Top 5 IT-180A PCB Material Manufacturers in China

IT180A is a multi-function and advanced-filled epoxy that has a low CTE. It is mainly recommended because it has high thermal reliability and CAF resistance. It is the perfect design for you if you want to build a high-layer PCB. Get your hands on it, and it is lead-free. You’ll get a lead-free assembly and a sequential lamination process whenever you are working with this. 

Today, we bring you this article to discuss the top 5 IT180A PCB material manufacturers in China. It is so you can choose the right one to fulfill your requirements. So, without further waiting, keep reading to find more information below.

What Are the Features of IT180A?

IT180A holds significance for PCB because it is available in different types of construction to choose from. The best part is that it is friendly in processing. Many people are interested in getting their hands on this material because of its excellent CAF resistance. It will also provide you with compatible lead-free assembly with advanced high TG resin technology.

What Are the Benefits of Using It180a PCB Material?

IT-180A is a multifunctional material, which is why it is popular in PCB assembly. It is popular because it can be applied in different formats and used in multiple applications to complete the PCB job. This material has numerous benefits, such as achieving a high-layer PCB automobile, which is only possible with it. The various layers you can achieve with this material are impressive for the server and networking telecommunications and data storage.

Other benefits of using this material in your PCB assembly process include high heat resistance. If you build different types of stacks, you would already know that you need to get soldering done. Ensure the materials have good heat resistance to finish the job quickly. If the materials have good heat resistance, they melt, and your stack is in protected. 

You don’t have to worry about this issue when using the IT-180A material for your PCB assembly. It is because it provides you with impressive heat and excellent CAF resistance. Another significant benefit of this material is its low cut and good through-hole reliability. 

Top 5 IT-180A Manufacturers in China 

We bring you information regarding the top 5 IT-180A materials for PCB manufacturers in China. With that, make the right decision if you want this material to complete your PCB assembly. Many suppliers are available online, and it can take time to choose the right one. 

Because these suppliers are abundant, it is sometimes overwhelming to choose the right one. However, you don’t need to stress anymore because we have researched you and brought you the top 5 on the list. This way, go shopping straight away for your PCB material!

Let’s look at the top 5 manufacturers of IT-180A in China below.

1. SHENZHEN LUMEIJNUYU Electronics Co., Ltd 

This manufacturer of the PCB material under consideration today is on the top of our less because they are a diamond member on the website. Another great thing is that they are an audited supplier on the platform and found in 2009. 

The good thing about this manufacturer is that they provide a multi-layer and high-precision circuit board. Indulge in the professional production of these materials on a large scale. The impressive thing about their manufacturing system is that they have a production area that comprises more than 50000 square meters. Currently, more than 20 employees are working under them. 

Their production capacity is fantastic because they have a 1.5 million square feet capacity. They are the biggest manufacturer of IT-180A in China, which is why they are number one on our list. It is a limited liability company whose management system certifications include ISO 901, ISO 14001, ISO 14000, and IATF16949. Their main products include PCB, printed circuit board, multi-layer PCB, and rigid, flexible board.

2. Shanghai Gawain Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

They are the second largest manufacturer of PCB material under consideration today, and its main products include resistors and capacitors. Further, they are also manufacturing integrated circuits, and currently, 13 employees are working in this manufacturing unit. 

They exist from 2011 and include all the management system certifications to operate as manufacturers from China. The primary market is North America and Europe. The great thing about working with this manufacturer from China is that they have their export license. There is no need to face any trouble when you get your IT-180A manufactured by them.

3. Xingzhigauang Technology Co., Ltd  

The other third largest manufacturer of this P3 material is from China, and their account was registered in 2015. They have all the management system certifications required to great as a manufacturer or a factory from China to manufacture IT-180A. There is established in 2002 and there is a factory area of 25000 square meters. 

Currently, more than 1200 employees are working with them, and they have an investment of more than 50 million US dollars, which means it is safe for YouTube to work with them. They are a professional manufacturer, and they are based in Huizhou, China. The good thing about this manufactured in China is that they have ten years of PCB production experience and impressive annual production capacity. 

Their platform claims to process different kinds of laminates, including metal-based laminates and Isola. There is an auditor supplier on the maid in China website, and you can contact them to manufacture your PCB materials. Currently, they have more than ten production lines that are correctly active and provide an annual output value of around 50 million US dollars.

4. Shenzhen Golden Tech Micro Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Golden Tech Micro is the fourth largest manufacturer of PCB material from China, and it is a one-stop for you when you are looking for any PCB-related product. They possess affiliation with Guangdong king shine electronic technology company. 

This very fracture from China exists from 2001. Currently, they are of a National High Technology Enterprises and are 4th in number when it comes to having expertise in PCB manufacturing. This manufacturer has over 20 years of experience and specializes in PCB materials manufacturing. They have an export percentage that is around 50 and 70. However, there have been markets from North America, South America, and Eastern Europe. 

There are more than 50 employees who are working in the research and development department and comprise ten production lines that are actively working right now. Their annual output value is a hundred million US dollars. 

When you are looking for an affordable and reliable PCB materials manufacturer from China for PCB jobs efficiently, they are the right one for you. They are based in Guangdong, China. Although they exist from 2021, they have a pretty good rating on the platform made in China website, and you can trust them!

5. Sigart PCB Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

It is a professional and reliable manufacturer if you are looking for a manufacturer from China who will manufacture PCB-related products for you. It is also known as a one-stop solution for all PC solutions because they are specialized in quick prototypes on small volumes. 

They always strive for the quality of the products and always deliver on time. Currently, their focus is fast delivery as well as efficiency. Their export percentage is less than 90%, and their primary market includes Eastern Europe and South East Asia.

When it comes to the production capacity of this manufacturer from cyanide is quite impressive as well because they have an animal output value that is between 10 million US dollars and 50 million US dollars. 

The number of employees currently working in the research and development department is around 30, and they have 5 Total production lines operating at the moment.

Final Words 

IT-180A holds significance whenever you are getting your hands on PCB-related materials. It has multiple applications and is the most demanding material due to its impressive heat resistance. This is a base material by the multifunctional filled epoxy resin system. 

It is manufactured keeping the glass transition temperature in mind and has a high decomposition temperature of fewer than 345 degrees Celsius. It further adds to its durability, which is why it is the most demanded material for PCB. Overall, it is a multifunctional material with a UV blocker. There are a few reasons why these companies are considered to be the best in the manufacturing of IT180A.

  • China has a well-developed infrastructure, including roads, ports, and airports, which makes it easier to transport raw materials and finished products. Due to this reason companies can work in the best possible environment.
  • These IT180A manufacturers in China have invested in advanced technology and equipment, which allows them to produce high-quality products efficiently.
  • These companies have a well-established supply chain for the materials and components that are used in PCB manufacturing, which can make it easier for manufacturers to access the resources they need.
  • The Chinese government has actively promoted the development of the country’s electronics industry, which has helped to drive growth in the PCB manufacturing sector.

If you want this manufactured by a manufacturer in China, you can look at the list we have given above to choose the proper manufacturer from you from the top 5 in the list. Good luck.


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