Top 10 Rogers PCB Manufacturers

Top 10 Rogers PCB Manufacturers

Do you want to manufacture Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) using Rogers as the base material? Well, your first step will be to contract the largest PCB manufacturers to help you design the board.

Considering that there are many such manufacturers out there, you don’t want to assume that all of them can do the job for you. We also understand the dilemma you might be in, and that is why we have compiled this article to help you.

We want to walk you through everything you need to know about Rogers as the base material for manufacturing circuit boards. You will learn about the importance, the manufacturers, and the things you need to know about designing a circuit board using Rogers.

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What Is Rogers PCB?

So, what is this Rogers PCB that many circuit board consumers are always talking about? Our best bet is that you have some understanding of the concept. So, we will explain the overall application as far as Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing is concerned.

Rogers PCB is a general name for the materials used in the production of circuit boards. The name was derived from the company, Rogers, which manufactures most of the laminate materials used in the production of circuit boards.

We will also like to point out that those materials are mostly made of the Flame Retardant Level 4 (FR-4) material that efficiently contains excess heat on the circuit board. At the same time, the FR-4 material has a distinct design that features an epoxy/glass fiber composite, as well as laminated copper foil at one or both sides of the material.

Reliable Rogers PCB Manufacturers

Do you now see how important it is to use Roger’s material for manufacturing your circuit boards? Those materials will go the extra mile to bolster the strength of the board while facilitating the ease of connection of all other components on the board.

Now, we want to show you some of the top 10 Rogers PCB manufacturers you can hire for your next Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production. We must mention that it took us a hectic time to arrive at these selected manufacturers because there are many of them out there that offer excellent Rogers PCB production.

Having said that, here are some of the top 10 manufacturers of Rogers circuit boards, as well as some of the reasons why their services are top-notch.

1. Alcanta PCB

Alcanta PCB is a China-based Rogers circuit board manufacturer. The company does an excellent job of the highly sought-after Rogers 4360 circuit board material to manufacture your Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Over the last couple of years, they have manufactured thousands of circuit boards using FR-4 materials and other related Rogers PCB materials.

It will interest you to know that the manufacturer uses the ENIG finish to ensure that the body of the circuit board is well-polished before delivery.

Why We Love Alcanta PCB

Alcanta PCB has many valid reasons why circuit board consumers want to use their services. And if you are moved to hire their services, here are some of the benefits you tend to enjoy:

Quick Turn PCB Services

Understandably, you want your Rogers circuit board to be manufactured in the shortest time possible. Alcanta PCB can make that happen thanks to their 24-hour quick turn PCB service that ensures that the prototypes for your circuit board are available within that timeframe.

PCB Specials

For some reason, you want to add some hints of customization to your Rogers circuit board. While that is not a bad idea, it may cost you more money if you are hiring some other Rogers PCB manufacturer to do the job for you.

However, Alcanta PCB is ready to manufacture your Rogers circuit board including all forms of customizations you may want on the board. That is because they offer PCB Specials services.


2. Ray PCB    get pcba quote

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Rayming Technology (Ray PCB)’s popularity in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry is not unconnected to the long-standing excellent service they have been offering over the last couple of years.

It is therefore not surprising that they are one of the favored Rogers PCB manufacturers owing to their use of Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Through-Hole Technology (THT), and a variety of materials.

Also, Ray PCB is the favorite Rogers circuit board manufacturer for the following reasons:

  • They stock most of Roger’s material models in their warehouses.
  • Their materials come with different levels of thickness
  • Most of their Rogers PCB designs are usable in different applications, including Microwave Point to Point (P2P) links, 5G station, RF Identification (RFID) tags, and Cellular Base Station Antennas



As we mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of Rogers PCB manufacturers, but only a few can provide the type of service you want.

If there are any features you want in your next Rogers circuit board production, they have to be speed and excellent service. And that is what you get when you hire PCBSINO.

Undoubtedly, PCBSINO has been in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry for many years, and they are popular for their speed of delivery and excellent circuit board manufacturing services.

Those and many other impressive and innovative services are what they put into work when manufacturing your Rogers circuit boards.

What Makes PCBSINO the Best Rogers PCB Manufacturer?

Do you want to learn about some of the factors that make PCBSINO one of the best manufacturers of Rogers circuit boards? Here are some of them:

Rapid Prototype

The prototype of any circuit board helps both the manufacturer and the consumer to have an idea of what the final design of the circuit board will look like.

Because of the delicacy of the prototype, PCBSINO does an excellent job of facilitating it in the shortest time possible. That way, you will be better informed on time on the possible outlook of your Rogers PCB when it is finally produced.

And if you are not pleased with how the prototype looks, you and the PCB manufacture can always go through the mistakes to correct them on time, thereby, saving you time and money in the long run.

PCB Turnkey Services

Depending on your schedule, you may want to be a part of the manufacturing process by sourcing some of the materials. But, if that isn’t what you want, you can always rely on PCBSINO because they offer full turnkey PCB services, through which they will handle every aspect of the circuit board design alone.


4. Well-Tech PCB

Well-Tech PCB is a leading Rogers PCB manufacturer that handles multiple types of circuit board designs using different types of materials. From the use of the popular Flame Retardant Level 4 (FR-4) material to the use of Rogers 4350 material, they do the job perfectly.

Why Should I Hire Well-Tech PCB?

Do you want to know why Well-Tech is one of the best Rogers PCB manufacturers out there?

We have a couple of amazing reasons that will convince you why they are in the best position to help you manufacture sturdy and highly-efficient Rogers circuit boards:

Multiple Materials

As much as the Flame Retardant Level 4 (FR-4) is the major material used in the manufacturing of Rogers circuit boards, it isn’t the only one.

Albeit, there are lots of other viable materials out there that can be used to manufacture the board. Well-Tech PCB uses some of those materials to manufacture your Rogers PCB.

Some of the materials they use include, but are not limited to:

  • Rogers 4350
  • Flame Retardant Level 4 (FR-4)
  • Isola FR-4 Multilayer materials


High-Quality Rogers Printed Circuits Boards

The quality of the circuit boards is also important. You can always rely on Well-Tech PPCB when it comes to that because the manufacturer places a premium on the use of quality materials.

To further convince you of their commitment to bolstering the quality of your Rogers PCB, the manufacturer uses the following to achieve that:

  • Up to 0.8mm material thickness
  • Immersion gold and
  • High-frequency PCB


5. Sunstone Circuits

Sunstone Circuits has been in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry for many years. They understand the basics, as well as the complexities involved in the production of Rogers – and they are prepared to tackle the same if you hire them to do the job for you.

Aside from mastering the steps involved in Rogers PCB design, they also have some innovative inputs to make in the overall quality of your circuit board. Here are some of them:

On-Time PCB Prototype

The first reason why Sunstone Circuits is one of the best Rogers PCB manufacturers is because of the on-time delivery of circuit board prototypes.

Delivering the prototypes on time does not only signify that the manufacturer can complete the rest of the circuit board design on time.

It also helps the manufacturer and consumer to take their time to access the prototypes to be sure no mistakes are made ahead of the final production.


The quality of your Rogers circuit boards is highly assured because Sunstone Circuits takes all the time in the world to go through the circuit boards thoroughly before finalizing the production.



The next on the list is PCBSKY, a Rogers PCB manufacturer that is based in China. This manufacturer designs different types of circuit boards ranging from conventional PCBs to custom circuit board fabrication.

In terms of your Rogers circuit board production, they enhance the durability of the board using laminates like:

  • RO4000 High-Frequency Laminate with TICER Foil
  • RT/duroid 6202PR laminate datasheet and
  • R/flex JADE J laminate datasheet


On the other hand, PCBSKY manufactures both the traditional Rogers PCB, as well as FR-4+High Frequency circuit boards.


7. Hitech Circuits

Hitech Circuits adds more color to Rogers PCB production via their varied production styles. Aside from manufacturing single-sided Rogers circuit boards, they are also open to take your orders for the double-sided variants.

Their circuit boards are both high density and thick. You can also take advantage of their excellent PCB layer styles that can design from 2 layers up to 6 layer counts of Rogers Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Also, here are some of the additional reasons why Hitech Circuits ranks as one of the best Rogers PCB manufacturers:

  • Up to 4mil of spacing
  • They manufacture up to 6 layer counts of circuit boards
  • They use High Frequencies to manufacture circuit boards that are widely used for satellite communication, wireless network connectivity, and faster signal flow rates.


8. Fastline PCB

Fastline PCB helps you to manufacture any type of Rogers you want for your customers and your electronic devices.

They aim to provide you with the best of services ranging from Resin Plug Hole Rogers Double-Sided circuit board, OEM Professional High-Density Roger circuit board, and Resin Multilayer circuit board.


9. Sierra Assembly Technology LLC

Sierra manufactures high-frequency Rogers circuit boards that can withstand pressure and excess heat when the board is in use.

It interests you to know that all their materials are directly sourced from Rogers Corporation, which is the company that exclusively manufactures most of the materials used for the production of Rogers circuit boards.

Besides, you want to hire them because they have the right materials you need to make your Rogers circuit board work as expected. Their materials cut across:

  • Metal Claddings
  • Laminates and
  • Bonding materials


10. Swimbi PCB

Swimbi PCB dubs themselves ‘’the only Chinese Rogers PCB Manufacturer you will ever need,’’ and from the look of things, it appears they are.

Swimbi PCB uses both the traditional Flame Retardant Level 4 (FR-4) material and the Rogers 4350B material just to ensure that the stability and the overall performance of your Rogers PCB are guaranteed.

Also, the manufacturer helps you to cut down on costs by mostly using the Rogers 4350B material because it provides higher values, higher frequencies, and lower costs of production.

Final Words

We have cleared most of your confusion about the Rogers PCB manufacturing process because you now know some of the manufacturers you can turn to the next time you want to manufacture this type of Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

We are readily available to take your orders for Rogers circuit boards, and we assure you of the best service and timely delivery.


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