Top 10 Turnkey PCB Assembly Manufacturers

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Are you looking for the best PCB manufacturing company that will help you design turnkey circuit boards?

You are not the only one looking for these manufacturers, but we are determined to make the search simpler for you. This article explains what a turnkey PCB assembly is all about, and the top global turnkey PCB manufacturers that you can hire for the circuit board design.

Top 10 Turnkey PCB Assembly Manufacturers

What Is Turnkey PCB Design?

We want to make the entire PCB manufacturing simpler for you. So, we will first explain the importance of the turnkey PCB, so you will be sure of what you will benefit from the circuit board.

Turnkey PCB assembly simply means a ‘’ready-to-use circuit board” because the PCB manufacturer does all the work for you. From the procurement of the circuit board materials to the component placement and prototyping, the manufacturer does it all.

And this model of circuit board design will greatly favour you because you will leave everything to the judgment and expertise of the manufacturer. Moreover, it becomes additional cost savings because the lead time will be shorter while your major focus will be on the design and not on the production aspect.

The Best Turnkey PCB Manufacturers

If you want to enjoy full turnkey PCB solutions, it makes sense that you use the services of manufacturers that already have the facilities to produce the circuit boards in the shortest lead time possible.

In this section of the article, we will show you the top 10 turnkey PCB manufacturers in the world. We will also show you some of the reasons why they are the best designers to do the job for you.

1. Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits turnkey pcb assembly manufacturer

If you don’t want to play with limited orders, you should use the full turnkey PCB solutions provided by Advanced Circuits (4PCB).

They allow you to place your PCB orders without restrictions because of their No Minimum Order policy. And you can also scale the number of circuit boards you want to thousands.

You also have many full turnkey PCB assembly types to select from. Some of the options they have in this regard are:

  • Single-sided PCBs
  • Through-Hole Technology (THT)
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and
  • Double-sided PCBs

2. RayMing Technology         get pcba quote

rayming turnkey pcb assembly manufacturer

RayMing Technology (Ray PCB) is another reputable turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer you can entrust your circuit board designs. It will interest you to know that they have manufactured for some of your favourite electronics brands, and that’s a testimonial to their excellent service.

Aside from the several leading electronics brands they’ve worked with, Ray PCB also has a reputation for using quality materials and reduced lead times. We are sure those are part of the factors you consider when looking for the best turnkey PCB manufacturer.

Now, let us go in-depth into some of the reasons why you want to outsource your turnkey circuit board design to Ray PCB.

Component Placement

As much as you are looking to design your circuit board faster, you must also consider the component placement. If you are outsourcing the entire design to Ray PCB, you can sleep with your two eyes closed because the company perfectly handles the job for you.

First, they are one of the few turnkey PCB manufacturers that use maximum circuit board sizes of up to 14.5 inch by 19.5 inches. That is not all. They also assemble up to 2.2 inch part sizes by machine. As if that is not enough, you will also like the smallest chips size of 0201.

The Versatility of the Circuit Board

In terms of the versatility of the turnkey circuit board you want to design, Ray PCB also proves it’s efficiency in that field.

For example, they can conveniently place BGA on both sides of the circuit boards in addition to accommodating large components/parts on both sides of the board.

Besides, you will want to explore on the sides of the circuit board that will work best. Ray PCB got you covered with the single and double-sided SMT/PTH turnkey circuit board designs.

Excellent Finish

It is one thing to design a turnkey circuit board and place the components as they should. It is another thing to finish the job so it wouldn’t develop some faults during use.

You have all the confidence on the quality of your turnkey circuit board if Ray PCB is the PCB manufacturer handling the job for you.

They provide you with multiple PCB finish options, including:

  • Immersion tin
  • Electrolytic gold
  • Immersion gold
  • Electroless silver and
  • OSP


3. PCBWay

Consumers want their turnkey circuit boards to be handled by PCBWay. And the company is indeed leaving up to expectations thanks to the modern PCB factory it has in the Shenzhen area of China.

One important factor that encourages consumers to patronize PCBWay is the varieties of PCB fabrication and assembly services they offer. It is safe to say that if the company doesn’t offer the type of turnkey circuit board design services you want, it may be hard for you to get it elsewhere.

So, let’s get down to business and see some of the reasons why you should hand over your turnkey circuit board design to PCBWay.

Experienced SMT PCB Manufacturers

The first reason why you want to hire the services of PCBWay is because of the experience they have garnered over the last couple of years. It will interest you to know that they are experts in the use of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) circuit board assembly.

State-of-the-Art Turnkey PCB Manufacturing

PCBWay distinguishes itself as a leading turnkey PCB manufacturer because of the state-of-the-art facilities they use to make your circuit board design faster and durable.

Worthy of mention is that they have industry-standard Pick and Place Machines that can conveniently manufacture over 28,000 SMD components every hour.

Multiple Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

When designing a turnkey circuit board, you have to be sure of the type you want. And no matter the specifications you may have, you rest assured that PCBWay will do a befitting job for you.

Some of their full turnkey PCB design services include:

  • PCB Assembly
  • Prototyping
  • Advanced PCB manufacturing and
  • Custom turnkey PCB design


4. Euro Circuits

Euro Circuits is a turnkey circuit board manufacturer with a class of its own. The company thrives on excellent service delivery, a robust customer support system and all-around improvements in their PCB designs.

They are reliable. And if you want to outsource your turnkey PCB design, the following reasons should convince you why Euro Circuits is the best turnkey PCB manufacturer you should hire for the job:

Different Types of PCB Assembly

It doesn’t matter if you want to design a turnkey circuit board that has only one side or another that has multiple sides. The variety of PCB assembly types offered by Euro Circuits is enough to cover all your needs.

They offer multiple PCB assembly types, including single and double-sided THT, as well as single and double-sided SMT.  To give you more options to choose from, Euro Circuits also offers advanced PCB assembly that includes the combination of SMT and THT mixed technology.

Two-Way Component Sourcing

The essence of looking for a full turnkey PCB manufacturer is to simplify the processes involved in manufacturing circuit boards so you can have time for other things.

Component sourcing is one of the important factors, and that is why Euro Circuits made it easier for you. On the one hand, they can source for the components and parts of the circuit you want to design. If, however, they couldn’t source the components, they would allow you to supply the same so the project can continue.

Affordable PCB Quantity

Euro Circuits does not only allow you to pay lower costs for the turnkey circuit boards they manufactured for you. They also have one of the lowest order quantities.

Their PCB quantity intakes start from 1 piece for prototypes and a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 50 pieces for small series.


5. Murrietta Circuits

Murrietta Circuits turnkey pcb assembly manufacturer

Murrietta Circuits is another reliable turnkey PCB manufacturer. The company has been in existence since 1980, and that’s a pretty long time to make a valid impression in the global PPCB industry.

They specialize in the manufacturing of full turnkey PCB designs for the medical, military and aerospace industries.

Their turnkey PCB solutions include but are not limited to circuit board design, circuit board prototyping and PCB assembly.

6. Hitech Circuits Co. Ltd

Hitech is another top turnkey PCB manufacturer that serves many electronics brands all over the world. They have since increased the number of factories they have to conveniently cater to the needs of their ever-growing customer base.

They ensure that you enjoy the best of both worlds as far as turnkey PCB design is concerned. That is evident in the partial and full turnkey PCB design services they offer to you and hundreds of their esteemed customers.

Do you want to use their partial turnkey PCB manufacturing solutions? Some of the solutions they have for you are:

  • Component placement
  • Allowing you to source the major components for the circuit board

However, you want to enjoy all their in-house PCB solutions that include:

  • Circuit board design
  • Full component procurement
  • Prototyping
  • Monitoring and
  • Final assembly


7. All PCB

As their name signifies, All PCB is your favourite turnkey PCB designer because they ensure that you get nothing short of the best for your circuit board designs.

Customers love to use their services because they are affordable. And that doesn’t mean lower quality because they find a way to offer you high-quality PCB solutions even for the ‘’cheap’’ price you paid.


8. Bittele

Bittele (7PCB) is a leading turnkey PCB manufacturing company. Their goal is to ensure that you manufacture the number of circuit boards that match your budget.

The hallmark of their PCB solutions is the minimum order quantity of 1 circuit board. And if you need more, you can scale the production up to 10,000 circuit boards.

You needn’t wait for long before your turnkey circuit boards will be ready because their lead time takes anywhere between 1 and 5 days. Have in mind that the 5-day interval is specifically for PCB assembly. For full turnkey PCB solutions, you have to wait up to 16 days for that to be ready.

9. Agile Circuit

Looking for the top turnkey PCB manufacturer? We have one right here – Agile Circuit. This company is your reliable bet for all types of turnkey-related circuit board designs.

Whether you are considering circuit board assembly or manufacturing, you are confident that they are your best manufacturer because they handle all the work perfectly.

Worthy of mention is that Agile Circuit offers full-fledged PCB design for your Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-Hole circuit boards.

With their commitment to ensuring that your PCB needs are met in good time, they promise to offer you a variety of services to select from. For example, you will get to enjoy multiple turnkey PCB assembly services ranging from reverse engineering, SMT stencils and parts procurement.

Also, they handle all your turnkey circuit board layout designs and prototyping. And in terms of the turnkey circuit board manufacturing, you can rely on them to do a great job in the quick turn, metalcore and multilayer designs. They offer additional circuit board manufacturing services, including high-frequency PCB, blind & buried vias and flexible FPC.

10. SigmaTron International, Inc.

SigmaTron International

SigmaTron manufactures circuit boards for different types of industries. Some of the applicable uses of their turnkey PCBs include:

  • Industrial electronics
  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Gaming
  • Telecommunications
  • Fitness
  • Semiconductors and
  • Medical


In addition to that, they make it easier for you to order for and take delivery of your turnkey circuit boards when they are complete. They do that by setting up factories and manufacturing facilities in different locations, including Vietnam, the United States and Mexico.

Wrapping Up

You need turnkey Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) to enhance the quality and durability of electronic appliances you manufacture for your customers.

We are confident that you are now better informed about the top global turnkey PCB manufacturers that will help you design, test and manufacture the type of circuit board you want.

Do you know of some other full turnkey circuit board manufacturers that other consumers might check out? Please, share your thoughts via the comment section!


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