Top 12 Circuit Board Assembly Companies in World

The printed circuit board (PCB) is an integral part of many electronic devices. They are essential to many different fields. Also, they get used by the majority of people each day without giving a second thought. There seem to be countless uses for (PCBs), but we’ll focus on ten of the most commonly known here.

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are boards used to connect various electronic parts. They play an essential role in the vast majority of modern tech. Lines, pads, and other attributes etched from copper foil are soldered onto the surface of the non-conductive substance, which forms an electrical connection between the various electronic parts of the product, in addition to electrical components like capacitors and resistors. There are some Printed Circuit boards that also have other parts soldered onto them.

These days, PCBs are commonly used in circuit boards. There are many different kinds available. They are available in various configurations, including single-, double-, and even multi-layer. They can be totally rigid, completely versatile, or have a combination of both types.

1. RayPCB tech

Dual and multi-layered (PCBs) are just two of the options available from Rape Printed Circuit board Technology. One of the top Ray Printed circuit Board manufacturing and assembling companies. Since its founding in 2005. This company has made a name for itself as a leading global supplier of high-quality Ray Circuit boards in every conceivable size.

In addition, the companies have more than a decade of knowledge in the electronics manufacturing sector. Allows it to offer a wide range of high-quality products and services. Like Teflon PCBs, Rogers Ray PCBs, High-Density Interconnect boards, high-frequency circuit boards, and Flexible-Rigid PCBs.


When it comes to Printed Circuit Board manufacturing and multi-layer printed circuit boards, Hillman Curtis gets unmatched around the globe. A part of the RAYMing Technology team, which began operations in 2005. With over a decade of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry.

We at Circuit board Fabrication and Assembly are dedicated to serving businesses of all sizes around the world. By providing them with high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs). As well as the sourcing and assembly of the components needed to make those PCBs. We also offer services in the production of high-end boards, like Rogers PCBs, Teflon PCBs, high-frequency circuit boards, High-Density Insulation boards, Metal boards, and Flexible-Rigid PCBs.

Our mission is to offer premium products at competitive prices. They reliably and flexibly meet the needs of our clients. Strict clean-room requirements, thick copper, and tight manufacturing tolerances enable us to give clients precisely what they need. We are the leading provider of Printed circuit manufacturing assembly services because of our genuine dedication to excellent customer service and the unparalleled technical expertise of our team.

3. Genus electro Tech Limited

Furthermore, it ranks highly among Circuit board producers. In addition, the company counts more than 4,000 distributors among its ranks. Genus Electrotech Limited’s Printed circuit factory is about 70 mm square meters in size.

4. Ascent circuits Private Limited

Ascent Circuits Pvt . ltd. is another leading Printed circuit board, assembly supplier. This firm’s net income is greater than $1000 Dollars. Company X sells single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer (PCBs). To top it all off, this company is highly regarded as a major printed circuit board exporter. This is due to the fact. That the United States receives 50 percent of the total of the company’s discounted products.

5. Shogini techno arts Private Limited

Pune serves as the company’s headquarters. Furthermore, this is a top-tier Printed circuit board assembly supplier. All types of (PCBs), from single-sided to twenty-eight-layer, are produced by the company. The firm also produces metal clad (PCBs) in addition to standard PCBs. The primary applications for metal clad (PCBs) are in the fields of lighting, household appliances, and automobile electronics.

6. Fine-Line Circuits Ltd.

Fine-Line Circuits Limited is yet another Best Manufacturers that we recommend. Created in 1991. The firm’s primary business activity is the production and assembly of (PCBs) for international distribution. This business has customers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Switzerland. And some other countries. Within a brief period of time. Fine-Line Circuits Ltd has risen to prominence. It is one of the country’s preeminent PCB assemblers and manufacturers.

7. Custom Circuit Boards

The Arizona capital is home to Custom Circuit Boards’ main office. This Circuit board manufacturer also creates both prototype and increased Circuit boards. It’s one of the most successful PCB manufacturers in the United States. Fast PCB turnaround times are a specialty at Custom Circuit Boards. As a result, if you need a rapid prototype quickly, this producer is a great choice.

This manufacturing company also consistently provides high-quality boards at reasonable prices. Quality, features, and dependability are all kept in mind during the fabrication. During the fabrication of printed circuit boards by Custom Circuit Boards. This Printed circuit board maker additionally provides cutting-edge circuits for high-performance uses. The uses are in industries like defense, aerospace, and healthcare.

Circuit boards with as many as twenty-four layers can be made by Custom Circuit Boards. Custom Circuit’s multi-layer board size limit is 16″ x 26″. Custom Circuits is an industry-leading U.S. PCB fabricator. It produces boards from the most basic to the most critical types. This Phoenix, Arizona-based firm also has the in-house capabilities to fabricate PCBs. When it comes to electronic components, Custom Circuit is the company to call. In addition to meeting and exceeding its clients’ needs. Custom Circuit also manufactures printed circuit boards. This printed-circuit-board maker provides expert guidance to its clientele.

8. Zhen Ding Tech

When it comes to printed circuit boards, Zhen Ding Technology in Taiwan is the name to trust. The company is headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Even after over fifteen years in the business, this manufacturer hasn’t stopped providing excellent PCBs and service. In addition, Zhen Ding Tech excels at making rigid Printed circuit boards, flexible Circuit boards, and Integrated Circuit Substrates. The company’s wares can be found in a variety of places, including computers, networks, and consumer devices.

The primary production centers for Zhen Ding Tech are in Taiwan, China, as well as India. This industry leader in PCBs incorporates 5G new tech, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things to provide a variety of tailored solutions. Zhen Ding Tech provides PCB assembly and mass production. Zhen Ding’s dedication to satisfying its client’s wants and needs is one of the company’s many strengths.

One of the best features of this business is the excellent customer service they provide. This (PCBs) manufacturer has a state-of-the-art production facility. And incorporates corporate strategy and developed procedures. So you can trust their products. This manufacturer’s commitment to R&D is one of its strongest points. The PCBs fabricated by this firm incorporates only high-quality components.

9. EPEC Technologies

EPEC Technologies’ commitment to providing superior service and products. That has allowed it to gain recognition as a leading provider of printed circuit boards. This producer is famous for its comprehensive Printed circuit board assembly services, which include element sourcing, Circuit board fabrication, and full Printed circuit assembly. Epec Engineered Technologies uses cutting-edge tools and methods to meet the requirements of its global clientele.

Certification is an excellent feature to consider in a Printed circuit maker. Epec Engineered Technologies is PCB industry-compliant and holds all necessary certifications. Epec staff members double-check everything from Gerber files to bills of materials. When problems with prototype designs are uncovered, they can be fixed before production begins. Epec Technologies is a multinational firm with operations in Germany, North America, and Asia.

And as well as a head office in New England, the United States. When it comes to printed circuit boards, Epec Engineered Technologies has Original Equipment Manufacturers covered with bespoke services. This Printed circuit board producer also offers the best quality control and competitive prices. Epec Technologies is very particular about the components it uses to build its PCBs. This Printed circuit manufacturer does extensive testing on new materials before using them in production. In addition, it meets other requirements common in its field. Epec Technologies is committed to creating environmentally friendly PCBs.

10. Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)

In the realm of printed circuit board manufacturing, few companies can match the dependability of ACI. Advanced Circuitry international has factories in the United States, Brazil, and India. This Printed circuit company is also focused on producing high-quality boards for the electronics industry.

To ensure that the products it provides are up to par with what is expected in the Circuit board industry. Advanced Circuitry International maintains a quality management system. That is constantly being updated and refined.

In-Process testing is performed on every single one of Advanced circuitry International’s products. This Printed circuit maker also employs assembly staff that has been trained to meet IPC standards. ACI’s top priority is providing “Zero defect” printed circuit boards, which guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. ACI has been studying and developing Printed circuit boards for over twenty years, and they continue to incorporate new techniques.

ACL has also spent a lot of time and money testing its procedures to guarantee top quality for such a 5G sector. Because of this. It incorporates cutting-edge processing techniques for the advantage of its 5G customers. In addition, ACI produces a broad range of applications for use in a wide variety of sectors and technologies. ACI can handle any stage of production, from prototyping to mass production and PCB assembly.

This PCB board maker places a premium on adhering to all relevant industry standards. Lead isn’t used in any of ACI’s PCB components. That’s why it passes the RoHS test.

11. Redboard Circuits

Red board Circuits is indeed a trusted Printed circuit manufacturer. It has a wide variety of cutting-edge circuits for use in any field or context. This Printed circuit firm also makes boards for use in low-voltage systems, like digital signal processors for audio and mobile phone signal boosters. These PCBs are made by a lead-free, RoHS-compliant producer in the United States. When it comes to printed circuit board manufacturing. Red board Circuits is a major player in the North American market. This company produces printed circuit boards with as few as

One layer and as many as thirty-six layers. Rigid-flex Circuit board, flex Circuit board, and RF/microwave fabrication is also available from this company. Red board’s high-tech Printed Circuit Boards are a great fit for cutting-edge electronics.

In addition, Red board Circuits utilizes only premium methods and tools for Printed circuit production. This Printed circuit maker also has a staff of expert engineers and designers. A Printed circuit manufacturer’s accreditation status is an important consideration. Red board Circuits is also ISO-approved and holds all relevant accreditation.

Red board Circuits also intend to solve problems that Printed circuit buyers encounter. This (PCB) maker places a premium on satisfied customers. The Printed circuit industry is one area where Red board Circuit hopes to make a difference.

12. JY Circuits

When it comes to PCBs, JY Circuits is a top contender. Furthermore, this Printed circuit manufacturer takes great pride in providing reasonably priced. High-quality printed circuit boards.JY Circuits’ extensive experience in the printed circuit board (PCB). The industry has allowed it to amass a wealth of knowledge in PCB fabrication. JY Circuits is an American company with its main office in Fountain Meadow.

JY Circuit boards have a broad range of applications. Single-sided Circuit boards, multi-layer Circuit boards, massive copper Circuit boards, and rigid-flex Circuit boards are the Printed circuit company’s bread and butter. It also has a strong reputation for producing boards. That have passed rigorous quality assurance procedures.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

At JY Circuits, we test our PCBs thoroughly at every stage of the manufacturing process. It also continues to strictly adhere to Printed circuit industry standards. Lead is not used in any way by this Printed circuit manufacturer to ensure RoHS compliance. Thus, it can confidently market its wares as eco-friendly. JY Circuits places a premium on the happiness of its clientele. As a result, it tailors the creation of its PCBs to the specifications of its clientele.

In addition, JY Circuits is well-known for incorporating cutting-edge processes and technologies into its Printed circuit production. There isn’t a more trustworthy American manufacturer of circuit boards than this one. It has superior electrical and mechanical capabilities thanks to its (PCBs).


Creating PCBs is a labor-intensive process. As a result, it’s crucial to work with Printed circuit manufacturers who simplify the procedure. High levels of Printed circuit board manufacturing expertise are a hallmark.

One of the best-Printed circuit manufacturers. When deciding on a PCB board producer, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. After discussing the top Printed circuit manufacturers in the globe. We hope this post will assist you in making an informed decision.


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