Why You Should Choose TTM PCB for Your Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Needs

Some electronics manufacturing companies specialize in using only a few processes, while others are versatile. While versatility is important, it is also imperative for the manufacturing company to offer specialized services that make it stand out from the crowd.

One of such companies is TTM. In addition to offering specialized PCB solutions, the company also prioritizes the timely delivery of the solutions.

This article is an in-depth review of the services offered by TTM PCB.

What is TTM PCB?

The full name is Time to Market, which underscores the company’s commitment to see to the faster delivery of electronic solutions to the customers.

At the core of TTM’s operations is the provision of advanced approaches to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing. The investments in this regard include but are not limited to global field application engineering coverage, several design centers targeted at bolstering the development of advanced technology, as well as the possession of over 200 patents for advancing the manufacturing and designing of PCBs.

The Relevance of the TTM

Time to Market is the full name for the TTM PCB manufacturer. It underscores the company’s disposition to delivering manufactured circuit boards on time.

The following are some of the measures in place to make sure these circuit boards are readied for the market in the shortest time possible:

Quick-Turn PCBs

TTM specializes in both the provision of quick-turn and large volume PCB services. That way, it is simpler for the manufacturer to meet the demands on time.

One-Stop PCB Solutions

TTM is also able to meet the demands for higher volumes and complex circuit boards because of the use of one-stop advanced technology. Thus, the company handles most aspects of the circuit board design, without having to rely on third-parties to get the job done.

The Specialty Components Field of TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies specializes in two (2) core areas of electronics manufacturing – PCB fabrication and the combination of RF and specialty components.

Below are some of the things you want to know about the RF and specialty components’ services the company offers:

Broad Portfolio

TTM Technologies cover a wide range of RF and specialty components. The portfolio includes but is not limited to ceramic substrates, couplers, power dividers and hybrid microelectronics. Others are baluns, RF modules, radio transceivers and beamformers.

While the Power Dividers are Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) designed for use with high-volume circuit board manufacturing, the Phase Shifters are used to provide high-performance, low insertion loss and lower power.

TTM Technologies also have a broad category of components under the RF and specialty components’ portfolio. These are called the Xinger Components. The components therein are used to offer a wide range of passive RF components for the following markets and applications:

  • Defense
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Military-grade components and;
  • Consumer electronics

TTM PCB Solutions

These are one of the core solutions the manufacturer offers. TTM Technologies prioritizes the customization or optimization of the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), as per the targeted applications.

Thus, the TTM PCB solutions are geared towards the same line, while offering an extensive portfolio of PCBs, such as substrate-like circuit boards, HDI PCBs, and rigid-flexible PCBs. The company also manufactures conventional/traditional circuit boards, as well as backplane assemblies for the aforementioned.

Thermal Management Solutions

Thermal management has to do with the ability to contain the heat dissipation processes in circuit boards. TTM Technologies specialize in offering excellent thermal management solutions that are designed to boost the performance and durability of the circuit boards when put to use.

The following are some of the categories of applications that the company manages the thermal requirements:

  • Power Applications: included here are RF and microwave applications, power amplifiers, power control systems, DC power supplies and inverters.
  • LED: TTM Technologies provide lighting solutions for the consumer, automotive and industrial markets.
  • Automotive: the dedicated thermal management solutions for the automotive industry covers the following: battery management, motor control modules, charging stations and electric brake system. Others are mmWave radar and powertrain in Electric Vehicles (EVs).
  • High-Speed Computing Applications: TTM Technologies’ thermal management solutions are also used with the high-speed computing applications, such as 5G infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data centers.


TTM also offers microelectronics solutions, especially the custom hybrid microelectronics. It is pertinent to mention that these solutions are specifically targeted at the aerospace, space and defense markets/industries.

The following are some pieces of additional information about TTM Technologies’ microelectronics’ solutions:


The company deploys the expertise in microelectronics design, as well as offers versatile packaging for the solutions.

Product Lines

The lines or categories of the microelectronics the company offers cut across the standard operational amplifiers and video amplifiers. The product lines also cover the custom microelectronic modules, motor drives, and the linear and switching regulators.

Targeted Markets

The wide range of solutions the TTM Technologies offer are targeted at specific markets, with the aim of bringing innovation to the different industries.

Here are some of the markets or industries that the company serves:

Aerospace and Defense

The company offers “superior reliability for mission-critical applications.” These applications are targeted at strengthening the military capabilities of the aerospace and defense industries.

To this end, TTM Technologies provide a wide range of mission-critical electronic systems, ranging from missile systems, radar systems and space systems. Others are electronic warfare systems, communication systems and commercial aerospace systems, such as inflight entertainment and flight-critical control systems.

Networking and Communications

TTM Technologies’ scope also extends to the networking and communications market, where it offers high-volume production, full product lifecycle solutions and engineering support.

The following are some of the networking and communications’ capabilities:

  • Mixed material constructions
  • Fabrication of both low and high-layer count backplanes and advanced circuit boards.
  • Cavity designs
  • RF and microwave applications and;
  • Blind and buried via structures


The much talked about 5G communication system is here and TTM Technologies is one of the first companies to manufacture solutions in that regard.

The company’s 5G capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Wi-Fi differential input baluns
  • HyperBGA
  • HDI PCBs, including the Anylayer PCBs.

Final Words

To conclude, TTM Technologies has what it takes to improve the global standards of producing and distributing configurable devices, most especially Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).


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