Top 8 Rogers RO4350B PCB Manufacturers in China

Rogers’ ro4350b is a unique PCB combination. This laminate has a low dielectric tolerance and low dielectric loss. This combination gives you excellent electrical performance and lets you run applications at higher frequencies.  Roger ro4350b is a material that helps construct controlled impedance transmission lines. One of the key advantages of Roger ro4350b is that it is able to maintain a very consistent and stable controlled impedance, even at extremely high frequencies.

It can be challenging to choose from with so many PCB router manufacturers. That is why we have chosen the top 8 rogers manufacturers in China who are trustworthy and provide high-quality products. While some have been here for ages, some are new to the industry but so big that they have made their name in no time. 

So, look at manufacturers to determine which will work best for you.

What are Rogers RO4350b Laminates?

Rogers RO4350B laminates preserve low loss and allow precise control over the dielectric constant (DK), all while using the same production procedure as usual epoxy/glass. Unlike PTFE-based materials, Rogers4350B laminates are similar to standard microwave laminates without incurring additional costs. These components meet the requirements of the UL 94 V-0 standard for use in high-power RF designs and active devices.

Printed circuit boards can be manufactured from laminate using conventional manufacturing procedures for FR-4 circuit boards. This set of laminates does not require specific preparation methods such as sodium etching, which is not the case with high-performance materials based on PTFE. This material is a rigid thermoset laminate that automated systems can handle. It is used for copper surface preparation.

Other than this, rogers ro4350b has a dielectric constant value of 4, a Df value that ranges from 0.0031 to 0.0037, and is cable of operating at frequencies up to 40 GHz. Also, with rogers, you can construct RF, conventional microwave laminates, matching networks, and controlled impedance transmission lines. 

Top 8 Manufacturers of Rogers ro4350b in China

Here are the top 8 manufacturers of rogers in china:

1– RayPCB

Rhyming, a PCB manufacturer in China that has been in business for 15 years. It provides the electronics industry with the latest printed circuit board production technology and the highest quality standards. 

You can have faith in them to achieve your requirements, no matter how bare or intricate the PCB boards or designs may be. Besides this, they have vast experience in RFID data process engineering. A comprehensive high-frequency material processing control system also ensures your product design performs appropriately. 

If we talk about their experience, they have worked with the armed forces. They got the contract to supply material assemblies for Roger4350b for the manufacturing of PCBs to build military communication devices. 

The best part about this manufacturer is that before they hand you the finished product, they will do the final testing, which includes x-ray inspections and automated visual animations. 

2– PCBMay

PCB may be a top-tier maker of Rogers PCB and one of the industry leaders. As we all know, finding a single Rogers PCB manufacturer that is reliable and reputable is a challenging task. That’s where PCBMay plays its role. They keep all varieties of pf roger lamination in stock and adhere to producing various rogers PCBs that have exceptional performance.

They sell not only the rogers R4350 b but also any other models of the rogers. For instance, rogers 4003C PCB, Rogers 4500 PCB, Rogers 4350b PCB, and Rogers 5880 PCB are a few examples. 

The organization asserts that the things they provide are not only competitively priced but also of high quality. PCBMay allows you to have the best of both worlds in one convenient package.

In short, their Rogers PCB, which can save you money, is the perfect solution for all your high-tech requirements.

3– PCBSino

Rogers high-speed PCBs are used extensively in the field of high-speed technologies. These technologies include communication devices, high-speed electronics, RF wireless boards, aerospace satellites, and the military industry. 

If we talk about experience, PCBSino has extensive knowledge and expertise in the high-frequency microwave industry, namely with the rogers product range. 

PCBSINO RO4350BTM laminates use RoHS-compliant flame-retardant technology for applications requiring UL 94V-0 certification. Their rogers laminate is best if you want a drop-in replacement for the RO4350TM material since they are specifically designed for this. 

In addition, PCBSINO can also customize rogers PCB boards according to your preference. 

4- Hilmancurtis

Hillman Curtis is a firm that is a world leader in PCB Manufacturing and Assembly. They belong to the group known as RauMing Teshnologu, founded in 2005. They are experts in providing customers worldwide with high-quality PCB fabrication, components, and assembly. 

Besides this, they also offer services in producing high-end boards, such as Roger PCB, high-frequency circuit boards, Teflon PCB, HDI board, Aluminum board, and Flexible-Rigid PCB. 

Because of their extensive experience with the IPC Class III standard, high-pressure soldering, stringent sleanline requirements, and manufacturing tolerances, they can provide customers with precisely what they require for their finished products.


MADPCB is a Rogers PCB Manufacturer, one of the leading manufacturers in China who have established a long-term relationship with rogers material suppliers. Their suppliers deliver the company with Rogers high-performance dielectrics, prepregs, and laminates. 

MADPCB can produce Rogers printed circuit boards (PCBs) with high-frequency and high-speed performance since the company uses specific high-frequency circuit materials from Rogers. If your device needs improved thermal performance in demanding application settings, then MADPCB is your way to go since they specialize in this. 

With them, all your PCB requirements can be satisfied under one roof with the help of their professional team and engineers straight from PCB manufacturers, PCB assemblers, and PCB design firms. 

6- Cambridge Circuit Company

Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd is a highly effective Printed Circuit Board (PCB) maker in the United Kingdom. They provide a full range of in-house services, including creating Multilayer, Flex, Flex-Rigid, PTH, and PCB roger boards. 

However, as they are based in the United Kingdom. They still need to expand their business to different parts of the world. They also ship their products around the world, including China. 

It opened its doors in 1986. And since then, they have built a name for itself in the PCB manufacturing sector as a dependable and quick company. The best part about this rogers manufacturing company is that their skilled engineers review their client’s design data using the most recent cutting-edge industry tools before beginning production. This technology helps them verify that the data is secured. 

Also, the story continues. Their clients range from sole proprietors to some of the most successful corporations in the electronics sector. Some of the companies that fall into this category are Qualcomm, ARM, Landis & Gyr, Domino, Philips, and Toshiba, amongst many more.

7- Found PCB

Shenzhen Found Printed Circuit Board Co., Ltd., also known as Found PCB, came into being in 2005 and is a member of the Found group. Found PCB offers a one-stop service to meet the highest technology, quality, and quick turnover difficulties at competitive prices.

Shenzhen Found Printed Circuit Board Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in the production of printed circuit boards, with capabilities ranging from a single layer to multiple layers. The company came into being with a team of experts in marketing, production, quality control, and customer service.

They supply goods with FR4 laminate, rogers4350, metal laminate (copper and aluminum based), and high-frequency boards. These products find applications in safety, lighting, telecommunication, industrial control, medical equipment, and other areas. 

 This company stands out from its competitors because Found PCB’s products are certified by the International Quality System. 

8- PCB Online

The foundation material of hf PCBs is the most expensive component of the board. PCBOnline warehouses stocks freshly imported rogers boards from the United States and various alternative versions.

Their rogers4350b PCB takes no more than 45 days to guarantee the highest performance and stability possible. Because the materials used in manufacturing are distinct from FR-4 and metal, the expansion and contraction coefficients are likewise distinctive. 

Their factory’s ability to control the contraction and expansion of Rogers’s board is an integral part of the core technology that is by a patent. The goal of this technology is to reduce the amount of control that expansion and contraction have on the board.

In addition to receiving advanced boards of the highest possible quality and competitive prices, you can get free PCBA samples and functional tests with PCBOnline products. Also, one-on-one engineering support and designs are what PCB online excels in. 


Roger ro4350b is a type of material that is famous for its excellent electrical properties, particularly at high frequencies. One of the most notable features of this material is its greatly low dielectric loss. And it makes ro4350b an ideal choice for use in a variety of electronic and electrical applications.

Roger ro4350b achieves such low dielectric loss through the use of special through-hole treatments and a Copper Surface. These treatments help to reduce the amount of energy lost as heat, allowing the material to transmit electrical signals at high frequencies.

In addition to its electrical properties, Roger ro4350b is best for scrubbing equipment and other harsh environments. This is thanks to its special treatment, which helps to protect it from corrosion and other types of damage. Overall, Roger ro4350b is a highly reliable and versatile material that is equally good for many applications.

Rogers PCB has many typical applications, and to let your devices run smoothly and effectively, you need a good manufacturer. For this, we have mentioned the top 8 rogers ro4350b manufacturers in China that provide quality and competitive prices. So, if you’re searching for a rogers manufacturer, go through the list to find one according to your preference. 


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