Top 10 PCBA Manufacturing Factories From China

In this article, you will learn about the 10 major companies that specialize in the Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) both in China and other parts of the world.

But before that, let us understand what PCBA mean.

What Is PCBA?Top 10 PCBA Manufacturing Factories

PCBA stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly. It is the process involved in the designing of PCBs: Printed Circuit Boards.  PCBA relates to the very component placement on PCB. Multiple electronic components are assembled and soldered into position on the circuit board.

Therefore, PCBA is a complete package; fitted with the necessary components, which is also ready for deployment for the very purpose it was designed.

PCB: Printed Circuit Board, on the other hand, is a vital electronic component. It is a support for electronic components and serves as a carrier for electronic connections between electronic components. It is called printed because it is produced by printing the required image on the substrate.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to list or reveal the top 10 PCBA companies we have, which are as follows:

1. Ray PCB

rayming pcb assembly

Ray PCB is one of the leading PCBA companies in the world. RayMing Technology stands out and taller above every other PCB manufacturers in China; with outstanding prowess and expertise.

Ray PCB was established in 2005 and has created a massive and deep value in PCB manufacturing in China and around the world.

They did not become highly sought-after in the PCB industry by focusing on one kind of PCB production. Rather, they got their outstanding prestige by also exploring and producing other kinds of PCBs, such as; multilayer and double-sided; offering high-end boards; high-frequency PCB; metal core PCB; Rigid-flex PCB and many more productions with quality fabrication.

Ray PCB is globally focused. What it means is that its products are not strictly made for the Chinese market only. In the bid to fill the gap and satisfy the needs of more industries, Ray PCB has been able to create and provide specialized worldwide productions.

Ray PCB is good at on-demand delivery, as there is no delay in its delivery of products to its buyers. This is because most buyers would always want the products to arrive early, which Ray PCB has proven unbeatable.

Lastly, Ray PCB is highly customer-centred. Ray PCB puts its customers above all odd and this, in turn, has created trust in the mind of the customers.

The company has been able to provide and facilitate formidable specialized customer service for its customers, which has increased the patronizing power of the company. To know more about this company’s products and services, visit their website.

Ray pcb


In the Chinese PCB manufacturing; PCBWAY has made itself outstanding. The company, which has its headquarters at Xiacheng China, was founded in 2014 and Mr Yan is the CEO.

It may be a very young company but, it has made tremendous impacts in the PCBs market in China and beyond. PCBWAY is a PCB and PCBA company in one. And in the last 5 years of its existence, it has grown to include customers in more than 150 countries.

PCBWAY specializes in PCB prototype and small & medium-sized manufacturing.  PCBWAY came into the PCB manufacturing and has redefined PCB manufacturing in a way that many other companies are looking up to.

And this is evident in the company’s specialities on PCB Assembly services, SMT Assembly, and custom PCB Design and Manufacturing.

They have about 99% of high delivery rates. Through the years, the company is proud of keeping to an on-time delivery rate, shortest possible lead-time, which is very crucial for engineers’ R&D works, especially in the stage of prototyping.

PCBWAY has potential means of generating great patronize through the use of high-speed Pick and Place Machines that can process about 28,000 SMD components per hour.

The company has topnotch experience in the field of PCB prototype and fabrication. They are committed to meeting the needs of its customers from across different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and other demanding requests. You may want to patronize this company. To know about this company.

3. Bicheng Enterprise Limited

Bicheng Enterprise Limited is another great PCB manufacturing factory in China. They are located in Shenzhen, China.  It is a go-to company when it comes to providing the best Printed Circuit Board services. It was founded in 2003 and is focused in heavy Copper PCBs for about 15 years and more.

It is also on record that Bicheng Enterprise Limited tops as a qualified PCB supplier in the world. The company is vastly documented and has a strapping network in the PCB industry. They leverage on the production of high-quality iron-based PCBs, as well as other variants: copper-based and aluminium-based PCBs.

As noted above, they offer different types of PCB designs, ranging from fibreglass to regularity, metalcore, and ceramic. Its extensive product line includes double-sided PCBs, multilayer PCBs, high frequency and aluminium PCBs.

Among other qualities, it meets up with market demands on PCBs requirements and delivers on time with door-to-door transport delivery services.

Lastly, it provides prototype testing, free of charges. The board thickness is between 0.20-6.00mm. You may want to know more about this great company and patronize them. To know more about the company and its service.

4. Suntek Electronics

Suntek Electronics is a Chinese PCB Assembly company. The company was established in 2007 and now has 35,000 square feet clean workshop and around 200+ well-trained operators.

Suntek Electronics is certified by ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949 and UL.

They offer a variety of PCBA services including SMT, THT and final assembly with ICT and functional product test.

They also offer Rigid-flex PCB boards services, which are rigid and flexible printed circuit boards by vacuum lamination.

Besides, you will like their Rigid-flex product types that range from Single-sided Flexible to Double-sided Flexible, Multilayer Flexible and Multilayer Rigid and Flexible combinations.

Suntek Electronics offers their PCBA services to the PCB markets in China and around the world with a high-quality, one-stop solution to all electronics manufacturing services requirements, ranging from fast turnaround prototyping to high volume manufacturing.

Suntek Electronics can identify design or production issues during the prototype stage and solve it before production.

It is also one of the foremost suppliers of PCB products, and have been offering prototype PCB Assembly, including cable assembly over multiple years. This company has greatly contributed to the PCB market with qualified products with pocket-friendly prices in and around the world.

While they specialize in surface mount tech, conventional and mixed tech assembly, they also design a new product with quick prototyping for the test.

You may want to visit and do business with the company.

5. Hitech Circuit Limited

PCB Boards

Hitech Circuit Co., Ltd is a Chinese national high-tech enterprise which focuses on research, development, production and sales of Printed Circuit Boards. They are known for their strong manufacturing expertise and scale, modern management system and one-stop, multiple varieties of production.

They have contributed and is still contributing to high-quality PCBs in the world through great experience and prowess in the field.

Hitech Circuit Co., Limited was founded in 1997 and has grown into one of the largest, greatest and well experienced PCB Manufacturing and Assembling Company in China and around the world.

They now top as one of the world leaders in thermal management technology development. The company also prides itself on its delivery excellence and attentive customer services.

They manufacture high-quality PCBs, low-cost barebones, quick-turn prototypes and medium production volumes printed circuit board.

They also specialize in PCB prototype, Aluminum PCB, Multilayer PCB: up to 26 layers, Quick turn PCB, High-Density PCB/HDI PCB and low volume PCB production, with high fabrication service offer level of customization to suit all price and requirements.

Hitech Circuit Co., Limited is also a PCB and PCBA manufacturer in China that has a long-standing tradition of quality and excellence. To know more about this great company and the services they offer.

6. 86PCB

86PCB is a new brand of JY Electronic, and have been in the PCB and PCBA market since 1998. It is one of those companies that were part of the formative process of the PCB industry in China.

86PCB specializes in Printed Circuit Board and Printed Circuit Board Assembly manufacturing. It provides PCB one-stop service that includes PCB Design and Manufacturing, PCB Assembly, PCB Reverse Engineering and Inspection/test.

The company has quite a lot of tech-know-how on PCB production, and High-Precision and Special Materials Circuit Boards are its expertise. The company produces Multilayer HDI PCB, Isola Rogers, Teflon, etc.

It has a strong quality control system and is well certified. It also has one of the best on-time delivery and easy PCB order status tracking. To know more about this company’s products and services.

7. Nexlogic Logo

Nexlogic Logo is a USA based PCB company located in California. It was founded in 1995, and has established itself both in America and in the world, to be a premier provider of PCB design services, PCB Manufacturer, PCB fabricated, and PCB assembly services, and has also gained customer loyalty.

They manufacture cost-effective PCBs, fabrication, and assembly and testing. The company provides a one-stop solution for PCB assembly services such as; reliable and high-quality PCBs that have a wide range of uses in different industries such as the medical fields, defence/military, semiconductor, telecom, oceanography, and as well as the commercial market.

Nexlogic Logo is committed to providing superior quality, personalized customer service, and pays attention to details and offer competitive pricing. To know more about the company’s products and services.

8. Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)

PCB assembly

ACI (Advanced Circuitry International) is a USA based PCB company located in Duluth Georgia, USA. It was founded in 1992.

They manufacture Hi-Reliability Rigid, RF/Microwave and Antenna PCBs for the Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications and Medical Device industries. ACI Quality Management System is AS9100D certified improving PCB quality, Lead time and price points.

ACI has four state-of-the-art facilities on three continents. ACI has 27 years of experience in global supply to the electronics manufacturing industries, and already served many markets around the world.

ACI has invested in most recent technologies, equipment and services to support a different range of products.

ACI is positioned as an outstanding supplier to the Open-Service Community of RF. To know more about its products and services.


ALLPCB is one of the top speed PCB manufacturers in China and around the world. The company is located in Xiancbeng District, China. It was in Hangzhou in 2015.

ALLPCB is a top speed PCB company that deals in almost all kinds of PCB products and services. It specializes in high quality and cheap PCB prototypes and production, PCB Assembly and SMT stencil services.

ALLPCB is a fast growing company in China, which is seriously making its impact to be felt in the PCB industry, with great customer services.

10. China PCB One

China PCB One Technology Limited, founded in 2008, is located in Shenzhen China. This is a China-based PCB company, and one of the biggest and fast-growing PCB Company in China and the world at large.

They offer one-stop PCB shop services, including PCB Design, Multilayer PCB manufacturing, Turn-Key PCB Assembly Services, and Finish Product Assembly.

They have a complete supply chain and shorten manufacturing; fast manufacturing capacity, on-time delivery; testing and final shipment, coupled with great customer services. To know more about its products and services.


PCB and PCBA are two terms that are much related in Electronics though, there cannot be PCBA without PCB. As stated above, a PCB is made from non-insulating and highly heat-resistant insulating material like fibreglass, etc. while PCBA is the assembling of PCB. Once the PCB is ready, the next thing is to assemble it with active and passive electronic components like Resistor, SMD, Capacitor, Transistor, Transformer, Diode, ICs etc.

Thus, the purpose of this article is to list and reveal the top 10 of PCB/PCBA companies across the globe. And I believe this article did do justice to that effect.