it is the first American manufacturer to establish a factory abroad. Flextronics has factories in 30 countries. With about 200,000 employees, Flextronics trains its staff to offer quality.

Companies like Alcatel, Fujitsu, and more are the main customers of Flextronics. Also, the headquarters of Flextronics is in Singapore. Furthermore, Flextronics has its administrative headquarters in California and San Jose. This factory is widely considered the third-largest EMS manufacturing factory in the world.

Founded in 1969, Flextronics provides design and manufacturing services to OEMs. Also, it offers end-to-end solutions via proprietary and innovative systems. Therefore, this helps to enhance success.



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rayming pcb assembly

This is an EMS manufacturing factory that offers electronic components and assemblies. RayMing is a Chinese EMS company. It can provide turnkey PCB assembly services. With its facilities scattered across China, RayMing offers economical PCB assembly services. RayMing manufacturing facilities are IPC-A-610 and IPC-A-600 compliant. Also, these facilities are ISO9001-certified.

RayMing features a developed PCB manufacturing facility with a team of dedicated engineers. Therefore, it prides itself in delivering high-quality electronic components. RayMing’s products meet the rising demand of electronic PCB assembly.

RayMing caters to customers located in Canada and the United States. The PCBs produced by RayMing are widely used in several applications. Also, RayMing implements advanced technologies and component sourcing in its production.

RayMing offers the best One-time delivery. Due to its quick response service and large support, RayMing has more than 600 contract clients.  This reliable multinational EMS Company has been operating for more than a decade. Therefore, it has long standing experience in EMS manufacturing.


Ryder Industries, Xin Feng

This is an EMS manufacturing factory managed by CEO Shin-Tein Lei. With various factories in China, Ryder provides turnkey electronics services. Also, it offers firmware and software programming for the medical and industrial markets. Ryder’s Xin Feng is a noteworthy EMS manufacturing factory across the globe.

Furthermore, Ryder Industries has a long-standing experience in electronics manufacturing. This swiss-owned EMS manufacturing factory has been operating for 40 years. Therefore, it guarantees quality and efficiency. Also, Ryder Industries provides production introduction in small volumes. It is a gateway to component sourcing and product design.

The production process involves the use of integrated and advanced software and systems. Therefore, this factory provides complete transparency and traceability. The supply chains in Ryder Industries are simple. Therefore, this provides flexible scalability to customers.


Benchmark Electronics Inc

This is an EMS factory in Tempe, Arizona. Benchmark Electronics Inc. offers contract electronics design and manufacturing services. Also, this company provides technology solutions and innovative product designs. With great expertise, Benchmark Electronics Inc. has been delivering integrated service to OEMs since 1979.

Recently, Benchmark serves several industries like medical technologies, aerospace, and more. Also, Benchmark features factories in eight different countries. Furthermore, this factory offers the following: electronic component testing, precision technology, design engineering, computing and data storage, RF and High-speed design, order fulfillment, and advanced technology

Benchmark Electronics Inc. prides itself on delivering high-quality electronics. Also, this factory is one of the largest EMS factories in the world. In the CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY Top 50, it ranked as the 18th largest EMS factory in the world.

Celestica Inc.

Celestica is a renowned EMS manufacturing factory located in Canada. There are three offices and factories in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Dongguan. Also, it has manufacturing facilities in other countries like Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. This Canadian multinational EMS factory has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

Furthermore, Celestica uses a customer-centric approach which enables it to deliver the best-quality products. These electronic products are widely used in the aerospace and defense industries. This company works with a team of engineers dedicated to offering end-to-end solutions.

Also, Celestica has expertise in electronics manufacturing and design. Furthermore, it provides supply chain management services.  Celestica offers its customers great delivery and after-market support.



This multinational EMS manufacturing factory provides electronics manufacturing and design. Also, it provides software services. Venture has its facility located in the town of Senai. This factory has ISO certifications 13485, 9001, and 14001. Also, Venture has transformed into a leading producer of electronic products.

With its headquarters in Singapore, Venture focuses on delivering quality to customers. Venture aims to meet the demands of its customers. Also, this company provides flexible payment terms. It also manufactures all standard orders at a competitive price.

Furthermore, Venture ensures proper testing of its products. All products go through appropriate testing and inspection. Also, this company complies with the industry standard for its production. Venture provides 24/7 live sales and tech support for its customers.



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Plexus is a renowned EMS manufacturing factory established in 1979. This EMS company has it’s headquarter in Wisconsin, USA. Furthermore, Plexus offers supply chain, product design, and manufacturing to OEMs. Also, this award-winning EMS factory specializes in delivering the best-quality electronics product.

Also, Plexus delivers medium-to-low volume customer programs that need flexibility and great execution. These programs feature products that are more complex. Also, this company does well to provide after sales services to its customers.

Furthermore, Plexus works with a team of engineers dedicated to offering quality products. This company has developed a reputation for quality control in its production. The high degree of engineering skill in Plexus makes it a leading EMS producer. In 2000, Plexus acquired a production facility in Mexico. This was the first time the company will expand its operation outside the U.S.


Universal Scientific Industrial Co. Ltd (USI)

USI is a leading EMS manufacturer in China. Also, this company offers professional manufacture and design of electronic products. Furthermore, it majorly specializes in delivering product design and manufacturing services for electronic brands. Also, USI offers customers with material procurement, industrial software and hardware solutions, design, and logistics and maintenance services

Furthermore, this company offers its customers great technical support. USI’s products are widely used in several applications. USI has 27 production and service locations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Also, this company provides customer diversified products in different sectors. Also, USI has been in existence since 1976. Furthermore, its long-standing experience makes it a leading EMS factory in the world.

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Sanmina Corporation

Sanmina Corporation

Sanmina offers services that include engineering design and circuit board assembly. This EMS manufacturing factory manufactures some of the most complex electronic products in the world. Sanmina is an American-based company that offers exceptional support to OEMs. Its products are widely used across the medical and defense industries.

Sanmina has its headquarters in San Jose, California. Sanmina has its facilities in some countries. This company offers services like multi-layer circuit board manufacturing, engineering design, after-market services, supply chain management, product design and engineering, final system assembly and test, and logistics installation services

This American electronic manufacturer is a trusted and reliable company. Its production process complies with the Industry standard. Also, it uses advanced technology in its manufacturing. Sanmina is a renowned company that works with a team of professional engineers.



Elcoteq is an award-winning EMS manufacturing factory in Luxembourg. This EMS manufacturing factory has production bases across the world. Also, some of its production bases are in India, China, and Brazil. Elcoteq is one of the best EMS manufacturing factories in the world. This company specializes in delivering high-end electronic products to its customers.

This EMS manufacturing factory keeps delivering quality electronic products to its customers. Furthermore, with the use of a customer-centric approach, Elcoteq has been able to win the heart of its customers. Also, the EMS manufacturing company is ranked as one of the world’s best EMS factories.


New Kinpo Group

New Kinpo Group is a leading EMS manufacturing factory in Taiwan, China. The EMS manufacturing factory comprises many subsidiaries which include Kinpo Electronics and Cal-comp. Also, this EMS factory provides customers with quicker delivery times and top-quality electronics. The factory’s products are widely used in several applications.

Founded in 1973, NKG has several operations in the US, Singapore, and more. This factory emphasizes promoting new product development and supply chain operations in many fields. The Taiwan-based EMS manufacturing factory works with a team of dedicated engineers.

This factory has a network of located manufacturing sites. Therefore, customers can design products close to end customers. Therefore, this leads to reduced shipping costs and cost-effective inventory management.



When it comes to expertise and after-market services, Pegatron is the go-to EMS factory. The Taiwan-based multinational EMS manufacturing factory specializes in PCB assembly and design. Pegatron has its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Also, this industry leader designs diversified electronic products.

Also, Pegatron has long-standing experience in integrated capabilities and product development. Founded in 2008, Pegatron keeps providing EMS manufacturing services to OEMs. Also, it offers flexible manufacturing capabilities and after-sale services. Pegatron leads the industry by identifying trends and creating designs for the future.

Furthermore, its electronic products are widely used in computing and consumer electronics.  In addition, Pegatron features a great team of professional engineers and faster service. Also, this EMS manufacturing factory has many customers across Europe.


BYD Electronics

BYD Electronics is one of the best EMS manufacturing factories in the world. It is a high-tech enterprise with long years of experience in the EMS industry. BYD means Build Your Dreams. Also, this factory designs vital parts for electrified vehicles like batteries. BYD Electronics was the first EMS factory to deliver a mass number of plug-in hybrid electrified vehicles.

BYD offers product design and development, as well as after-sales services. Also, it offers supply chain management and product design.  As a leading EMS company, BYD specializes in four major fields. These fields are auto Intelligent System, smartPhone and NB Notebook PC, medical devices, and new Intelligent Product

The multinational EMS factory has a reputation in innovation and quality. BYD has eight offices spread across the world. Companies like Samsung and Apple are some of the main customers of BYD.



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Zollner is a family-owned corporation founded in 1965 in Zandt, Bavaria. This German EMS manufacturing factory partners with leading global organizations. Also, it provides system solutions to customers. Due to its expertise and quality service, Zollner is one of the top EMS factories in the world.

Zollner Elektronik is in several countries which include Hungary and the USA. This multinational EMS manufacturing factory prides itself in delivering quality. Also, it places its confidence in an optimal price-performance ratio.

This EMS factory works with a team of dedicated employees. Therefore, these employees work in a targeted way. Also, Zollner is open to change and innovation. These serve as the bedrock of the company.



Wistron is one of the highly ranked EMS manufacturing factories in the world. With over $31.37 bn annual revenue, this EMS factory keeps delivering quality. The headquarters of Wistron is in Taiwan. One of its main customers is Apple. Also, Wistron was once the manufacturing arm of Acer Inc. However, it was spun off in the year 2000.

Furthermore, Wistron designs products for OEMs. Also, this EMS factory has manufacturing facilities in Singapore and Mexico among others. Wistron is a Taiwan-based company founded in 2001. This EMS factory offers design and after-sales service support.

The product portfolio of this company covers different technology products. These products range from mobile communication products to information appliances. Also, it provides consumer electronics and computing systems. Wistron offers after-sales services such as product support solutions.


Key Tronic

This is a well-known EMS manufacturing factory in the USA. Key Tronic is a multinational EMS factory founded in the year 1969. This EMS company currently focuses on PCBA. Key Tronics is one of the largest providers of EMS in America. It has manufacturing locations in China and Mexico.

Also, Key Tronics focuses in improving product designs while maintaining quality. The unique combination of manufacturing and engineering services makes Key Tronics stand out. Also, this company provides a wide range of product testing services. Therefore, this places Key Tronic EMS in a highly-competitive market.

Key Tronics offers industrial and commercial electromechanical products. The annual revenue of KeyTronics ranges between $200 and $500 million. Also, Key Tronics has high responsiveness to customer needs. This American-based EMS factory prides itself in its cross-functional teams.


Shenzhen Kaifa Technology

This is a prominent Chinese EMS manufacturing company founded in 1985. In 1994, Shenzhen Kaifa Technology was ranked on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Shenzhen Kaifa Technology offers a turnkey manufacturing service. This EMS manufacturing factory focuses on production services for consumer electronics and medical devices.

With its headquarters in China, Kaifa has nine bases in several countries. Also, this company provides supply chain management and after-sales services. Therefore, Shenzhen Kaifa Technology has continued to be a great option to several OEMs.

Also, Shenzhen Kaifa Technology offers procurement management and logistics support. This EMS factory has continued to be on top of its game. Kaifa’s electronic products are widely used in several applications.


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EE Technologies

This is a multinational EMS manufacturing factory in the United States. EE Technologies has its headquarters in Reno, Nevada. This factory offers electronic manufacturing services to OEMs. Also, EE Technologies designs and manufactures electronic products. With its improved product quality and performance, EE Technologies continues to be on top of its game.

EE Technologies has a long standing experience in circuit board assembly. Its PCB products are widely used in high-end applications. This EMS manufacturing factory was founded in 2000. Since then it has kept delivering quality products. Also, this company uses advanced technologies and complies with the industry standards.

EE Technologies stands out with the services it offers. This EMS factory provides process control and customer services. You can never go wrong with EE Technologies.


Ionics EMS

This is an EMS manufacturing factory located in the Philippines. Ionics EMS features a manufacturing knowhow. With over 40 years of experience, Ionics EMS is dedicated to delivering quality. It focuses on providing vertical EMS solutions to OEMS.

Ionics EMS has 8 facilities. Also, this factory features the most recent high-speed SMT equipment.  This EMS factory is a reliable and trusted one. Ionics prides itself in the services it renders to its customers. Also, this factory values customer relationships.

This EMS manufacturing factory has worked with several OEMS like Toshiba and Philips among others. Ionic EMS only focuses on meeting the ever-increasing demands of its customers.


What to Consider when Choosing the Best EMS Manufacturing Factories

There are several EMS manufacturing factories out there. However, it is important to know what makes an EMS factory the best. Below are some things to consider when choosing EMS manufacturing factories:

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Quality and inventory management policy

EMS manufacturing factories can reduce costs with the help of an inventory policy. Also, these factories should follow strict procedures and policies to prevent some sourcing issues. Furthermore, inquire about how your shortlisted EMS factories manage their inventory.


This is a good feature that helps you to access your EMS manufacturing factory. An EMS manufacturing service requires expert knowledge to perform its functions. Also, it requires expert knowledge of the electronics markets and trends. Therefore, this guarantees you the factory can provide the right solutions based on the most recent technology.

Compliance with industry standards

EMS manufacturing factories must observe the most recent industry standards. Also, this will help to ensure they offer components that meet industry standards. Furthermore, EMS manufacturers must comply with the RoHS regulations. These regulations restrict using specific hazardous substances in electronic components.

Use of advanced technologies

Technology keeps evolving, so is the EMS industry. Therefore, the best EMS manufacturing company must keep up with the advancement in technology. Also, there is an increasing demand for complex electronic components. Therefore, manufacturers now adopt more sophisticated and advanced technological solutions. This helps to make the production process more efficient and reliable.  Top EMS manufacturing factories have adopted technologies like IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

Aftermarket service

An EMS manufacturer’s duties don’t just end after producing electronic components. An aftermarket service is very important. An EMS company must be wholly committed to customer satisfaction. Also, it must meet the specific demands of the OEs particularly concerning the sourcing restrictions.


EMS manufacturing Factories provides design and manufacturing services to OEMs. These factories provide services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Also EMS improves productivity in the electronic industry. This article discusses the top 20 EMS manufacturing factory in 2022. Also, it provides a guide on how to choose an EMS manufacturer.



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