Top 10 SMT Manufacturing Companies In World

Have you ever thought, “What happens when I click the buttons on my washing machine?” A printed circuit board assembly is the real secret.

Electrical appliances in the modern day are more than just wire and single-purpose appliances; they are multi-purpose, multi-tasking “helpers.”

The PCBA makes this possible by fitting a large number of electrical components into a confined area of the base known as PCB, creating a circuit capable of performing a wide variety of jobs.

Finally, the moment has come for today’s planned remarks, SMT.

What is SMT?

Surface mount technology, or SMT for short, is a technique for mounting electrical parts directly onto a printed circuit board.

Essentially, it uses reflow soldering to attach SMCs to the circuit boards.

SMT Manufacturing Process

1. Preparation of Material

Fix any issues with the PCB and SMC, and then take the test. Solder pads are flat, holeless areas of copper on a PCB that are often plated with tin, silver, lead, or gold.

2. Preparation of Stencil 

For repeatable printing of solder paste, the utilization of a stencil is mandatory. The production of this item has a basis on the predetermined locations of soldering pads on the printed circuit board.

3. Preparation of Solder paste 

To join the SMC to the PCB’s solder pads, solder paste (a flux and tin mixture) is utilized. You can use A squeegee to apply the stencil to the PCB at an angle of 45° to 60°.

4. Placement of SMC 

The printed circuit boards are sent to the pick-and-place equipment, where electronic parts get installed via belt conveyor.

5. Reflow soldering

After the insertion of SMC, the circuit boards get transported to the reflow solder oven.

· Pre-heating Zone

The first part of the oven is the pre-heating section, where the board temperature and the temperature of its components are increased gradually yet uniformly. In this part, the temperature will increase at a rate of 1.0°C to 2.0°C every second up to 140°C to 160°C.

· Soak Zone

The soak zone will have a temperature between 140 and 160 degrees Celsius, and the boards will stay there for sixty to ninety seconds.

· Reflow Zone

In the reflow zone, temperatures rise by 1.0 to 2.0 degrees Celsius per second, reaching a maximum of 210 to 230 degrees Celsius, melting the metal in the soldering paste and attaching the element terminals to the pads on the printed board. Molten solder’s surface tension aids in holding parts in place.

· Cooling Zone

When soldering, it is important to have a cooling zone after the heating zone to ensure the solder solidifies before moving on.

If the PCB is double-sided, the steps of printing, placing, and reflowing the components into position get repeated on both sides, with soldering paste or glue serving as the holding medium.

6. Inspection and cleaning

After soldering, make sure the boards are clean and inspect them for problems. Fix the broken items and put them away for later use. Magnifying lenses, AOI systems, flying probe testers, X-ray machines, etc., are all examples of common pieces of equipment used in SMT.

Top Best SMT Manufacturing Companies in World

Given your newfound familiarity with SMT, it only makes sense to learn more about the specifics of the technique and how it may get applied in the design of electronic circuit boards.

There are literally hundreds of PCB makers out there, but only a small fraction have a good experience in SMT.

To that end, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten SMT assembling companies and the solutions they provide.

1. AXIOM Manufacturing

The AXIOM Manufacturing firm is an industry-leading SMT factory in the heart of Texas, USA. They’ve been making circuit boards for quite some time now, and throughout that time, they’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of SMT assembly.

Since they have everything necessary for making your upcoming SMT board manufacture a success, you will wish to take advantage of their many PCB services.

In particular, the utilization of SMT is necessary while creating PCBs. Their turnaround time is impressive, and they take great care in their production.

In addition to their main focus, which is SMT board manufacturing, they also provide the following PCB services:

  • Prototyping
  • BGA, uBGA, and LGA
  • Repair and re-work of circuit boards
  • Fabrication of through-hole printed circuit boards
  • Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

2. Optima Technology Associates, Inc

SMT board manufacturing is a specialty of Optima Technology Associates, another industry leader. The company has its headquarters in Lewisberry, U.S. It is known for producing durable and reliable circuit boards.

Their state-of-the-art PCB equipment and facilities are useful for streamlining the mounting processes of electrical components and making it simpler to use the circuit boards in a variety of contexts.

Optima Technology Associates can work within your financial constraints so that you don’t have to choose between quality and price. Even if you’re only looking to place a moderate order, they can accommodate you and make your SMT board.

They use SMT, which allows them to offer you a complete, one-stop option for making circuit boards.

In addition, they provide the following assistance:

  • Box Build
  • Integrations
  • THT boards
  • Special procedures
  • Testing
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Original Equipment Manufacturing

3. Ray PCB 

If you were searching for the top SMT companies in the world, Ray PCB certainly wouldn’t be overlooked.

Despite having headquarters in China, Ray Printed Circuit Board has maintained a leading position in SMT board fabrication. Rather, they’ve steadily widened their reach to other countries and regions, most recently Canada and the U.S.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

High-quality SMT circuit boards get designed and built to customer requirements.

In addition, Ray PCB accepts requests for medium and low-cost circuit boards, so you won’t have to empty your savings account to get your hands on some of their future SMT circuit boards.

4. Titan Circuits

Do you prefer that SMT be used in the production of your future circuit boards? Until the circuit boards are finished, do you have limited or no period to track down the necessary electrical parts and provide necessary oversight?

Titan Circuits can provide you with complete turnkey circuit solutions, meaning you won’t have to worry about anything related to the fabrication of the SMT boards.

You can rely on their expertise as one of the top SMT circuit board manufacturers in the U.S. to assist you in creating reliable SMT PCBs.

Titan Circuit is a reliable partner for the initial production of a small number of circuit boards. Their SMT PCB fabrication services are available for orders of any size.

Additionally, they provide the following services to operate as a one-stop shop for electrical product development and manufacturing:

  • Prototyping in a short amount of time
  • Printed Circuit Boards with Multiple Layers
  • Through-Hole Technology
  • Flex-rigid circuit boards
  • Circuit boards that can bend
  • Single-sided PCBs
  • Double-sided PCBs


PCBGOGO, based in China, is an SMT specialist. In this way, they have assisted thousands of PCB buyers in SMT circuit board production. You’re interested in hiring them not just because of the impressive quality of their previous work but as well as the assurance that all of the electronic parts will be matched exactly as specified.

PCBGOGO is unrivaled in the SMT fabrication industry due in large part to the expertise of its professionals, who are well-versed in all stages of production, from prototypes to finished products.

Among the supplementary offerings are:

  • Sufficient attention to procurement and quality control of electrical parts
  • SMT printed circuit board assembly with full turnkey services

6. 4PCB

SMT (surface mount technology) circuit boards are manufactured by 4PCB, also known as Advanced Circuits, in the U.S.

For years, they’ve helped hundreds of satisfied clients achieve their aim of incorporating SMT into every aspect of their electronic circuit designs.

As you progress, they will be there to support you with a variety of tools. Some of the services provided are:

  • Producing Printed Circuit Boards
  • Fabrication of Printed Circuit Boards
  • Testing
  • Printed circuit boards with many layers and board layout

7. East India Technologies

Getting the most out of SMT is something East India Technologies can assist you with. Their staff of expert SMT engineers will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction, making them a sought-after service in India.

It’s worth noting that they employ premium SMDs to simplify the mounting of electrical components. The utilization of these precision tools is possible for all your SMT circuit board assembly requirements, whether at home or in the workplace.

You may wish to look at East India Technologies’ other SMT PCB services. For example:

  • Synergistic product development using a boxed approach
  • Modeling of PCBA
  • Imaging via X-ray
  • Soldering with a waveform
  • Automated PCB conformal coating and optical screening

8. Bittele Electronics

Seven PCB is another name for Bittele Electronics. They are the best SMT electronic circuit maker in China. Bittele Electronics, a household name in the printed circuit board market, has a staff of dedicated professionals that are eager to assist you in creating any kind of PCB you can imagine.

The most impressive aspect of their work is the way they’ve mastered the use of SMDs to streamline the manufacturing of SMD circuit boards. They have been working in the industry for years and have learned what strategies work and which ones don’t. You may rest assured that you’re working with a reliable company when you order your next batch of SMT circuit boards from them.

What’s interesting is that they each take a slightly different approach to make sure your future electronic circuit design works out just how you hoped it would. So, to get the best results in the least amount of time, they use a hybrid approach, combining automatic and manual SMT electronic circuit assembly techniques.

Bittele Electronics is prepared to continue providing you with the greatest customer support possible using the best-prepackaged PCB solutions. For that reason, you must insist on nothing less than flawless and precisely placed electrical components on your PCBs.

The other SMT electronic circuit services provided by Bittele Electronics are as follows:

  • Imaging via X-ray
  • Soldering with a reflow oven
  • Circuit board manufacturing on a small scale
  • Circuit board assembly processes require careful matching of design and specific restrictions.
  • Electrical parts placements of various types, including both double and single-sided components, are put into practice.


Producing high-quality SMT circuitry in China, GREATPCB then ships these products to hundreds of distributors all over the world.

Part of their achievement comes from the fact that they include careful attention and innovation to detail in each and every circuit board they produce.

Interesting fact: by including SMT Templates in all their circuit boards, they essentially invented a new market in the surface-mount technology circuit board industry. The number of solder joints was reduced in conventional SMT electronic circuit designs; therefore, this was necessary.

GREATPCB’s new SMT Stencils facilitate the uniform application of soldering paste to a bare PCB board. If that’s the situation, there will be more soldering joints formed, which will boost the performance of the board as a whole.

10. OurPCB Tech. Ltd

OurPCB comes last but certainly isn’t the least. They are custom SMT assembling suppliers who will work with you to enhance the performance of the electronic parts on the electronic boards they produce.

The utilization of SMT makes the process of routing the wires of the electronic parts through the PCB much easier.


SMT is still a cutting-edge method of making circuit boards, despite the associated risks.

You and other intelligent PCB buyers are likely already making offers for SMT boards, as these are essential for producing high-quality electronic gadgets.

SMT is commonly used in the designing of circuit boards. However, you may have some queries regarding it. If you have any questions, please leave a remark, and we will respond with the information you need.


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