Choosing the Best Turnkey PCB Assembly Factory for your PCB Project

When startups or small businesses encounter difficulties with PCB manufacturing, such as managing a large inventory or a group of experts who will create PCB components, the Turnkey PCB electronics assembly solution offers a reliable and affordable way to create and test printed circuit boards. This denotes the centralization of the entire PCB assembly project workflow.

Due to the high rewards that turnkey PCB assembly service can ensure. Additionally, it will help your business navigate the challenging process of establishing an entire assembly plant. Because of this, this guide will address all of your inquiries regarding turnkey PCB assembly service.

What Does Turnkey PCB Assembly Mean?

The most creative small businesses and startups frequently discover that, when it comes to assembling those printed circuit boards (PCBs), they encounter some difficulties, such as the requirement to maintain a sizable inventory and have an in-house team to create it.

With the shortest lead times possible, turnkey PCB assembly factory is an electronic assembly solution company that provides effective and economical ways to build and test circuit boards for new products. In this manual, we’ll explain what turnkey PCB assembly solutions are and what advantages they offer.

Any good or service that is delivered to the customer prepared for use is referred to as a “turnkey” project. Turnkey assembly is a PCB assembly service where your supplier manages every aspect of the PCB project on your behalf. The supplier buys the PCB’s parts and pieces and assembles it.

Typically, turnkey PCB assembly factories use robust machinery and cloud-based software to assemble circuit boards more quickly and in larger quantities than small and medium businesses can handle on their own.

There are two types of turnkey PCB assembly: partial and full. Consignment manufacturing is a type of service known as partial turnkey, where only a portion of the assembly process is outsourced. The technology developer is still in charge of a portion of the supply chain in a partial turnkey project. This could imply participation in purchasing or assembly.

Your assembly provider will handle every aspect of assembling your circuit boards in full turnkey PCB assembly. They find the components and design the circuit layout.

Top 5 Turnkey PCB Assembly Factories


One of the best turnkey PCB assembly factory, Technotronix offers a range of services for turnkey PCB assembly. When ordering bulk turnkey PCB designs, you can combine multiple small units into a single order. Technotronix will then produce as many turnkey PCBs as you require.

With a focus on printed circuit board quality, Technotronix has different certifications. You can trust their services because of their engineers’ extensive experience in printed circuit board assembly, and you will also receive the best prices and a quality seal.

The team adheres to all printed circuit board ethics and only concentrates on the quality of each component used in turnkey PCB assembly. Printed circuit boards will be delivered with the help of Technotronix. Turnkey PCB assembly service are time-limited and guarantee the quickest delivery worldwide.


RayMing can provide both partial and full turnkey PCB assembly service. They handle every step of the process as a turnkey PCB assembly factory, including printed circuit board preparation, purchasing of the electronic components, and then tracking of online orders, and ongoing quality control of the final assembly. In contrast, for the partial turnkey, then the customer will be able to supply the PCBs as well as some components, and we will take care of the rest.

You can quickly transition from idea to finished product by using Rayming PCB’s Full PCB assembly capabilities, regardless of whether you need prototype PCB assembly. It’s as easy as uploading the BOM file to get a complete Turnkey, PCB, as well as the price of PCB Assembly for parts, labor, and empty or bare boards. Their team of purchasing experts searches their sources in order to find the precise parts you need at best prices offered on any specific day.

Turnkey PCB assembly enables manufacturers to create the best printed circuit board designs in the shortest amount of time using the most recent technology compilation in printed circuit boards. allowing a number of businesses to improve their offerings and provide their clients with the best. You can get the best full turnkey services you require for the operations of your business by using the turnkey PCB assembly from RayMing.

Hillman Curtis

As a turnkey PCB assembly factory, Hillman Curtis has a great deal of experience providing small to medium businesses with turnkey PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly solutions. Minimum quantity is five pieces. They have been providing high-quality boards and a dependable, leading turnkey PCB assembly factory right here from Shenzhen, China, to customers all over the world for more than ten years.

At Hillman Curtis, take great pride in being recognized as a top expert in turn-key electronic PCB assembly as well as surface-mount, thru-hole, and mixed technology PCB assembly. Their clients requested that we handle every aspect of their project, including manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

For your prototype or production PCB application, they can offer the most cutting-edge and practically limitless capabilities thanks to their strong network of well-respected circuit assembly and manufacturing partners. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with various component vendors and the procurement process. The best components for your finished product will be discovered by their experts.

This company provides quickturn prototyping, partial and full turnkey assembly, lead free type of assembly and consignment assembly that complies with RoHS regulations, among other PCB assembly services.


EMSG is a turnkey PCB assembly factory that is registered with ISO 9001 and has years of experience assembling turnkey PCBs and offering box builds. We can handle all of your electronic assembly needs, from prototyping to high-volume production, thanks to our skilled staff and comprehensive array of cutting-edge machinery. EMSG is the ideal partner for even the most challenging projects thanks to its outstanding attention to detail and relentless pursuit of excellence.

In York, Pennsylvania, area of the East Coast metro area, EMSG is your go-to company for top-notch turnkey assembly services. The medical, telecom, industrial, building, energy, transportation, architecture, marine, lighting, and electronic systems industries are just a few of the many sectors they provide their services to.

They have a team of skilled experts at their PCB factory who are prepared to provide you with cutting-edge Turnkey pcb assembly and Manufacturing services. They use the newest technology while allowing you to build your own boards. You can rely on high-quality PCB & PCBA from EMSG Inc. that undergo operational and quality management assessments before going on sale.


Venture offers dependable small- to medium-volume production run PCB assembly services that are fully turnkey from prototype quantities. In addition to offering complete PCB assembly services, our business also offers knowledgeable Design for Manufacturing consulting (DFM). The entire turnkey PCB assembly process, including component ordering, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, testing, and final shipment, is handled by our company.

Venture, a factory that offers turnkey PCB assembly, incorporates cutting-edge technology and procedures. You can get the best full turnkey service and excellent customer service for the management of your company by selecting this turnkey PCB assembly factory. Venture carefully monitors the entire assembly procedure, and their turnkey PCBA is merely based on their extensive global component sourcing network.

Stages of a Turnkey PCB Solution

A turnkey PCB assembly requires the following steps to be finished:

Manufacturing of PCBs

The PCB contractor will receive the customer’s PCB Gerber Format at this point. If you don’t have a PCB format, you can still communicate your needs to your service provider using diagrams. The PCB turnkey provider will then produce your own Gerber Format after that.

Trying to find components

All of the components listed on your Bill of Materials will now be purchased by the turnkey PCB service provider (BOM). These include passive, active, as well as custom components.

In order to save time, the process of finding components is taking place concurrently with the turnkey production process. The manufacturer also promises to use tried-and-true components in your printed circuit board project.

Board Assembly

The manufacturer mounts each component on the PCB once the PCB and parts are finished. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) or Through-Hole Technology (THT) are the two options available to the manufacturer. Include the following tools, including a reflow oven and a 3D AOI, in the assembly project.

The manufacturer also makes use of RoHS-certified solder paste, which guarantees a high-quality PCB assembly procedure. Functional testing will be done after assembly is complete to ensure that the PCBs are of high quality.

PCB Testing

Final assembly services are also provided by turnkey PCB assembly companies; all you need to supply is the product packaging and the blueprints. The PCB turnkey supplier will create the product casings, put the pieces together, print the product codes, and then package the finished goods. A manual, inner and outer covers, and the finished assembly will all be included in the packaging, which will adhere to RoHS certification standards.

What Turnkey Assembly Offers

Turnkey PCB assembly’s most obvious advantage is that it spares businesses from having to divert their attention from crucial activities like ongoing innovation in order to spend time working out the assembly details.

There is no need to spend time and effort locating the best component prices, going through a difficult procurement process, and then needing an internal team to expertly assemble them. The following are the main advantages of turnkey assembly:

Cost cutting

You save so much money whenever you use a turnkey contract because it doesn’t cost extra to deliver freight to an assembly workshop. Additionally, turnkey companies enjoy favorable working relationships with component manufacturers and frequently negotiate lower part prices than small and medium-sized companies.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

Issue Recognition

A significant benefit of turnkey PCB assembly factory is their ability to identify potential problems before the circuit boards are incorporated into any products, which can save both time and money.

You give the assembler a netlist file as part of the procedure. Before starting assembly, the assembler will make sure that the specifications match the application and find any potential errors. You have the chance to fix the design if any mistakes are discovered, saving yourself from having to produce thousands of circuit boards that aren’t appropriate.

Integrated Management

Dealing with numerous vendors can be time-consuming and stressful, especially for small businesses with scarce human resources. Due to the fact that turnkey manufacturing solutions manage multiple channels of communication, there is a significantly lower chance of a misunderstanding occurring. These potential misunderstandings could occur between you and a vendor or even between vendors, which could cause your timeline to get off track.

Considerations to Make When Selecting a Turnkey PCB Assembly Facility


The first thing you look for when buying anything is quality problems, not to mention things like turnkey PCB assembly. Quality concerns are always taken into account by Turnkey PCB. Every turnkey PCB assembly facility aspires to use printed circuit boards of the highest caliber in its products. High-quality circuit boards will typically have exact tolerances. These tolerances cover the dimensions of all drill holes and vias as well as the thickness, width, and spacing of the copper traces.


All facets of turnkey assembly will be managed by a full turnkey PCB assembly factory. This covers turnkey pcb manufacturing and the purchase of parts and components.

Some professional issues are too complex for all factories to handle. For instance, there will be traces and gap restrictions as the composite board’s layer count rises. Many turnkey pcb assembly plants are unable to resolve this kind of issue. You should also be aware of the types of soldering technology, the dimensions of the circuit boards and the components, and other process capabilities offered by your turnkey assembly manufacturer.

Reaction time

If your business is developing, time is of the utmost importance to you. To achieve the desired design quality, you might need to design and test the prototype more than once. Due to its impact on your final product and your ability to meet delivery deadlines, a quick turnaround time is absolutely essential.


Cost is undoubtedly a significant consideration when selecting a turnkey PCB assembly factory. You must pick a turnkey PCB assembly factory that offers a fair price while also offering quality value for money if you wish to ensure your products can make enough money.


Your turnkey supplier will probably give you a single point of contact through which all transactions will be made, giving you peace of mind and lessening the management burden associated with turnkey PCB assembly.


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