6 Best And Reliable Enig PCB Manufacturers And Suppliers


A PCB manufacturer is important for conducting different life activities with ease. Such circuits have a huge significance in the life of a layman. It can get difficult to choose from the large pool of PCB manufacturers

Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) is an important component of PCB circuits. The purpose of this is to protect the circuit from sudden sparks and damage over time. It consists of two layers. One of the metal wires is thin and made of gold which covers the nickel layer.

The nickel secures the copper padding from the process of oxidation and fortifies its surface for the attachment and assembly of other circuit parts. The purpose of using a gold layer is to protect the layer of nickel from oxidation when the circuit is not in use. 

All of this is for enhancing the durability of PCB circuits. The performance remains outstanding even after frequent usage. The plating phenomenon is crucial in the PCB sector. It is important to keep the parameters like quality, capabilities, customer service, price, customer satisfaction, and trustworthiness when it comes to choosing from many PCB producers. 

Below are some established Enig PCB manufacturers to reduce your stress of research!

custom pcb

1. RayMing Technology

RayMing PCB & Assembly is one of the favorites of its lover owing to its complete in-service facility for the customers. The company covers all aspects, from prototyping to full circuit board assembly. The brand also helps you with circuit board customization. 

● Ray PCB Capabilities

The company has been the main focus of the industry for many years due to its amazing capabilities. The happy customers of this company make up 88%-89%, and there is no doubt that due to its after-service and additional perks given to the customers. 

● PCB Assembly

Assembling Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) is a hectic process. It requires expertise to assemble the entire circuit board in a careful and actionable way. In this case, this manufacturer has no parallel. The experts will render you both the partial and the full turnkey designs to choose from them.

For the partial design, you can put forward your circuit parts. After that, the experts will handle the rest. In most cases, the job revolves around sourcing other parts and assembling boards.

In another case, the company is also capable of covering all the dimensions of the installation and PCB assembly.

In this case, the manufacturer will be:

  • Having access to all the circuit parts
  • Designing and assembling the circuit boards
  • Testing the 3mil printed circuit boards 
  • Checking the performance of the circuit after the assembly

Ray PCB is also open to helping you with the following:

  • PCB design in Quick-turn
  • Short-run PCB assembly
  • One-off design of circuits
  • Low-volume assembly and manufacturing
  • High-quality designs with IPC III
  • Heavy copper assembly and manufacturing
  • Different layer designs of PCB
  • Testing of PCB

2. Hillmancurtis

Hilmancurtis PCBs are among the most widely accepted devices among people. They come in different prototypes and varieties. So that the users can choose the best PCB for themselves.

Enig PCBs are the lifeblood of home appliances and electronics. Due to this reason, a PCB manufacturer has to meet all the needs of the quality of these devices. 

Thus, it is important for a brand to consider the manufacturing process, types of services, and how to pick a top PCB provider to keep complications at bay. 

Services Offered by Hillmancurtis PCB Manufacturer

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

The manufacturing of printed circuit boards includes different factors like end-to-end processes involving design, prototyping, fabrication, assembly, and packaging. The needs of the users to execute PCBs depend on capability and budget.

Some customers can design their own circuits, while others rely on different providers. It varies from small to large-scale circuit board production.

● Enhanced production accuracy and speed

The pillars of the PCB sector are High printed circuit board quality and minimum time-to-market period. These are important for the progress of PCB markets and the entire industry. The experienced, and knowledgeable ECMs ensures quality and shorten the duration for sales and leads.

One of the major benefits of ECMs is the testing of the boards in the actual environments under the expert watch of professionals.

● Limited design time

Some of the unsettling factors for major companies about PCBs are the PCB design process and its time. These sources lead to complications in the time required to manufacture and accumulate circuit boards, when it consists of Low costs of operation and enhanced production equipment.


Small-scale companies cannot cope with the huge investments in this case of PCB manufacturing. ECMs can prove to be a solution for this. These are beneficial in terms of keeping their expenses within budget, along with increased volumes and an enhanced time-to-market period.

● Quick sourcing of electronic components

The average price range of PCB components is a setback for small to medium-level companies. This is why teaming up with ECMs is helpful. ECMs are able to get the parts from their supply chain contacts and professionals. The price of ECMs inspection and testing is also free of cost. 

3. Unimicron

Unimicron claims to be the World’s Leading Enig PCB Manufacturers. The services of the company include checking the quality of your circuit boards, with additional perks on making the PCB manufacturing process faster.

It is a wise decision to consult a PCB manufacturer like Unimicron because of a faster circuit board within an affordable price range that fits your budget. The company allows customers to have custom circuit boards designed. The company offers other products besides PCBs that are innovative and easier to use.

Some of their products are:

  • TP and ECRM like Glass.
  • IC Carrier, like Memory Module and FCBGA
  • Connectors like PCBeam

Unimicron is well-prepared for the designing of PCBs and to conduct all the improvements that electronic devices might be in dire need of. Some of the important PCB types this company offers are:

  • FPC
  • ELIC
  • Rigid-Flex boards
  • High-Density circuit boards and interconnectors

These features of the company are sufficient enough to make you fall in love with its products and services.

No wonder the manufacturer is on the list of top-rated giants of the field. The company boasts excellency and complete satisfaction of its customers and buyers. These virtues are important for the successful production of durable PCBs.


Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are a major component of different industries. These range from the medical sector to Artificial Intelligence (AI). These are a hot demand for different fields. Companies like DSBJ are crucial to consider to make a good decision about PCBs.

One of the best parts of this brand is the handling of a wide range of PCB productions, such as Enig PCB, Rigid PCBs and Flexible PCBs.

Not only this, but the company also produces Rigid-Flex circuit boards, which are the best forms of PCBs effective to use for portable electronic devices. If you care to order these circuits from the company, you will get the following additional perks:

  • Construction with air gap
  • Stiffeners
  • FPC systems at Low-cost

DSBJ also renders services of full Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly services via their PCB solution specialist – Multek. Below is the list of other services given by the company to the customers:

  • Final box build
  • Assembly services of Backend full circuit board
  • Services for manufacturing the PCBA or FPCA circuit board

5. Zhen Ding Tech

The company has been enjoying its solid stance in the industry for many years. The highlights of this brand are its acumen to merge the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G Technology, the Internet of Vehicles, and Artificial Intelligence to render different solutions to consumer problems. The company boasts a subtle process that modifies complex concepts for the audience. 

The processes being executed in the company are designing of the circuit boards. Implementation of Research and Development (R&Ds) prior to the production of circuit boards. Marketing and sales of prepared PCBs to customers and electronic companies. 

Products and Services

The Zhen ding Group does not compromise the expectations of its buyers. There is a long list of happy customers that find its products and services irresistible to ignore for the safe usage of PCBs.

The company has the ability to design prototypes for different companies ranging on the basis of versatility. It means you can order different forms of PCBs through this company. 

Their list of circuit board products includes:

  • Modular products module
  • Connection Board with High-Density
  • The chip on film memory
  • Hard and soft circuit boards

6. Kinwong


Kinwong is one of the PCB manufacturers that focuses on the problems of the consumers and provides relevant solutions to them as well.

The experts of Kinwong are adept in designing circuit prototypes that go well with the danger-free utilization of PCBs in homes and offices. The quality of PCBs is not compromised at Kinwong. The PCBs produced by this company have further core applications in different fields.

Below is the detail of the fields of applications of PCBs offered by Kinwong:

  • Telecommunication

Telecommunication has evolved from 2G to 3G. Today, the latest and the latest version is available, which is 4G. Studies show that experts are conducting different experiments to bring out the novelty of 5G as well.

The company steps forward to keep up with the pace of telecommunication and its subclasses in different sectors. 

● Industrial & Medical

The medical and healthcare industry cannot ignore the importance of PCBs. These can prove to be lifesaving for the medical equipment to save the lives of the patients.

Kinnwong is ambitious to produce medical-friendly PCB designs that would be beneficial to integrate into the medical machinery for effective results. 

  • Consumer Electronics

The usage of PCBs in the area of consumer electronics is the main character of this debate. Contemporary electronics are getting more and more tech-based.

That’s why it is important to consider the rapid development of technology extending its branches in the daily home appliances and other devices.

It is also a typical use case of PCBs where consumers rely on the safe execution of PCBs at their homes and offices. These are universal devices. It means the quality and variants of PCBs might differ in various regions around the globe, but their importance stays untouched no matter the region of the world. 

Kinwong feels great pride in delivering such devices that make the users:

  • Smarter
  • Lighter
  • Thinner

You should consult Kinwong since it promises quality assembly of PCBs and professional suggestions to help you make a good choice for your friends and family. Their design has been ethical to use for many years. The quality does not tarnish due to its frequent use.

The company is certified on architectural and engineering grounds to design both conventional and modern Printed Circuit Boards.

The professionals are also trying to match their products with the recent trend of the PCB industry to cater to the problems of the client’s side in an effective way. They are encouraged to receive positive feedback from their clients about their former products.

Final Verdict

There is no second thought that there is a large pool of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers. But the point is to understand their pros and cons. Some companies are too expensive, while others don’t care about quality. 

This debate is to make you aware of 6 integral giants to know about when you are in need of a brand that promises quality work, shorter lead time, and education on the latest trends in the PCB industry that can influence both the brand and the users. 

It should give you an idea of what makes all these big companies different from each other so that you can easily choose from them with no fear. The subject is sensitive when it comes to the security of family and friends.

This is why you should always depend on the professionals who would keep different problems about PCBs at bay for you.


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