Top 6 Rigid Flex Board Suppliers

Rigid flex boards have evolved constantly to be able to keep up with the increasing level of sophistication as well as the changing requirements of users. The sophistication levels and user preference of today are quite different from the age before computers came to be.

Furthermore, the rigid flex emergence has to do with this evolution. Also, with lots of rigid flex board suppliers out there, it becomes burdensome choosing which could be best in the field and for your business. For this article, we will first discuss what rigid flex boards are before we do a review on the best rigid flex board suppliers.

What are Rigid Flex Boards?

Rigid flex PCBs combine the features of the rigid and flexible circuit board technologies. The majority of the rigid flex boards are made up of many flex circuit substrates layers that are attached to at least one rigid board internally and/or externally. This depends on the application’s design.

Rigid flex designs are extra difficult than the design of a standard rigid board environment, as these boards are designed in the 3D space, imparting extra spatial efficiency. By having the ability to design in 3 dimensions, the designers have the ability to roll, fold, and twist those flexible board substrates in achieving the shape desired for the package of the final application

Rigid flex circuits had been used within the navy and the aerospace industry for about forty years. Also, for rigid flex boards, the layers of rigid and flexible materials are useful in creating each flexible and rigid region in the package.

What are the Top 6 Rigid Flex Board Suppliers?

American Standard Circuits (ASC)

ASC is one of the best rigid flex board suppliers. Flex and the rigid flex boards have discovered huge use in different electronics packaging. Also, flexible circuits are beneficial in components due to the fact they may be made so as to be work where smallest rigid circuit boards can’t.

Furthermore, ASC offers different solutions. If you’re seeking out a circuit board producer that produces excessive generation rigid flex and flex PCBs, you may assume ASC.

ASC is certainly considered one among most experienced and dependable rigid flex board providers within the US. This company offers complete answers provider, production quality rigid, metallic-backed, flex, as well as rigid flex circuit boards for the automotive, medical, commercial, aerospace, defense, markets in high volumes from the testing and prototyping to huge manufacturing orders.

Furthermore, ASC has understanding to offer a huge form of rigid flex board in a crucial environment. Also, asides from its production within the USA, this company has the capacity to meet your PCB necessities to decrease fees through its certified delivery chain of some offshore partners. This company additionally holds lots of key patents to aid metallic bonding processes.

Sierra Circuits

Whether you want a top HDI flex PCB or quick turn rigid flex PCB run, Sierra Circuits leads in quality and performance among the rigid flex board suppliers. Their engineers and technicians manufacture and gather the most dependable flex, rigid flex, and HDI flex PCBs within the United States.

Whether you’re seeking out standard quick turn PCBs or boards with the tightest tolerances, crafted from special metals, there’s a motive Sierra Circuits leads the enterprise in quality and performance.

Their crew of engineers has the required skills that have supported flex and rigid flex-dependent designs from all through the prototyping and finally to its end of life. They assist clients locate approaches to enhance their universal yield and locate fee efficiencies anyplace feasible. This near collaboration effects within the inspiring improvements our clients convey to the market, permitting human beings to stay and work higher.

In a race to construct tomorrow, the smallest information could have the best effect on design integrity, product quality, and time to market. Since 1986, Sierra Circuits has evolved to become excellent in rigid flex board production, optimization, and assembly.


RayMing Technology has a vast experience in rigid flex PCB manufacturing. They have designed different rigid flex PCBs for numerous manufacturers. Furthermore, another feature of this company is its great guideline tools for rigid flex PCB design that assists them finish the whole rigid flex PCB projects faster.

Rayming PCB & Assembly has numerous experienced engineers that will assist you in designing your rigid flex PCB in solving the issue. In China, RayMing is certainly considered among the best rigid flex board suppliers.

Their PCB production centers are ISO9001-certified, IPC-A-610 compliant, and IPC-A-600 compliant. Also, they have an advanced PCB production facility, which is a devoted team focused at procuring high quality components for their rigid flex PCB. They also have a PCB assembly Plant that helps to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for the rigid flex boards.

For each order, they have PCB assembly professionals and expert engineers that offer Design for Manufacturing and Design for Testing consultation services, which are important all through the pre-manufacturing stage to make certain high-quality manufacturing. Also, RayMing works with the best processes as well as a very effective quality control technique for the manufacturing of rigid flex PCB


Venture is an appropriate region on your rigid flex board design requirement. They rely on by many electronic engineers throughout the world via our 100% high quality assured policy. Their rigid flex design engineers and professionals are acquainted with top materials manufacturers along with Isola, DuPont, Panasonic, Taiflex, Thinflex, Arlon, Aplus Tec, etc. They also can endorse neighborhood famous rigid flex PCB cloth logo that healthy your tasks, and most lessen your fee.

Their rigid flex PCB designs were broadly utilized in medical, automotive, aerospace and navy applications. They are liable for the whole production process for whole rigid flex PCB tasks, together with production of rigid flex PCB and PCBA, sourcing of components mounted (100% original), PCBA trying out, non-stop tracking of quality, and very last assembly.

As a rigid flex board producer with a 15-yr experience in China, Venture offers the electronics enterprise with the cutting-edge rigid flex circuit board production generation and the highest quality standards. You can believe Venture to fulfill your necessities, from small portions to mass manufacturing, whether or not it’s far the most effective PCB or the most complicated design.

Venture manufactures each product in line with the standards followed through ISO 9001-2000. That additionally guarantees that we manufacture the goods in line with the client’s necessities. They keep growing in a competitive enterprise mostly due to their dedication to assemble their clients’ specifications, quality, and on-time delivery.

MOKO Technology

Among the rigid flex board suppliers, MOKO Technology is known as a world pioneer and expert. Their rigid flex PCB boards come with the highest possible quality. Also, they are very durable. Therefore,  their PCB services consist of Rigid flex PCB, Multilayer Flex and Rigid PCB. They have a completely superior technological setup which permits us to make certain client satisfaction.

Additionally, they have got a devoted R&D team of workers and their customer service is constantly available. Therefore, if making a decision to partner with them, then you may have the right of entry to our precious resources. Therefore, you may manufacture electronic merchandise through incurring minimal expenses and saving precious time.

Their experienced engineers always review and examine your necessities. Afterward, they’ll assist you with thing selection, fee reduction, as well as feasibility reporting. They have vast experience in growing complicated hardware. So, their crew will diligently handle the products you want.

Their crew will provide you with pragmatic design on the product architecture. Therefore, for such purpose, we can leverage our advanced CAD generation. Relevant trying out is empirical on the subject of rigid flex PCBs. So, we provide in-residence trying out and inspection offerings for all products. They observe world standards and we’ve applicable commercial certifications

Millennium Circuits Limited (MCL)

From prototype to production, MCL has you protected for all of your flexible PCB and rigid flex PCB wishes. Their information and experience producing flexible printed circuit boards provide us a competitive side within the PCB enterprise. They additionally require no minimal product quantities on orders and constantly promise a competitive charge and unbeatable customer support.

Millennium focuses on handing over superior generation assemblies to their clients in brief cycle times, and are relied on authority within the main-side semiconductor sector.

Their talents consist of the assembly of rigid flex, rigid, & flex circuit PCBs, Design and improvement engineering, SMT and Thru-Hole PCB assembly System construct and integration, Box Build assembly, and High strength systems assembly.

They have spent years refining their engineering support, device, and generation to higher their rigid flex boards. Also, they have got well-skilled technicians informed in the ultra-modern generation to construct your rigid flex PCBs to clients’ specific specifications. MCL has enterprise-main generation and centers, and their crew can satisfy all your flex and rigid flex PCB production wishes.

Cirexx World

If you’re seeking out the best-quality flex or rigid flex board suppliers, Cirexx is one of them. Their professional talents come from over 30 years of constructing flex and rigid flex circuits for different industries. Their rather professional engineers work with customers from the start of each assignment to deal with any demanding situations and offer precious guidelines at the sort of PCB needed, materials, and the way to design for manufacturability.

Whether you want a quick turn rigid flex circuit or a completely distinct sort of PCB, they have got the talents, device, and experience to fulfill your wishes and provide value-brought offerings for all varieties of rigid flex PCB layout, fabrication, and assembly.

Cirexx has extensive experience working with the most difficult PCB designs together with people with extraordinarily tight tolerances. The intensity of our production understanding is why their clients pick Cirexx every year, they spend money on ultra-modern devices and the latest generation to offer the nice talents and preserve very tight PCB fabrication tolerances.

Recognized as a time-generation chief, Cirexx gives a true rigid flex PCB provider and offers a “one-stop-shop” and all in-residence answer with 100% USA production.

How to Choose a Reliable Rigid Flex Board Supplier

There are numerous rigid flex board suppliers out there. However, now no longer they all provide dependable and excessive-quality rigid flex boards. To lease the proper rigid flex board suppliers, you want to not forget a few factors.


You’ll additionally need to work with a producer that has experience that suits up together along with your assignment’s necessities. Look for the subsequent statistics on their internet site or ask a consultant to offer you with it: Do they have got experience with surface-mount generation, via-hollow production or each?

Quality control

Good quality control machines need to be a part of what rigid flex board providers provide any time they do an assignment with you. Adequate quality trying out is essential due to the fact a failure can fee you time and cash and motive harm in your popularity. Before signing a partnership with a company, ask approximately their trying out alternatives. Look for corporations which have completely trying out tactics and company-huge quality control processes.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

Customer support

While technical talents and product quality are vital, you may overlook approximately customer service. You need to work with a commercial enterprise in an effort to take care to locate the nice answer for you, directly solve your questions and assist you with issues in the event that they arise.


Certification and standardization are a need on the subject of handling a rigid flexible PCB producer. The proper rigid flex board providers comply or abide through essential enterprise standards. Even in case you intend to get a reasonably-priced rigid flexible PCB producer, make certain that they have got the essential certifications.


With lots of rigid flex board suppliers present, it could be very difficult choosing the very best in this business. Choosing one, which can provide quick-turn rigid flex PCB, is very important here. Once again, choosing one has to do with your desired production situation.


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