Best 8 Electronic Manufacturing Services Supplier in Asia

Electronic Manufacturing Services Supplier

Electronics are very important in modernization. This is because they make it possible for the execution of codes and serve as a strong medium all through the process of programming. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that electronics are dominating all aspects and areas of life. Electronics play a key role in entertainment, communication, and more.

Asia is a continent that houses global powerhouses like China and Japan. There are so many things to know regarding electronic manufacturing services suppliers in the continent. The processes and systems’ quality doesn’t just set the standard right, but it does well regarding the electronic products.

However, there are many electronic manufacturing services suppliers in Asia offering different services. They also have differing delivery timelines, pricing, and quality. Therefore, this is why it is important to know how to choose a top electronic manufacturing services supplier. It is also necessary to know how best you can do this.


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What are the Best 8 Electronic Manufacturing Services Supplier in Asia?

Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation

Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation

The Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation is a top electronic manufacturing services supplier in Japan, which was founded in September 1985. The president of the company is Masato Matsumoto, while the Directors are Fumiaki Ono and Toshiko Kono.

Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation doesn’t only offer its manufacturing services only in Japan, but it extends its service globally. The company develops businesses that include logistics, design, and development of human resources. These are its unique strengths.

Other services they offer includes logistics service, technical services, (which include repairs, analysis and rework), design and IT production and development engineering (which includes recruitment, contracting, and staffing).

To meet the various needs of its customers, Nippon collects the resources of both its overseas and domestic group to deliver solutions with high value.

One great feature of this company is their highly-skilled employees. They conduct themselves diligently and seriously. They also take note of very important matters and always strive harder to improve.

Lastly, Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation always ensures customer satisfaction. Also, they base their operations on effective communication, in order to comprehend the diverse needs of the customer. Furthermore, they always impress by responding to customer needs swiftly. This is why so many customers trust the company and seek to work with them.

Nippon Manufacturing Service Corporation Website:

RayMing PCB & Assembly

rayming pcb assembly

RayMing PCB & Assembly is a top PCB manufacturer in China that offers full printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services. Also, RayMing, which was established in 2005, is able to provide both partial and full turn-key PCB assembly services.

Regarding the full turn-key PCB service, RayMing can handle the whole process. This includes the manufacturing of PCBs, procuring top-quality components (completely original), printed circuit board assembly testing, monitoring the quality continuously, and the final assembly.

However, for the partial turn-key, customers can provide RayMing with the printed circuit boards and some components. Next, this electronic manufacturing services supplier will handle the remaining aspects of the job.

There are several reasons why you should choose RayMing PCB & Assembly. First is its on-time delivery. Once you place an order, be sure to get it on-time and with high-quality. Also, RayMing’s support team is large and their response service is very quick.

You have nothing to worry about working with this electronic manufacturing services supplier, because they boast more than 6000 contract clients. Customers want to work with and buy from them because they are reliable; they always deliver on what they promise. Every month, over 100 new customers work with RayMing, with the majority of them coming via referrals.

Presently, RayMing has been able to earn the trust and confidence of more than 6000 assemblers and 10,000 engineers who rely on them for their PCB needs. The products they offer include Teflon, Rogers, Flexible-rigid PCB, HDI boards, high-frequency printed circuit board, and aluminum boards.

RayMing PCB & Assembly Website:



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Elematec is another top electronic manufacturing services supplier that was initially established in 1947. However, it was founded in 2009 after it was merged.

This company is top-rated and serves in the manufacturing of certified and top-quality design, and supply services. Elematec is situated in Japan, and it has more than enough capacity, which are made up of the latest and quality machines, equipment, and technology, as well as skilled employees that play a key role in the designing and manufacturing of top-quality electronic products, no matter the industry.

Furthermore, in the industry, Elematec has vast experience as well as multiple locations from where it operates. They offer electronic manufacturing services for many industries. Also, they adhere strictly to industry standards and regulations.

Elematec offers products such as medical equipment, OA equipment, building equipment, camera, construction equipment, supercomputer, semiconductor, video equipment, Smartphone camera module, and industrial equipment.

Their business model includes manufacturing service, environmental and quality management, logistics and overseas networking, procurement agency, and planning and design/development. Furthermore, Elematec has been able to build unique strength by giving responses to different needs for more than 70 years of service as an electronic manufacturing services supplier, which has been changing very quickly.

Elematec Website:

Ionics EMS, Inc

Ionics EMS is a complete one-stop electronic manufacturing services supplier. This company is based in the Philippines. Back in the 90s, the Asian country was seen as the best low-cost region (LCR) in the Asian continent. This period, the Philippines was home to the electronic industry as companies in Japan led this charge, going ahead to set up factories, as well as use EMS companies based in the Philippines.

It is a strong partner to some well-known original equipment manufacturers in the world. With more than 40 years of experience, Ionics has been able to develop professionalism in the design and manufacturing process of electronics.

Furthermore, Ionics EMS performs critical studies on manufacturing and design. This makes sure that the products work great for manufacturing of high volume and possess very reliable field performance. Also, the electronic manufacturing services supplier has worked with top OEMs in different industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, medical, telecommunication, industrial, computer peripherals and computers.

Also, Ionics EMS offers unique EMS solutions to the EMS marketplace of the 21st century, with its business focused on engineering services, product development, and supply manufacturing. Furthermore, the company is on the Stock Exchange of the Philippines, which is now a strategic region for EMS in Asia.

The mission of Ionics EMS is quality. Whatever you are searching for, this electronic manufacturing services supplier focuses on delivering to you whatever you need and whenever you desire to have it. Furthermore, the company has lots of customers that love working with them. This is because they produce only top-quality products at a very fast rate.

Ionics EMS Website:



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LeeMAH Electronics

LeeMAH Electronics

Another top electronic manufacturing services supplier is LeeMAH Electronics. This China-based company has been involved in solutions regarding manufacturing since 1971. It also offers test solutions with both low-medium and high-mix volume needs.

Furthermore, LeeMAH electronics has different locations, where they use similar equipment and same processes and test sets in delivering seamless hybrid solutions and migrations for all customers.

The company’s philosophy focuses on flexibility with the needs of their customers and then creating relationships that will last a long time. Furthermore, the electronic manufacturing services supplier offers strategies for the customers in Texas and California that totals more than 140,000 sq. ft.

At LeeMAH electronics, their major services include assembly of printed circuit boards, the manufacturing of electromechanical boxes, and assembly of custom cables.

Also, the high-tech abilities of this electronic manufacturing services supplier have been able to work with the digital age’s pace. This has aided the company to offer the most efficient and highest quality assembly services of printed circuit boards.

Also, with the provision of printed circuit boards for different equipment types, the company has been able to fulfill complex customer requirements even in industries that are most demanding. These include instrumentation, military, professional audio, communications, professional audio, and more.

LeeMAH electronics website:

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi electric is another top electronic manufacturing services supplier with over more than 100 years of experience in the industry. It was founded in 1921, and has always been at the top of Japan’s product innovation and technical ingenuity. This company is a leader in the manufacturing and innovation of different electronic products.

Furthermore, the company produces different high-quality products, which is possible due to its highly-skilled workforce, technologies, and use of top equipment during the process of design, as well as production.

The highlights of the company include the following. It works with the different regulations of the electronic industry. Furthermore, it has multiple production, as well as distribution locations globally. It is also huge on sustainability and it manufactures and distributes different electronic products.

This electronic manufacturing services supplier offers the following products: air conditioners, automotive equipment, home products, systems for factory automation, space systems, visual information and energy systems, transportation systems, public systems, and binding systems.

Furthermore, this company is among the leading names in the world when it comes to the manufacturing as well as sales of electronic and electrical systems and products that are useful in different applications and fields.

Mitsubishi Electric Website:



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Ryder Industries

Ryder Industries is a China-based electronic manufacturing services supplier with over four decades old and continues to grow.

Aside from its main processes used for electronics manufacturing, Ryder Industries has created a development and design front end, a range of different manufacturing processes, as well as extensive test equipment and know-how.

They have a huge strength, which is their teams which are customer-dedicated. They attune finely to customers, by listening to the bigger picture constantly, coupled with the operational details. Together with the customer, this electronic manufacturing services supplier makes things happen.

Furthermore, at Ryder Industries, they use some regular terms, which include OTD (on-time-delivery), resilient, well-managed, and well-resourced. These terms are used during Ryder’s master manufacturing process.

The vertical integration of this electronic manufacturing services supplier supports quick delivery and high quality. The company goes an extra mile to back and offer support for customer goals.

Design and development is another significant teamwork between the EMS and OEM. This factor is key for success, which means a lot for their customers. Ryder sees this as significant, and this is why it places well-equipped and experienced electronics, program, mechanical engineering, and firmware at the disposal of the customer.

Ryder Industries website:


Panasonic was established back in 1894, although the brand was launched officially in 1918. The Japan-based company is at an elite-level boasting a huge global presence. It majorly specializes in researching, designing, developing, and the manufacture of electronic products.

Also present, are highly-skilled personnel, latest technologies, as well as top equipment that keep innovating and improving, asides from the development and the manufacture of certified and quality electronic products to serve different industries.

The main product Panasonic offers includes electronic devices as well as entertainment and utility applications. Furthermore, the major highlights of the company includes the production of different electronics, multiple locations for manufacturing globally, offers manufacturing, development, and research services. Also, it is certified, and it complies with industry standards and regulation.

In addition, it serves different types of industries and it is huge on sustainability. The company’s basic approach when it comes to design has to do with the “Future Craft” philosophy, with the company striving hard to satisfy the customer in different fields that are related to daily business and life. This future craft philosophy has to do with the creation of ambient solutions, which are very appropriate for the customer.

Panasonic Website:


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What you should consider before Choosing the Best Electronic manufacturing services Supplier

There are lots of external and internal factors involved in electronic manufacturing. This is one reason why it is a complex process. This is why not all electronic manufacturing services supplier will be suitable for you or for your company.

To choose the right and best electronic manufacturing services supplier from the countless number available, it is very necessary to ask yourself some questions.

Does this electronic manufacturing services supplier have some history or experience in this industry?

Choosing the right electronic manufacturing services supplier could prove difficult due to the pedigree and credibility of the manufacturer. The best for you is one that demonstrates years of manufacturing electronics successfully.

Will this company be able to add some value to the design process?

Many electronic manufacturing services suppliers offer support via design for manufacturing (DFM). As someone searching for a partner in this field, consider one that is both proactive and possesses top-class staff and toolsets. This staff must have vast knowledge about design procedures and the technical aspects, as well as accelerating and facilitating the process involved in the production.

Does this electronic manufacturing services supplier work with advanced and modern technologies and equipment?

When you work with a partner that uses advanced technology and equipment, you can be rest assured that this company will meet your manufacturing needs.

Does this electronic manufacturing services supplier adhere strictly to all the industry quality standards and guidelines?

Majority of the top leaders of the market serving as electronic manufacturing services suppliers usually adhere strictly to the specific regulations of the industry via certifications. These certifications now become very important in working with the strict business processes and control, most especially in the defense, medical, and aerospace fields. This demonstrates the electronic manufacturing services supplier’s commitment and capability to produce high-quality manufacturing services.

Is their Offer Broad Regarding Product Testing?

You must conduct the product testing discussion as early as possible when working on the design. This is very important for products that may need to function in very harsh environments. This is where environmental testing and reliability becomes important.

Will the electronic manufacturing services supplier meet and fulfill your post-order needs?

When a manufacturer has a skilled and dedicated team, this assures you that they have the capacity of meeting your demands.

Does the electronic manufacturing services supplier communicate effectively and transparently?

There must be consistency, communication, and collaboration between you and your electronic manufacturing services supplier. This is very important.

Will the electronic manufacturing services supplier be flexible enough to make product changes and revisions when you need to during production?

This is very important, because you may need to make some changes and if the supplier refuses or delays in helping out, this may not be good for you.

Does the electronic manufacturing services supplier have a product introduction process?

Any top electronic manufacturing services supplier must possess a pipeline for the production of new electronic designs.

Other questions you need to ask yourself include:

  • Can the electronic manufacturing services supplier align its business model to yours?
  • Can you trust this supplier to be your brand ambassador?
  • Also, can the electronic manufacturing services supplier monitor and address the service levels?
  • Can the manufacturing mix of your electronic manufacturing services supplier match what you want for your product?
  • Can this supplier handle traceability?
  • Does the service of the electronic manufacturing services supplier include a product counterfeit prevention and lifecycle management?
  • What is the electronic manufacturing services supplier’s manufacturing footprint, and will it work with your short, as well as long-term needs?


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How to Select or Choose an Electronic Manufacturing Services Supplier

Choosing the best electronic manufacturing services supplier, especially in Asia could be very challenging. This is because there are so many of them out there and choosing one over the other may be very confusing. Also, because they are numerous, some people may end up working with the wrong electronic manufacturing services supplier. However, to prevent this from happening, you can apply the principles below.

First, you must consider the rating of the electronic manufacturing services supplier before you contact them for manufacturing solutions.

Majority of factors and work determine the rating of a company. For example, the rating of an electronic manufacturing services supplier considers the manufacturing experience, size, and capacity in the technology, industry, certifications, industry, etc.

If the electronic manufacturing services supplier has high ratings, this means that there is a high chance that the supplier manufactures high-quality products. The same also holds for very low ratings. Furthermore, if you come across a company that has no ratings, this means you have to do more research about the company asides from utilizing other metrics in determining if it’s suitable for your manufacturing needs.

Also work with recommendations from friends, peers, and family, which you trust to give accurate and reliable information.

This works fine especially if they have worked with the electronic manufacturing services supplier in the past. However, this will prove useful by combining this with other important factors.

Check online reviews of the electronic manufacturing services supplier

Majority of online reviewers usually consider some things. In addition, most of the time, they are usually first-time or long users or customers of the electronic manufacturing services supplier. This is why their feedback regarding their experiences while using the products and services of the manufacturer serves as a very vital indicator of the quality and capacity of manufacturing from that electronic manufacturing services supplier.

Furthermore, you must take a look at other electronic manufacturing services supplier aspects to help in determining their suitability and capacity to your manufacturing needs.


The significance of choosing the right electronic manufacturing services supplier for your company’s electronic needs in Asia cannot be overemphasized. Although the process could be difficult, you just cannot miss it. There is no better way of choosing the best electronic manufacturing services supplier than from our best right reviewed companies based in Asia. Also, we have included some guidelines that will aid you in making the best decision. We’ve also given tips on how to choose which electronic manufacturing services supplier is best for your needs. If you have any more questions, you can reach out to us here. We will always be here to attend to your needs.





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