How to Choose the Best Double Sided PCB Factory in Your Project

The processing required for all sophisticated electronics could be achieved through double sided PCB production. It appears that the double sided PCB is the gateway to ensure better applications. They are attentive to effectiveness and performance.

Due to many benefits of the double sided PCBs, they’ve turned out to be the mainstream PCBs for all companies throughout the globe. You could even experience custom designed Double sided PCB Manufacturing from a top double sided PCB factory.

What is a Double-sided PCB?

A double sided PCB, which is also called a double layer PCB or a two layer PCB, features two major conductive layers. One on the top of the PCB and the other at its bottom. What this means is that the circuit as well as its components may be on the two sides.

Furthermore, two main conductive layers are present in the two sided PCBs, to ensure that they serve duties where the one layer PCBs won’t work. The again of the circuit board is likewise applied to put in force complicated designs and also get the best from the space. Because of its 2 conductive layers, a PCB will have extra components in the small area, at the same time as a comparable one layer PCB will have 1/2 of all the components.

Double-sided PCBs are broadly used as they’re value-powerful and may address complicated circuitry. These PCBs are utilized in consumer electronics. You will locate such PCBs in home equipment used at your home, together with juicer machines and LED lighting.

Top 8 Double Sided PCB Factories


JHY has a double sided PCB factory in China that specializes in constructing your double-sided PCB prototype and mass manufacturing with short turns. JHYPCB is a leading PCB producer and assembler. They have a huge facility with 500+ experienced employees.

Also, they could take care of small to huge orders, and there’s no restriction with respect to the minimal order quantity. They help you find answers to all of your PCB issues and queries. Their double sided pcb factory was made with the modern era, and we’ve got specialists which could address complicated PCBs and assemblies. We are ISO, RoHS, and UL certified.

They can offer high-quality double-sided PCBs which could supply ideal results. Also, they can provide small to huge extent PCBs at a low value. They can take our offerings for prototypes and turnkey assembly. Their offerings also are ideal for startups and new initiatives as we are able to even supply the best PCB or PCBA. For extra facts and details, experience is loose to touch them.

OnBoard Circuits, Inc

Offering a enormously valued blend of technical proficiency, value-powerful manufacturing and remarkable work ethic, OnBoard Circuits, Inc. has loved sustained boom at some stage in it’s history. Their double sided PCB factory is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is a leading company offering their services to many businesses.

Furthermore, they get rid of troubles inherent in converting providers among prototype and manufacturing builds. OnBoard Circuits knows how critical quality and reliability are to their clients. Therefore, they make it less difficult for you as you switch your PCB manufacturing orders to them. No want to retain with every other PCB producer that isn’t always turning in the high-quality PCBs you want on time.

At OnBoard Circuits, their consciousness is quality, which extends past your PCBs. They promise you the best customer support, communication, product management, and fee.

Acme Circuit

This company is a leading double sided PCB factory located in Ahmadabad, India. They are Manufacturers as well as exporters of Double Sided circuit boards in India. Also, the double sided circuit board needs plated thru holes to provide higher anchoring for the soldered elements and the front to again electric discontinuity. Also, with a focal point at the ever evolving necessities of our customers, they’ve given you a complete variety of uniquely designed two sided PCB.

Their turnkey technique to double sided PCB production is one motive why engineers anticipate us for his or her precise desires; from easy -layered PCBs to extra complicated multilayered PCBs. They are a double sided PCB factory that caters for the quickly-evolving desires of our customers through fabricating a complete variety of innovatively-designed PCBs.

Acme Circuit is India’s pinnacle double sided PCB manufacturing facility. They provide double sided PCB layout, double sided PCB fabrication, and double sided PCB assembly. This manufacturing facility opens up limitless opportunities for engineers to fabricate extra dense circuit boards that resource in miniaturization. Trust Acme Circuit, a leading double sided PCB manufacturing facility in India.


Venture’s double sided PCB factory gives you quality. They also can deliver an intermediate stage of THE circuit complexity as well as an exceptionally decreased value. The company’s Double Sided PCB comes with a bonus over the one sided boards in phrases of its complexity. Also, Venture’s Double Sided PCB is high-quality if the circuit board is well populated and also you need to position loads of components.

Furthermore, the base in their Double sided PCB includes insulating cloth that is usually called substrate commonly the epoxy resin. Also, there’s copper foil prepared into their double-sided PCB. The company’s  Double-Sided PCB manufacturing facility gives a circuit density that is optimized and decreases value. Also, Venture takes benefit of high-era and superior devices to fabricate high-quality Double Sided PCB.

Venture is constructed to satisfy customer service at all times. They are specialized in double sided PCB design, double sided PCB fabrication and double sided PCB Assembly.

Millennium Circuits Limited MCL

Millennium Circuits Limited (MCL) works with a couple of strategic producers to make certain you get double sided PCBs that meet your want and specifications. They can accommodate all assignment sizes, from prototype to manufacturing quantities.

Established in 2005, MCL Redefines Customer Service within the enterprise. Many of their clients leverage MCL’s understanding and abilities at some stage in the complete existence cycle in their merchandise, resulting in enhanced quality, dependable utility of the modern era and an extra favorable solution.

Whatever your era challenge, something your logistics necessities, anywhere you’re, they supply excellence in double sided PCB answers and offerings for your door. Through their experience, knowledge, and resources, this double sided PCB manufacturing facility has been capable of supply quality.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

Their enormously professional engineers, complete PCB portfolio, high standards, and near relationships with our strategic production companions permits them to pressure innovation with extraordinary interest to detail. As a double sided PCB factory dealer Millennium Circuits Limited (MCL) provides a top notch PCB buying experience to our clients.


RayMing is a famous producer of the double sided PCBs. Also, this double sided PCB manufacturing facility specializes in the production of double sided and multilayer PCBs. They combine the high-quality equipment and strategies in fabricating these boards. Also, this PCB production enterprise adheres to PCB standards and rules. Also, it complies with certain standards like ISO, UL, and RoHS.

Furthermore, their double sided PCB factory has a vast experience in double sided PCB manufacturing. RayMing has the required knowledge for fabricating double sided PCB. Therefore, their double sided PCB factory is the main choice for most individuals who want to manufacture double sided circuit PCBs.

RayMing boasts constructing a long and strong relationship with their clients. They provide a top-class operation with each Technical Support and Customer Concierge Teams within the United States. Furthermore, with their modern technology, as well as their double sided PCB factory, they cater for their clients located majorly in the U.S and Canada.

Their PCB production centers are ISO9001-certified, IPC-A-610 compliant, and IPC-A-600 compliant. They have a well-evolved PCB production facility, a committed group for procuring quality electronic components.

Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits is well-known as one of the top PCB companies focused on Quality during double sided PCB fabrication. Advanced Circuits is currently ranked as one of the best three board fabricators in the whole of North America and is famous for its high reliability as well as client excellence.

As North America’s 0.33 biggest double sided printed circuit board producer, Advanced Circuits is huge enough to provide you increased PCB abilities and special offerings. Their popularity as one of the country’s most dependable and honest double sided PCB factories has been constructed up thru a long time of willpower to their clients and the promise that your circuit boards may be delivered on time and all the time.

Whether you’re ordering their bare boards or selecting their general PCB solution, they pleasure themselves on supplying a number of the high-quality lead times within the enterprise, without compromising our quality and provider.

MOKO Technology

MOKO Technology is a leading double sided PCB manufacturing facility in China, with rich experience and knowledge, offering clients with remarkable providers and developing advanced merchandise to enhance people’s lives. Their groups from specific departments work collaboratively and successfully to offer double sided PCB production and assembly offerings to customers from numerous markets.

Their offerings include new product Introduction, engineering, production, assembly, delivery chain management, and different fee-introduced offerings. Integrity, fee, and innovation are the forces that pressure Moko Technology to be a sustainable enterprise and to serve their clients higher. They work with customers carefully through the complete product improvement existence cycle to assist them understand more fee and outcomes.

Moko Technology has an advanced facility with superior devices. Also, this double sided PCB manufacturing facility adheres to PCB standards. They make certain quality control of their double sided PCB production. Moko prides itself in generating high quality double sided PCBs. This manufacturing facility is your relied on companion in your double sided PCB assignment. You can touch them these days to vicinity your order.

Important Considerations while Choosing a Double Sided PCB Factory

Quality control

Even though it is right to have your finances in mind, quality is one element you must now no longer reduce corners on. In addition, you want to make certain there’s quality control within the double sided PCB factory you choose. The quality of the circuit boards is the primary element within the production process.

Therefore, the double sided PCB factory must be capable of discovering any defects as quickly as possible. Moreover, the double sided PCBs want to be demonstrated earlier than the assembly process. Even though there are numerous stages wherein PCBs are tested, you want to verify that the manufacturing facility has put quality control measures within the production process.

Manufacturing potential

The production potential is one of the most vital things you want to test while selecting a double sided PCB manufacturing facility. Does the producer have the potential to provide the PCBs you want? You want to recognize that the quality of printed circuit boards influences the performance of your company. Therefore, it’s vital to make certain the manufacturing facility meets the production potential.

On-time shipping

Time is money. Hence, any producer must be in a role to satisfy your timeline. Moreover, they must assist you to recognize what goes on in advance of time. Therefore, the double sided PCB factory you select must be able to offer well timed shipping. In most cases, on-time shipping does now no longer imply turning in the PCBs on a specific date. However, it is able to be described as numerous days earlier than the due date.

Competitive value

Cost is one of the most vital elements to consider. This element could assist in case you went for a manufacturing facility that isn’t always too reasonably-priced or too steeply-priced in your assignment. Hence, parent out your PCB product value while searching out a PCB producer.

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Take note that selecting a producer isn’t always a walk-in-the-pack. However, in case you use the above tips, you’ll make the process a piece simpler. Also, we’ve got compiled a listing of double sided PCB manufacturing factory you could depend upon in your PCB assignment.  

These factories have years of experience and an enormously informed group of workers to make certain the highest quality of double sided Printed Circuit Boards is fabricated within the required time frame. Make a positive appearance for quality and experience and check your finances while selecting a double sided PCB manufacturing factory.


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