6 Best PCBA Manufacturers in China

6 Best PCBA Manufacturers in China

There is no denying how commonplace electronic devices are to modern living today. With the internet of things right around the corner, we are set to make electronic devices out of even more everyday appliances. From refrigerators to air conditioning the limits are seemingly endless.

It comes as no surprises then that manufacturers of Printed Circuit Boards are in high demand and picking out the best from the teeming plenty is a necessary investment in time to get the right fit of PCB for innovation.

What is the PCB?

To set the stage for a proper selection of the best PCB manufacturer in China, a basic understanding of what a PCB is and how it is designed is necessary for a firm grasp of the selection process.

The PCB is the base on which electronic circuits are built, but to truly expand on its functionality; it has to go through a series of processes using two major technologies which will be discussed later in this article.  This process is what is called the PCBA or Printed Circuit Board + Assembly.

PCB finds use in almost all modern-day electronics – from CT Scanners used in hospitals to televisions; and of course, in computers as graphics cards to the very important motherboard. As earlier noted, the Internet of Things will find electronics being embedded into a wide range of household appliance: cars, wearable health monitors, voice-controlled home automation and many, many more.


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A PCB, fully assembled, has all the elements needed to be attached to it and all aspects of the circuitry fully fitted. This process can be accomplished using either the Through Hole Technology (THT), or the Surface Mounted Technology (SMT).

The Through Hole Technology is a process where components are fitted into holes drilled in the PCBs (Through-Hole Vs Surface Mount Assembly). They are connected by attaching them to lead wires. They are considered an older technology and were poised to be phased out with the more modern SMT. However, technology is still useful in components that require reliability.

The Surface Mount Technology, SMT, involves mounting components on the surface of the board and soldering them on. This relatively simple change over the through-hole technology accounts for less use of the board circuit space, ability to use both sides of the board allowing for design complexity. This method allows for devices to be smaller and easier to package.

With this basic understanding of PCBs and PCBAs, we can take a closer look at some manufacturers of PCBs and PCAs in China and after that, we will show you why Ray PCB is our best choice in the manufacturing of PCBAs in China.

Although these are the basic two processes for PCB Assembly. Other technologies, a variation on the basic idea of these two, have also been developed.

In the course of this article, they will be explored and the companies that can handle them x-rayed.

1. Well PCB

They also have colleges trained sales and customer service staff who with their highly skilled knowledge can word with customers to meet their specific needs. They also have the following certifications: ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015 Certified; IATF16949: 2016 Certified. They have no minimum orders and a warranty that offers refunds, returns and replacement if any fault is traced back to them.

WellPCB boasts two fully operational and highly computerized factories from where they can service customers all over the globe.


This is a subsidiary of the Zhongxinhua group. It has over 21years cognate experience in the manufacturing of PCBs. They have actively devoted the last 10years in the research and development of PCBAs. This intentional focus has seen ZXHPCB lead the way to be in 2-layers PCB, 3-layers and even multiple double side PCBAs.

With well-established proficiency in Computer-Aided Manufacturing, CAM, PCB boasts a 99.5% soldering yield.

Fully IPC certified, its three factories can handle high volume production with ease. They also run one of the most robust quality assurance checks during all stages of the production process with strict complains to the strategies of the PCBA cycle. The Plan, Do, Check and Act is a top-level quality assurance process.

Along with offering Single, Double and Multi-Layer PCB, they also manufacture Aluminium PCB. The unique design of aluminium is that the circuit board is aluminium based rather than plastic or epoxy resin.

The unique advantage of aluminium PCBA is that it draws heat away from the parts of the PCBs. Some designs rely heavily on LEDs, and that can cause heat build-up on the circuitry of a PCB.

With an aluminium-based PCB, the ability to draw heat away means that it can go for longer without having high temperatures that can damage the board.

For appliances that are LED heavy, an aluminium board is usually the best option and ZXHPCB is one of few that can deliver on aluminium based PCBA.


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3. All PCB

Based out of Hangzhou, China, ALLPCB is a more recent electronic company founded in 2015. It is an ambitious and fast-growing company. It services innovation of consumer electronics, communication equipment, Industrial Control, intelligent hardware, and is a champion of the Internet of Things application and industry.

With the manufacturing process from design to completion fully electronic and highly collaborative, it offers a highly innovative manufacturing process from intelligent design to innovative manufacturing.

With its Wuji fully online ordering platform that has big data capabilities, quotes and orders are easier than ever before and integrate with the robust production management system.

This online ordering integrates with all its factories to be able to deliver 2- 12 layer prototypes in less than 24 hours, handle small batch orders in 2-5 days. It boasts an on-time delivery rate of over 98%.

They offer their services to reputable brands like Siemens, Tesla, Xiaomi, CHINT, Dji Toshiba amongst others.

Some of the services they offer to their clients include PCB customization, component sourcing, SMT, injection and assembly made possible by a highly innovative manufacturing ecosystem.

They also manufacture PCB, PCBA, Aluminium PCB and the more modern Stencil-based PCBs. They are stainless steel sheets marked by lasers that deliver even more aligned and perfect mounting of components on a PCB.

ALLPCB has set itself up as a company championing the next generation of intelligent electronic devices.

4. PCB Gogo

With ten years of industry experience, PCB Gogo offers its teeming customers top-notion PCB design and manufacturing starting from PCB Layout design.

Aided by professional engineers well versed in design, and with the use of software like AUTOCAD, Allegro, they can work with its clients to produce specific and intelligent designs for their innovative design needs.

It could be in consumer electronics, medical equipment; it has a dedicated layout team to collaborate effectively and exhaustively with its clients to ensure that all design issues are handled before moving to the manufacturing phase.

They manufacture Flexible PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, Copper-based PCB, Aluminium PCB, Stencil PCB. They can manufacture a wide range of PCB and service a variety of fields.

They also handle through-hole projects, SMT and mixed assembly projects. It also focuses on DFM checks along the entire process as part of its quality assurance activities.

5. China PCBOne

Operating its factory out of Shenzhen region of China, it offers its clients PCB design, multi-layer PCB manufacturing, turnkey PCB assembly and the finished product assembly.

They offer a variety of PCB services, such as HDI PCB, High-Tg PCB, Thick Copper PCB, Halogen PCB as their standard offerings. They can also manufacture Flex-Rigid PCB, Aluminum PCB and Rogers PCB.

HDI PCBs are boards with mode wiring per unit of board space hence the name High-Density Interconnect. Devices made from HDI PCB boards are ones with a need for high speed. Gaming devices are a good example.

Rogers is a company that produces uniquely different laminate boards for PCB. The more common option for PCB boards is FR-4 materials. They offer good quality at reasonable costs, though sometimes there is a need for boards that the Rogers Company produces. These boards are FR – 4 laminates. They come with a copper core. These cores are better with high frequencies. They are also good as RF boards.

As a company offering consignment assembly, it offers its clients a full-service option: from component sourcing to assembling of devices, testing and shipping to the market, leaving its clients to focus fully on the design.


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6. Rayming Technology

rayming pcb assembly

Rayming technology is an easy pick as one of the best PCB Manufacturing companies in China. In the world of PCB manufacturing, Rayming covers almost all aspects of PCB Manufacturing: PCB Prototype, Express PCB, PCB design, PCB Assembly, Full Turnkey Assembly, and Rigid PCB.

Rayming offers a unique Prototype Assembly service. It can quickly design a prototype that can be used to try out a new design. This prototype can then be subjected to tests to catch design flaws so that they can be quickly reworked, before going to mass production.

They also carry out quality checks on the prototype such as a flying probe, functional test, circuit wire testing etc. All these checks form part of its principle of zero-defect product.

On their design capabilities, they specialize in surface mount, selective soldering, through-hole or mixed. They produce a single layer, multi-layer, PCB designs.

They can source and manufacture for the full range of PCB types: FR-4, Rogers PCB, Aluminium PCB, HDI PCB, Teflon PCB, Heavy Copper, LED PCB, Flexible PCB, high-frequency circuits boards and Flexible-Rigid Boards, Microwave and RF PCB are all available. Its goal is always to provide high-quality, cost-effective products for its clients.

With increasing development in 5G communication, Rayming is well stocked with a variety of Rogers PCB. Rogers PCB is well suited for 5G devices.

It also boasts a military an expertly produced a PCB for military-grade communication equipment. It is an RF PCB Assembly board which used Rogers 4350, Rogers 4003, and RT 5880 material assembled using surface mount technology.  This feat shows that they can handle clients form a broad spectrum of industries

Its quality assurance principle is a zero-defect product. With ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, it focuses on factory management organization and factory process control.

Rayming continues to receive rave reviews from its clients worldwide. They have produced IoT devices in almost all fields. From hearing aids to computers and military grades equipment; many clients attest to this depth of their electronic engineering know-how and professional customer service that makes for a robust ability to handle all aspects of all types of project from the simple to the complex.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many Layers Can A PCB Have?

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) have 100 layers. With each layer comes increased functionality. Most devices can effectively be handled by 4 to 8 layers, but 100 layers can be executed.

2. Why are PCBs Green in Colour?

The unique green colour of a PCB comes from the solder mask which protects copper circuits on the fibreglass substrate. It helps to prevent short circuits and soldering errors. The colour of the mask gives the board a green colour.

3. How Long Does It Take To Manufacture A PCB?

It can take anything between 3 – 14 business days to manufacture depending n the complexity of the design. A well-run manufacturing company will give appropriate estimates with complexity in mind.

4. What Causes A PCB To Fail?

Most PCB failures can be linked to design. It always best to choose a manufacturing company (like RayMing Technology) that can design and exhaustively check a prototype before sending it off to mass production.

5. Can A PCB Board Be Repaired?

Depending on the cause of the damage there are PCB boards that can be fixed by re-soldering and the use of adhesive glues. However, before dealing with any manufacturing company check for the details of most warranty as most in-house manufacturing defects should be covered by the warranty. If needed, it is best to take a PCB to a specialist trained in repairs.


If you are looking for the best PCB manufacturers that will help you design and manufacture a very effective circuit board, we at RayMing Technology are ready to help you.

Contact us today for a quote and you will be pleased with our excellent Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design.


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