8 Most Reliable FR4 PCB Manufacturers in China

The PCBs form the center of present day digital devices. With respect to their programs in the long run merchandise, unique substances are used. Also, they may be Rogers, Aluminum, metal, copper, FR-4, HDI, amongst which FR-4 is the most frequently used in PCB production today. In this article, we are going to talk about quality FR4 PCB manufacturers in China and what to look out for while selecting an FR4 PCB manufacturer.

What Does FR4 Mean?

FR-4 is a category of glass epoxy laminate. Also, the FR seen in the FR4 indicates flame retardant; this means that that specific FR-4 board can’t sustain any fire. Also, the 4 ensures that it is different from the other substances within the identical category. FR-4 additionally represents that grade used in making those laminates. Also, the material’s composition complies with the same old UL94V-0.

Also for one or two-layer PCB, the FR-4 board features as the electrical insulator among  layers of the copper foil within the pinnacle and backside, even as extra prepreg layers become laminated among the middle center and pinnacle and backside copper layers of the multilayer PCB.

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FR4 substrates have incredible thermal, electrical, and mechanical houses which cause them to a super desire for numerous digital programs. Flame retardant laminates are versatile, adaptable to numerous production procedures.

Also, FR4 PCBs provide a low moisture absorption of 0.10% while immersed in water for twenty-four hours. FR4 is fantastically low price and low cost in comparison to different base substances even as closing powerful for a couple of programs.

Top 8 FR4 PCB Manufacturers in China


If you’re searching out an FR-4 PCB producer, then you should choose PCBGOGO. PCBGOGO is an expert PCB prototype and assembling the PCB with over 10 years of revel in. As all of us know, the better the TG of FR-4, the higher its thermal reliability, specially in a lead-loose system. By default, PCBGOGO gives fashionable FR-4 forums at TG one hundred fifty with out greater costs. All of their substances go through strict warehousing inspection and are furnished with whole substrate fabric trying out reports.

Their excessive first-class PCB laminate makes use of FR-4, Rogers, and Aluminum. Also, PCBGoGo is absolutely compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 first-class. They provide assured On-time Shipping and affordable prices. Their FR4 PCB is fantastically low price and low cost in comparison to different base substances even as it is powerful for a couple of programs.


FR4 is fantastically low price and low cost in comparison to different base substances even as closing powerful for a couple of programs. Founded in 2008,PCBMay is the main producer of exquisite FR4 PCB in China, presenting unique PCB design, PCB fabrication and Assembling the PCB offerings. They have a solid expert crew who’ve greater than 15 years of manufacturing experience.

Their FR4 PCBs are exported to greater than 60 international locations round the sector and are broadly used in lots of fields, together with aerospace, military, automotive, information communications, commercial manipulate, IOT, scientific, electric powered energy, energy, and different fields. Also, their center competitiveness is mainly excessive generation, excessive first-class, excessive on-time rate, expedited shipping, consumer carrier, and the quality price performance.

Their PCB plant has a workshop of 12,000 rectangular meters. With their 450 personnel, and the month-to-month manufacturing ability is 20,000.Their major merchandise are four-10 layer forums that is round 60% We should offer the quick turn carrier for prototype and small batches. From easy unmarried and double panels to complicated excessive-tech forums, they had been breaking through it themselves.


RayMing is a renowned FR4 PCB manufacturer in China. Also, Rayming Technology’s manufacturing centers in China and has emerged as a widely recognized FR4 PCB manufacturer. Rayming is widely recognized for imparting low cost assembling of PCB, inclusive of PCB fabrication, sourcing of additives, and whole digital assembling of the PCB.

With their top-notch technology, they cater to clients in the United States and Canada in a vast spectrum of industries. Their PCB production centers are ISO9001-licensed. Also, they are IPC-A-600 as well as IPC-A-610 compliant. They have a well-evolved PCB production facility, as well as a devoted crew for procurement of exquisite FR4 substances.

RayMing possesses superior equipment and rigorous testing procedures. As an expert FR4 PCB/PCBA producer, RayMing has been specializing in FR4 PCB Design, prototype, production as well as assembly services and offerings for over sixteen years.

For each order, their crew of engineers as well as specialists assembling the PCB affords DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and DFT (Design for Testing) consulting offerings, which might be important all through the pre-manufacturing stages to make certain a excessive first-class manufacturing run at the least price possible.

MOKO Technology

MOKO Technology Ltd, was established in 2006, and based in Shenzhen, is a professional at FR4 PCB design, production as well as assembly. Also, they are venerated because of the incredible provider of FR4 PCB to many organizations all around the world. This corporation affords complete or partial turnkey Assembling the PCB carrier starting from published circuit board fabrication, additives sourcing, Assembling the PCB to purposeful trying out.

As one of the main FR4 PCB manufacturers in China, Moko adheres strictly to production guidelines to preserve first-class manipulate. Their manufacturing facility is up to date with exquisite devices. Their center machines have been all offered from mainstream producers. The center device, first-class system, and employee control are consistent with pleasant PCB factories.

They have received certificates like ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001, RoHS, and UL. MOKO Technology makes use of exquisite substances with excellent professional production. Therefore, they are able to make certain to offer the quality FR4 Printed Circuit Boards for you. They manufacture and supply lots of FR4 PCBs. Take a look at their complete listing of services and products on their website. MOKO Technology guarantees to deliver the quality first-class FR4 PCB in China.

HuanYu Future Technologies

PCB production manufacturing facility HuanYu Future Technologies CoLtd is situated in China, Guangzhou China, licensed beneath ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS16949, UL. HuanYu Future Technologies CoLtd is able to produce Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-flex, HDI print circuit forums (max length 23.five X 32.five Inches) with Up to fourteen Layers.

FR-4 may be used because the base fabric for PCBs is synthetic at this manufacturing facility. These PCB bases are produced with the aid of Arlon, Taconic, Shengyi, Bergquist and different well-known brands. As a world-main agency in the FR4 PCB production field, HuanYu Future has long been taking the duty of imparting exquisite published circuit forums and well timed quality carriers to the sector’s digital records enterprise.

Based at the center fee of “integrity, cooperation, development, sharing, consumer-focused and marketplace-oriented”, HuanYu Future usually maintains its guarantees and has splendid cooperation with its partners, striving to understand the three-win intention with its customers and partners. They have served clients from a huge scope of markets, starting from automotive, scientific, aerospace, electronics, and so on.

Its merchandise are broadly utilized in wi-fi verbal exchange device, computers, commercial manipulate, energy electronics, family appliances, automobiles, scientific device, safety electronics, aerospace, and different excessive-tech fields.

Hillman Curtis

Hillman Curtis is China Assembling the PCB producer, who gives FR4 PCB production in Shenzhen. Also, Hillman Curtis is able to impart full quick turn and partial quickturn FR4 circuit board assembly services.

They also own robust manufacturing technologies and superior equipment to satisfy complicated needs and excessive requirements. This FR4 PCB manufacturer is able to produce numerous unique generations for each FR4 PCB and PCBA merchandise. They own the whole PCB production and meeting system in residence to make certain dependable first-class and on-time shipping for one forestall needs. They additionally provide expedited manufacturing for pressing needs.

As a main FR4 PCB manufacturer, Hillman Curtis focuses on imparting organizations internationally аll sizes with excessive-ԛquality FR4 PCB production and meeting. With greater than ten years of experience in FR4 PCB manufacturing, Hillman Curtis does not do anything asides offering top-notch services.

Quality comes first! They make certain that each minute element is regarded as production even The smallest product. Their awareness Is 100% on purchaser wishes and satisfaction. They adhere to the strictest first-class requirements in FR4 PCB production and meeting, all merchandise follow ISO and UL requirements.

A-Tech Circuits

A-TECH Circuits, which is a FR4 PCB manufacturer in China, was established in 2003. There are 420 tremendously skilled complete-time personnel with land place 30000 rectangular meters and construction place 18000 rectangular meters in their plant.

They are specially aware of high-mix, as well as low and medium quantity PCB production & Assembling the PCB in addition to brief flip pcb prototype in order to satisfy pressing needs. With their superior equipment and robust production functionality, they may be capable of offering an intensive variety of FR4 PCB fabrication.

They understand that there is lots of opposition within the FR4 pcb manufacturer, however they may be assured that their promise of excessive first-class, aggressive pricing and brief flip round instances placed them in advance of the curve, now no longer simplest will they display you that they may be worth of your commercial enterprise and trust, however they’ll display you why their clients usually come back.

They are seeking to be the quality FR4 PCB manufacturer in China, imparting exquisite and low-price FR4 Assembling the PCB and PCB carrier.


JLCPCB has constantly innovated and progressed within the past 15 years and has grown right into a main FR$ PCB producer in China. Their investments in pinnacle-first-class base substances and superior devices in absolutely automatic manufacturing traces make certain that they are able to offer clients with excessive-reliability and price-powerful PCBs with quick turnaround instances.

The excessive-precision circuit forums they manufacture are broadly used within the commercial, military, aerospace, and scientific industries. Meanwhile, they offer a PCB on-line ordering system, which brings a higher carrier revel in to clients. JCLPCB specializes in imparting clients with complete and exquisite PCB production, assembly of PCB, and element procurement offerings.

They are capable of offer an intensive variety of FR4 PCB fabrication and meeting carrier to satisfy numerous needs. JLCPCB has received the total certificate in PCB enterprise and their FR4 PCB merchandise & offerings are 100% assured to be according with first-class requirements within the PCB enterprise.

What to Expect From Your FR4 PCB Manufacturer

Efficient Communication

It is critical to hold your PCB provider and yourself at the identical page. But how? Good verbal exchange is the key. A proper PCB provider speaks the identical language as you and they are able to apprehend your necessities thoroughly to make certain you get what you simply want. On the alternative hand, inner verbal exchange must be green to hurry up assignment development and attain higher results.

Quality Guaranteed

Reliable PCB providers in no way deliver less quality. They carry out strict first-class manipulate procedures in the course of the assignment, ensuring PCBs can usually meet enterprise necessities, inclusive of ISO, UL, IPC, ROHS, and different requirements.

Complete Supplier Network

Through the buildup of years of revel in within the PCB enterprise, PCB providers have fashioned a whole delivery chain. Because in their excessive first-class necessities, the uncooked fabric providers they cooperate with are certified as well. Therefore, incredible PCB providers can offer clients with element procurement offerings, and that they have greater channels to reap higher first-class additives and uncooked substances at aggressive prices.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing


Working with a tremendously expert PCB provider can set you confident that your PCB tasks are in proper hands. The quality PCB providers have expert engineering teams, who will examine and examine the wishes of clients and advocate viable higher answers. They have all of the expert information and manufacturing generation of the PCB enterprise and feature great information of every manufacturing system. They can examine the demanding situations that can be confronted earlier and speedy advocate answers to make certain the clean development of the assignment.


China is one of the biggest manufacturers of PCB. There are numerous PCB production organizations in China. The FR4 PCB manufacturer system is a complicated job, which has excessive expert necessities for providers, however now no longer each PCB provider is trustworthy. We have compiled a listing of the maximum dependable FR4 PCB manufacturer in China.


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