How to Choose a Top Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) prototypes are extensively used to lessen the mistakes in a PCB design. These prototypes assist OEMs examine the strengths as well as the susceptible regions in their circuits. Prototyping enables producers to save costs which would have been spent on the rectifying of the defects as well as reducing product recalls.

Here’s one good reason why many companies usually love to invest so much in their prototype PCB assembly earlier than just involve in excessive-quantity manufacturing.

What is Prototype PCB Assembly?

Here, Prototype PCB assembly plays a very important stage during the manufacturing process of the printed circuit when we speak about the PCB prototype assembly. It is likewise called PCBA prototype assembly, SMT or floor mount era PCB prototype, etc. That means prototype assembly of PCBs will become clean from those names. So, what does prototype PCB assembly mean?

You can see Prototype PCB Assembly as a quickturn prototype PCB Assembly specially implemented to check the new electronic layouts and designs. As such, it enables us to test and make sure the quality warranty of the PCB. For example, it verifies no mistakes when checking the PCB. It also performs design updates and then finds all the errors. In most cases, a prototype assembly of an electronic process takes three times to make sure that the entirety is good.

PCB prototyping is the experimentation pilot stage of the product that is to be mass produced at a later stage. This is an extra test that is accomplished after the preliminary discussions and the design. This gives a pre-manufacturing evaluation of the boards which are to be manufactured, decreasing the viable variety of mistakes in your PCB design. PCB prototypes assist the producer examine the strengths in addition to susceptible regions in their proposed circuit boards.

Top 8 Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturers

SlingShot Assembly

Slingshot Assembly is thought for rapid, excessive-quality prototype printed circuit board assembly offerings. This prototype pcb assembly manufacturer depended on through organizations throughout the USA to assist them create small batches of pinnacle-notch circuit boards for his or her prototypes and small manufacturing runs.

You can get a spontaneous quote on your order in some minutes with this enterprise leading on-line quoting tool. Or, in case you need to work immediately with their professional Quote Team immediately, they may take your documents and get you a complete custom quote inside 24 hours.

 Once they obtain your approval, we are able to procure components and bare boards and gather your PCBs in as low as three commercial enterprise days. Their most famous flip times are five and seven day flip times however they may flex for your agenda. Their speed will let their clients live on tight venture schedules or make up time on an agenda that is behind.

 As quickly as your order is placed, SlingShot’s Engineering Team makes use of the enterprise’s satisfactory engineering software program to study your design documents to capture problems so that it will gradually or prevent your venture. These problems are treated prematurely and in most cases don’t cause any delays.

Hillman Curtis

Hillman Curtis gives quick and easy quotes via their website. Also, after you deliver the necessary resources for the PCB, it takes some days to gather the prototype. Although Hillman Curtis values speed, they will never do that at the expense of the quality. Also, they work with an experienced staff and the latest equipment to ensure their prototypes are fully functional and durable enough.

This prototype pcb assembly manufacturer also works very closely with customers to make sure that the prototype PCB assembly given meets the specifications. If you’ve got any concerns or questions, their representatives are prepared to offer you the expert solutions and help you need.

Hillman Curtis should be your trusted partner to bring your electronics thoughts into life via their PCB manufacturing and prototype services. They have teamed up with the best in the industry who give users the best assistance and answers required. Their procurement group has vast experience in identifying issues related to supply early and then team up with them to find solutions to them very early and quickly.

PCB Assembly Express

PCB Assembly Express is a complete provider prototype PCB assembly producer positioned in Oregon, USA. They provide rapid and dependable prototype printed circuit board assembly. They comply with enterprise rules for our operations, that is why they’re certified.

Their group of design and format engineers are prepared to work with you regardless of the dimensions and complexity of your venture. They associate with a variety of printed circuit board producers in the USA, Taiwan and China to offer our clients a huge variety of PCB abilities. They are a complete provider Electronic Contract Manufacturer positioned Oregon with over 12 years of experience.

Their delivery chain contains producers, agents, and legal vendors who focus on tough to find components. They investigate your printed circuit boards at numerous stages of the production process for early detection of faults.

Speed is their precedence with regards to our PCB assembly. They purchase essential components in bulk. Also, this prototype pcb assembly manufacturer expedites orders for extra specialized components, so that you can gather your excessive-quality prototypes as quickly as viable.

MOKO Technology

This prototype PCB assembly producer affords prototype assembly offerings for a collection of PCBs which include excessive-frequency, HDI, Rigid, Rigid-flex, Flex, and Multi-layer PCBs. Their prototype PCB assembly offerings are extensively utilized in numerous fields together with automotive, industrial, clinical, and electronic.

This prototype pcb assembly manufacturer has the most dependable providers in the enterprise, who offer excessive-quality components for every of our projects. In addition, they have got an expert procurement group with an amazing knowledge of the market, making sure that the required components are usually to be had at competitive prices.

Before they embark on production PCB assembly prototypes, they carry out a DFM evaluation to ensure that there aren’t any production problems. And their engineers will work with you intently and offer the most beneficial answer so that it will lessen prices and boom productivity. Before handing over PCB assembly prototypes, they may carry out numerous checking out and inspections to make sure the quality, which include flying probe check, in-circuit checking out, X-Ray inspection, AOI, and visible inspection.

This prototype pcb assembly manufacturer strictly complies with enterprise rules, and we’re compliant with ISO 13485, UL, ISO9001, ROHS, IPC, and standards. Equipped with five STM strains and three DIP manufacturing strains, MOKO Technology can gather a PCB prototype as rapidly as 1 day.

Venture Electronics

Venture is a dependable prototype PCB assembly producer that gives custom PCB prototype assembly offerings in prototype portions or low-quantity to mid-quantity manufacturing prototypes. That consists of rapid prototype assembly; they are able to take your custom PCB designs, set up them for the assembly offerings and carry out complete checking to make sure they meet your overall performance necessities.

They can offer a whole turnkey PCB prototype assembly with a one-prevent answer. They fabricate all PCB assembly projects, mainly a small quantity assembly, low quantity PCB assembly, and prototype PCB assembly. Their PCB sorts for prototype PCB assembly include: Rigid PCB, LED PCB, Flex PCB and rigid-flex PCB, etc.

At Venture, all the boards will undergo the most stringent checks apart from the simple visible check. More than 50 new engineers internationally use their PCBs for his or her work, who consider them for our dependable quality.

This prototype PCB assembly manufacturer displays exceeding flexibility, and that they remedy the most complicated technical challenges. Thanks to the synergistic power created inside their work environment, they have effectively constructed partnerships with a huge variety of virtually tremendous clients.


PCBGOGO gives excessive-quality PCB prototype assembly offerings to clients internationally, from PCB production, thing purchasing, and PCB prototype assembly to checking out, all below one roof. They use a notably flexible assembly process, affordable prices, and rapid turnaround times, so please consider them to offer a super provider without reservation.

This prototype PCB assembly manufacturer can offer whole turnkey PCB prototype assembly offerings, providing a one-prevent-answer technique that saves you time, money, and hassle. They have a devoted group that could offer a quick turnaround for prototype circuit board assembly with floor mount (SMT), via-hole (THT), and hybrid era components. Their green, short prototype PCB assembly provider group can finish the circuit board assembly in much less than seventy two hours.

Their PCB prototype assembly additionally gives thing sourcing that lets in clients to be aware of format design. They have a devoted procurement team of workers, and that they coordinate with more than one provider and vendors to supply components to patron necessities. Their group is going via those procurement info in the most green manner.

Their PCB assembly prototype is a specialized provider that lets them take complicated designs, put them together for the assembly process, and check the boards without disturbing problems.

Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits gives a complete variety of PCB Solutions, which include prototype PCB assembly and small and large-scale manufacturing. This prototype PCB assembly manufacturer is a pacesetter in the prototype PCB assembly enterprise, and its recognition for quality and on-time delivery units are other than its competition.

This prototype PCB assembly manufacturer is a greatest provider of custom and excessive-quality PCBs for numerous industries, which include clinical, industrial, and consumer electronics. In addition to their giant product variety is likewise identified for its customer support, which has constantly garnered excessive scores from clients. Furthermore, their customer support is pinnacle-rated through many enterprise publications.

In addition, their professional specialists have advanced a streamlined and cost-effective process. They are certainly considered one among the most important PCB producers in the US. Also, they provide prototype PCB assembly production with 24-hour stay tech support. Their on-time delivery file is 2nd to none, and that they offer loose record evaluations and expedited transport options. Advanced Circuits has certainly considered one among the most important databases of PCB production clients in the country.

Sierra Assembly

Sierra Assembly is thought for particular PCB format designs. This lets them combine computerized and guide component loading stations easily. Over the years, they have constructed robust delivery chain relationships in the enterprise, which enables them to satisfy the necessities of prototype assembly offerings easily.

Their engineering understanding coupled with their knowledge of enterprise necessities and a well-prepared facility allows them to guarantee the quickest turnaround times of 24-forty eight hours. All the printed circuit board prototypes that we produce are IPC compliant, which enables them guarantee reliability.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

Their delivery chain relationships permit them to guarantee competitive prices. Sierra Assembly follows stringent protocols with regards to PCBA checking out. They carry out flying probe checking out and useful checking out other than AOI and easy visible inspection. These strategies assist us in making sure the reliability and accuracy of the circuit boards. In addition to this, they make sure an extended operational lifestyle of gadgets, minimum manufacturing losses, streamlined processes, and plenty extra.

They are very unique approximately our scheduled deliveries and timelines, and we supply without compromising the quality. Also, they are able to offer prototype PCB assemblies for design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for checking out (DFT).

How to Choose a Suitable Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Selecting a pinnacle PCB prototyping assembly producer can end up hard because of the numerous carriers to be had. However, to pick out a pinnacle one primarily based totally on your PCB prototyping desires, you should not forget the subsequent points.


First, clients should not forget the provider’s professionalism and abilities through figuring out their control machine and gadget. If a prototype PCB Assembly Company is expert, their elements may be whole and advanced.


A top prototype PCB assembly producer desires to have ISO 9001 certification concerning the quality control machine. Thus, the quality certification can function as a super beacon to the understanding of the prototype assembler.

Customer provider

The feeling you get from the prototype PCB assembly producer may also function as a really perfect beacon to recognize their pinnacle popularity and potential to supply promising PCB prototypes. Therefore, you must decide the assembly company consistent with their provider attitude.


Cost is usually a crucial consideration. You need to get the most cost you can, for the bottom price, so that you can enhance your backside line and preserve providing quality merchandise for your clients at a low cost price.


The prototype PCB assembly is a complicated process. It’s now no longer even part of the actual circuit board production process; still, it holds great significance. Therefore, this process is satisfactory left in the fingers of specialists. We have indexed the top prototype PCB assembly manufacturer for your use in this article.


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