Top 8 Flexible PCB Manufacturers

Do you want to manufacture flexible circuit boards? You need the services of the largest PCB manufacturers to help you with the job.

Of course, you understand that the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design isn’t easy to come by. So, you must ensure that you are outsourcing your flex PCBs to manufacturers that are worth their onion.

In this article, we have detailed everything you need to know about flexible circuit boards from the meaning, the uses, and the manufacturers that you can entrust the boards to.

Now, if you are ready to start your flex PCB manufacturing, here are the details you need for the success of the project.

What Is Flexible PCB?

FLexible PCB Factory

Also called Flex PCB, a Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FCB) is a type of circuit board that provides enough room for the inclusion of the relevant components needed for the usefulness of the board.

They are called Flexible PCBs because of their simplicity and ability to pattern the circuitry to fit into the electronic device for which it is being designed.

Importance of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Worthy of mention is that consumers prefer flex PCBs because they are a perfect way of building electronic devices without necessarily needing to twist the device to fit into the structure of the circuit board.

The major difference here is that the electronic device for which the circuit board is intended would now be prioritized over the circuitry instead of the other way round. That way, PCB manufacturers will get to find the best ways to form interoperability between the circuit board and the electronic device.

Why Do You Need a Flexible Printed Circuit Board?

It is no news that circuit boards are excellent for coordinating the electronic connections inside electronic devices.

Yet, there are times that some variations need to be used to maintain the connections while making the electronic device to be useful.

It is for that reason that we have come up with some of the major reasons and benefits you will get from manufacturing a flexible circuit board for your electronic devices.

1. Cost-Effective

The first advantage of manufacturing a flexible circuit board is that you will save more money than you could have saved if you were manufacturing some other circuit boards.

Indeed, many cost-saving factors will help you reduce the budget you may have drawn up for your next Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design.

Fewer Materials are Needed to Design Flexible PCBs

The first cost-saving factor is that you wouldn’t need more materials because the circuit board isn’t being designed to be contorted in the course of fitting in the circuitry.

Rather, the circuit board is now designed and allows for the easy incorporation of the circuitry. That is what makes it ideal for PCB design because the circuit board is mainly highlighted by a malleable base material.

Lower Assembly Errors

While mistakes and errors may not be fully removed from the circuit board manufacturing process; they can be reduced.

And the reduction is made possible if you were designing a flexible PCB. That is because of the lower assembly errors, all thanks to the fewer alterations in the course of manufacturing the circuit board.

You Will Not Buy More Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are most needed after a few years of using an electronic device. It is usually because of the alterations during the PCB manufacturing process that warrants tear and wear on the circuit board.

However, the case appears to be different on the flexible circuit boards where you get to save more costs from buying replacement parts. Since there are fewer assembly errors, there will be little or no need to repair or replace the parts that may have worn out.

2. Flexible PCBs Save Space

Space is one of the critical factors that PCB manufacturers consider before they design any Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Sadly, traditional PCB designs take up most of the spaces on the circuit boards.

And when spaces are limited, PCB components may be forced thereby, creating more avenues to reduce the efficiency of the circuit boards.

On the other hand, you want to manufacture a flexible Printed Circuit Board (PCB) because it provides more space than what traditional circuit boards can offer.

In terms of the space-saving design, there are different aspects to that, and some of them have been explained below:

Installation Freedom

Installing your flexible PCB doesn’t take time, neither does it prove difficult. Instead, you will enjoy the ease and freedom that it offers.

Ideally, you will find it easier to install and package the circuit board. And the tighter bend capabilities add additional flexibility to the circuit board. That way, more PCB components can be folded and integrated into the circuit board.

3. Flexible PCBs Have A Wide Range of Applications

Do you have more than one industry or sector of the economy to manufacture circuit boards for?

It can be tough for you to design multiple circuit boards if you have clients/customers patronizing you across different industries. For example, you may a client willing to purchase your circuit board designed for the aerospace industry. And another for the military industry.

You needn’t be bothered or worn out by the orders because you can rely on flexible circuit boards to save the day.

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) can be used and are adaptable for different industries. Some of the industries where they are used include:

  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Communications
  • Consumer electronics
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Medical and
  • Automotive


4. Compatibility

If you need a compatible circuit board, it has to be a flexible circuit board. The enhanced capabilities make the board flexible enough to be interconnected with any type of component or connector.

Besides, flexible circuit boards prove their mettle in extreme temperatures. You can also use the circuit boards even amidst chemical and radiation exposure.

5. Enhanced Reliability

Last but not least – you can always rely on the flexible PCB at all times. The circuit board has enhanced reliability that reduces the need for more solder joints, interconnects, connectors, and contact crimps.


The Best Flexible PCB Manufacturers

You are now eager to kick-off the designing of your flexible circuit board. It all starts with selecting the best hands to do the job for you.

We took the trouble to check out some of the best flexible PCB manufacturers that are making huge impacts out there. They are quite many, but we picked out 8 of them after accessing their working conditions, the precision of their PCB equipment, the proximity of their facilities, and their costs of production.

On that note, we present to you the 8 flexible PCB manufacturers you can contact when next you have a flexible Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to manufacture.

1. Cicor Group

Cicor Group has consistently dominated the flexible PCB industry. And from the look of things, they will keep dominating because they have the state-of-art equipment that helps them manufacture reliable and high output flexible PCBs.

Customers are always pleased with their services, especially with the highest levels of 3D miniaturization they apply in every flexible circuit board they design.

The overall output of flex PCBs is adjudged from different perspectives. The most significant is that Cicor Group uses standard surface finishing, which when they are deposited on the circuit board will bolster the general finishing of all the assembly methods used in the circuit board.

2. Ray PCBget pcba quote

flexible pcb

PCB industry giant, RayMing Technology (Ray PCB) has always been at the forefront of excellent circuit board productions. They are versed in every aspect of flexible circuit board manufacturing and with many years of experience to show for it, they are your reliable flex PCB manufacturer.

Of course, there are distinct capabilities that set Ray PCB apart from its competitors.

First, they have trained engineers who already know what needs to be done for every flexible PCB design. The beauty of having your flexible circuit boards manufactured by a reliable team and trained hands is that it will save you additional costs in the long run when you would have been forced to replace some parts that are no longer working.

Second, Ray PCB isn’t indiscriminate meaning that they are open to taking your orders no matter how few they may be. And if you are ordering for high-volume flexible PCB production, you will get a generous discount.

The last but not the least is that Ray PCB provides quality assistance through the excellent and motivated customer service. So, if you have any inquiries or challenges, you can always let them know and they will resolve them in real-time.

3. OurPCB

OurPCB promises you inclusive and turnkey circuit board design. Over the last couple of years, they have manufactured flexible circuit boards that fit into many applications.

So, if you are looking at designing versatile and flexible circuit boards, you have to trust OurPCB to do an amazing job for you.

As part of their full turnkey flexible PCB designing processes, they will offer you the following services:

  • Helping you choose the right substrate material
  • Offering you different structures of flexible circuit boards, including Single-Sided, Double-Sided, and Multilayer flexible circuit boards
  • Full-scale flex PCB manufacture processes, including drilling and blanking
  • Etching
  • Lamination
  • Baking
  • Hot melting and
  • Sharp processing


OurPCB also offers you a quick turnaround and fast deliveries as soon as your flexible circuit boards are ready.


4. PCBWay

PCBWay prides itself to design Flexible Circuit Boards (FPCs) of up to 8 layers. So, if your budget can take you up to that level, you can trust them to do the job for you in real-time.

PCBWay has in the last couple of years, done a handful of flexible circuit board designs that satisfied the customers’ needs.

Moreover, they specialize in manufacturing flexible PCBs that are not only batched but can also be produced in bulk in single-layer forms.

5. Hitech Circuits Company Limited

The production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) isn’t centralized to one point alone. Diversification is the key to sustainable designs and that is exactly one of the reasons why Hitech Circuits Company Limited is one of the best flexible PCB manufacturers out there.

They provide a variety of PCB assembly services that include using both Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-Hole Technology (THT) to facilitate the production of flexible circuit boards.

6. Cirexx International

Cirexx International needs no introduction to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry. Established in 1980, the company has steadily risen to be regarded as one of the best PCB manufacturers in the world.

They are rightly so because of the one-stop solution they provide for PCB manufacturing. Their services include but are not limited to:

  • Validation and testing of highly-reliable flexible circuit boards
  • Quick turn circuit board production
  • High-Density Interconnector (HDI) circuit boards
  • Custom PCB fabrication
  • Circuit board layout
  • PCB prototyping and
  • Rigid PCB manufacturing



PCBONLINE specializes in full turnkey Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production. Every aspect of your flexible circuit board design is handled over-the-air.

Except if you want to visit their physical facilities, you would rather save costs and order for your flex PCBs via their website. They will provide you with an instant quotation so you will have an idea of how much it will cost to manufacture the type of flexible circuit board you want.

Aside from offering flexible PCB fabrication, design, and assembly under one roof, PCBONLINE also offers you these additional services:

  • Circuit board layout
  • Rigid-flex PCB
  • High-volume circuit board assembly
  • High-Density Interconnector (HDI) circuit board and
  • Aluminum circuit board


8. Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec is an experienced miniature Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) manufacture that designs quality and highly-operational circuit boards.

With excellent customer service and an eye on industry tolerances, they are in the best position to transform your creative flexible PCB idea to reality.

In addition to the full flexible PCB design and manufacturing services, they also offer you multiple applications for the circuit boards. Some of the applicable cases include:

  • Antennas
  • Industrial sensors
  • Semiconductor packaging
  • RFID tags
  • Medical devices
  • Hearing aids and
  • Instrumentation consumables


Final Words

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (FPC) take more weight out of electronic devices so they can be lighter and function effectively.

You need to hire the services of a professional flexible PCB manufacturer to help you fabricate, design, and assemble your flexible circuit boards in real-time.

We will not only help you do that, but we will also produce your flexible circuit boards in the shortest time possible and at affordable costs.