Best 20 Custom PCB Companies in China

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Printed circuit boards are useful in offering mechanical support, as well as connecting electrical components electrically making use of conductive signal traces, tracks, or pathways.

It is well-known that custom PCB manufacturing and Assembly Services are very complex jobs. The reason why you must choose a very reliable PCB manufacturer is because not every company you see out there is.

However, there is a problem, which is the countless nature of custom PCB manufacturers in China. This is why we are here. We have been in the business, so we have the necessary experience to know which of them offer top-notch services. This is why we have done some research and here we are with the best 20 custom pcb companies in china. Please continue reading to learn more.

What are the Best 20 Custom PCB Companies in China?

RayMing PCB

rayming pcba

RayMing PCB is clearly one of the best custom PCB companies in China. It is involved in the manufacturing as well as assembly of multilayer and double sided PCBs.

This company was founded in 2005, and deals in offering companies with top-class components sourcing, PCB Assembly, and PCB Fabrication services, boasting more than ten years experience. Furthermore, RayMing PCB offers services in high-end boards. These include aluminium core pcb, HDI boards, Flexible-rigid PCB, aluminum substrate pcb, Teflon PCB, Rogers PCB, circuit boards of high frequency and Aluminum PCB boards.

RayMing has a goal, which is to offer products of high quality, which will meet the requirements of the customer. They also achieve this in a very cost-effective way. Also, they are genuinely committed to great customer service. In addition, the team has technical expertise, which has made the company what it has been able to achieve today.

You should choose RayMing because they build long-term positive relationships with their clients. Also the company works with world-class technology to deliver high-quality PCB products.


This is one of the companies involved in manufacturing custom PCB. It is located in the Xiacheng area of China. Its factory (state-of-art) is located in Shenzhen. PCBWay provides Custom PCB Design, PCB Prototype, advanced manufacturing of PCB, PCB assembly, SMD-Stencil, and more.

Furthermore, the company is a very reliable destination for the fabrication, as well as assembly of boards. They are also professionals when it comes to the assembly of SMT PCB. They have Pick and Place machines that work with high speed, and can also handle about 28000 SMD components every hour.

Also, all the processes necessary for their printed circuit boards are 100% RoHS compliant. You can never get it wrong working with PCBWay.

Hitech Circuits Co.

This company is another that deals with the manufacturing of custom pcbs. The location of Hitech Circuits is in Shenzhen. Also, the Company has three branch factories that serve Quick Turn PCB manufacturing, medium and small-volume PCB, as well as FPC Manufacturing. In addition, they specialize in multilayer PCB, printed circuit boards with special material, and high-density boards.

Furthermore, Hitech circuits offer PCB Assembly for both Surface Mount and Through-Hole Technology. Also, the Company provides partial turn-key and full turn-key assembly and manufacturing of PCB. When it comes to full turn-key, Hitech Circuits conducts the whole process.

These involve the manufacturing of PCBs, procuring of the electronic components, the monitoring as well as the tracking, and then the final assembly. Then for the partial turn-key, customers can give them the PCBs as well as some components, and then the company takes charge of the remaining.

Moko Technology

Here is Moko Technology, your solution to all PCB needs. This company offers everything including prototyping, PCB Assembly, and PCB manufacturing.

They have vast experience, top-notch machines, as well as experienced employees and engineers, which ensures that they surpass the expectations of their clients or customers.

Concerning the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, Moko Technology offers HDI PCB, PCB prototype, Aluminum PCB, FR4 PCB, Express PCB, and heavy copper printed circuit boards. For PCB assembly, they offer SMT Stencil, assembly of Turnkey PCB, assembly of THT PCB, BGA and SMT PCB Assembly.

Furthermore, regarding electronic assembly, they offer electronic potting, conformal coating, Assembly of LED PCB, Electro Mechanical, Cable Wire, and Box Build.

Union Electronic Technology (UETPCB)

UETPCB is an expert custom PCB company in China, with professional services in PCB assembly too. They have more than 15 years experience in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. Also, they have the ability to offer solutions to problems that customers may encounter.

Furthermore, the company’s assembly factory is in the Shenzhen area of China. They are always ready to meet the requirements of all customers. Asides from this, UETPCB are also experts when it comes to electronic manufacturing, parts sourcing, PCB assembly, and manufacturing of cover PCB in China.

Also, when you work with UETPCB, you will get technical expertise, as well as expert PCBA solutions at prices that are competitive.

HuanYu Future Technologies

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

This custom PCB Company is situated in the Guangzhou area of China. In fact, it is seen as one of the country’s largest high-tech companies for manufacturing printed circuit boards. They have been in the business for about fifteen years and with their over 1000 employees, you can trust them to handle your custom printed circuit boards.

Some of the services that HuanYu Future Technologies offers include HDI PCB, PCB prototype of 2 to 14 layers, multilayer pcbs, flexible pcbs, LED Aluminum PCB, Thick Copper printed circuit boards, and more.

Furthermore, the products from HuanYu Future Technologies are useful in wireless equipment for communication, industrial control, computers, household appliances, aerospace, security electronics, medical equipment, automobiles, as well as other fields.


ALLPCB was established in 2015 in the Hangzhou area of China. They deal in the manufacturing of custom PCB. Also, this company serves enterprises that relate to communication equipment, intelligent hardware, electronic apparatus and instruments, Internet of Things, consumer electronics, etc.

Furthermore, this company always works hard to build the best manufacturing system in the world. This makes it a new round of transformation for industrial structure and revolution in the world of electronics.

ALLPCB serves over 160 countries and has more than 170000 users. In addition, its daily files are over 5000 and their delivery rate is 99.15% on-time. Also, the company’s mission is to ensure that the industry becomes more efficient to make human lives better.

ExPlus Co

ExPlus Co is a custom PCB company that offers its products and services, such as aluminum pcb, double and single-sided pcb, manufacturing of printed circuit boards, component procurement, Turnkey and SMT Assembly, multilayer printed circuit boards.

This company has gained wide-recognition due to its professionalism in services related to electronics manufacturing and printed circuit boards. Two main business activities that have helped the company to grow and expand is the supplying of printed circuit boards, as well as assembly services.

Furthermore, the company serves different industries, which includes automotive, industrial, computer, securities, RF products, telecommunications, as well as other electronics.

Also, ExPlus can offer support during all the production processes of the PCB. They have one idea, which is to locate potential customers globally and supply them extensively with high-quality printed circuit boards.

A-Tech Circuits

This is another top custom PCB company that is situated in Shenzhen City. It is a leading PCB manufacturer, which specializes in fast PCB assembly and manufacturing, PCB prototype, as well as small and medium volume printed circuit board services.

A-Tech Circuits was established in 2003, and has over 550 full-time employees with proper training. Also, it deals with the manufacturing of different types of printed circuit boards. These include flexible printed circuit boards, multilayer pcbs, HDI PCB, Metal core printed circuit boards, Rigid-Flex and flexible PCB, and standard rigid PCB that has between 1 and 40 layers.

Also, the company is focused on the quality, customer satisfaction, and quick delivery. This is how the company has been able to meet the demands of high-tech companies globally.

Victory PCB

Victory is an expert custom PCB manufacturing company in China. This company was established in 2005 and they insist on offering high density, high precision, and high quality printed circuit boards from its customers.

Furthermore, the company has advanced PCB equipment for testing and production, as well as a high-quality system that helps in monitoring the entire process of manufacturing, and down to the assembly process. Also, the company ensures the excellent and stable quality of all the processes in production. This is to meet the requirements of the customer.

With continuous improvement, high speed of development, as well as persistent focus in the production of PCBs, the company can now produce high-frequency PCBs, Flex PCBs, Rigid PCBs (1 to 16 layers), Aluminum PCBs, to satisfy customer demand.

Shenzhen Mincom Technic

This company is situated in the Guangming area of China. Shenzhen Mincom Technic provides reliable manufacturing of printed circuit boards. Also, the company offers assembly services at reasonable and competitive prices.

Furthermore, Shenzhen Mincom Technic majorly focuses on the manufacturing and assembling of HDI PCBs, Advanced PCBs, and Standard PCB.

They have more than 60,000 different types of components in store, thereby reducing any time that would have been spent on components sourcing. This also helps in reducing spare components’ cost.

Also, they have expert engineers in surface mount technology (SMT) and have 500 staff and 35 lines for the surface mount technology. It provides the Electronics Industry with PCB services across South east Asia, Australia, Russia, South America, North America, and Europe.


The establishment of Speeda came to be in 2014. This company was formed by a professional team of people having over ten years of experience in the electronic industry.

Furthermore, as one of the best custom PCB companies in China, this company focuses on the manufacturing, research & development, sales, and design of different printed circuit boards.

Their products are very useful in new energy, industrial control, consumer electronics, network and computer equipment, communication equipment, automotive electronics, rail transit, new energy, as well as other industries.

Also, Speeda offers its customers batch production, pcb optimization, after sale, and sample production in small batches. They focus on the quality and service, to ensure improvements in customer satisfaction.


This is another top custom PCB company in China. It provides one-stop services. These include Assembly of Turnkey PCB, manufacturing of multilayer PCB, Assembly of finished products, as well as other services that adds value, which includes PCB design, components purchasing, etc.

Furthermore, this custom PCB Company provides high-quality manufacturing of printed circuit boards consistently and at affordable prices. They produce HDI PCB, multilayer PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, Mixed Pressure PCB, and more.

Also, ChinaPCBOne provides turnkey assembly services. These include prototype quantities. The company manages the entire process, which includes components ordering, assembly, manufacturing, and testing. In addition, the company makes sure that they offer a high-quality solution throughout the entire process.


First of all, you must know that the majority of the Chinese manufacturers of PCBs are in Shenzhen city of China. The same also holds for Hampoo. First, the company is a solution provider for quick turn assembly of PCBs and manufacturer of printed circuit boards, with a history of 15 years.

Also, the company has formed a partnership with Texas Instrument, Baidu, Avnet, Rockchip, Microsoft, Intel, etc. Furthermore, it offers continuous services with respect to electronic manufacturing that includes PCB manufacturing, assembly, test, SMT, parts sourcing, and PCB design.

Furthermore, Hampoo has passed different certifications, including RoHS, TS 1694, ISO 13485, and ISO 9001 certification. Also, the company’s strong relationship with top suppliers, agents that aid in procuring parts, as well as a strict system for quality control, has been useful in improving the quality of their services, as well as lowering the cost.


This company offers Assembly service and PCB prototype full time. Here, it covers all the necessary PCB requirements, which includes fabrication (mass value) and custom prototype.

With more than ten years experience, this custom PCB Company is one of China’s top printed circuit board assembly manufacturers.

Furthermore, PCBgogo provides its services to any company in relations with Aerospace, University, Industrial, Medicine, Military, Automotive, Amateur, and Commercial sectors.

Here, you are sure of getting high-quality printed circuit boards using Aluminum, Rogers, and FR-4. Also, you will enjoy on-time shipping. Another great feature of this company is its competitive price.


This is another top custom pcb company in China. JLCPCB was established in 2006, and since then, it has been at the top. With more than fifteen years of improvement and innovation based on the needs of the customers, the company is now becoming a fast and leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards globally.

Also, the company offers quick production of cost-effective and very reliable PCBs, which has helped in improving customer experience. The company has over 800,000 customers, and over 20,000 orders are made daily. Furthermore, whether this is your first time creating a PCB or you want to develop an electronic hardware, JLCPCB helps in making the process faster and easier. This they achieve by offering SMT assembly and PCB prototype services.


ZXHPCB was established in 1999, and in over 20 years, the company has strived hard to make the country go global and ensured that the company becomes an enterprise with high technology with the PCB research as well as manufacturing.

Now ZXHPCB is now a big manufacturer of printed circuit boards, with four factories in different cities in China. Furthermore, the main products that this company offers include multilayer pcbs, double layer, and one layer printed circuit boards.

During manufacturing, the company utilizes very advanced equipment, works with professionals with vast experience for management, and uses the latest technology. This is to ensure that customers get reliable products.

There are reasons why you should order from them. These include fast delivery, on-time delivery, high-quality products at competitive prices, over 3000 engineers present in its team and more.

Venture Electronics

Venture Electronics believes that in the twenty-first century, everyone should think global, as well as combine every available resource on the planet. The company has always been an expert in custom PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly since 2010. It has also been a turnkey solution all through this period.

Furthermore, the company is built so as to offer support to customers 24/7 on each day of the year. It achieves this with its strong technical support and marketing team. Also, the company focuses on improving prototyping via production processes. This is still to offer perfect customer service.

With its headquarters in the Shenzhen area of China, the company has the most reliable preconditions that help in delivering the best possible engineering.

Agile Circuit

Here, Agile Circuit is a custom pcb company that focuses on its customers. They specialize in offering solutions for different high-quality custom printed circuit boards. This comes with high efficiency, and they are at competitive prices.

Furthermore, the boards from Agile Circuit are useful for different applications like consumer electronics, industrial control, telecommunication, computer, military, medical, aerospace, as well as other assembly electronics.

Agile Circuit came to be in 2003, and since then the company has grown from providing just one service of PCBs to supporting advanced and comprehensive service with PCB assembly, PCB prototypes, mass production of PCB, advanced circuits, and more.

Their mission is saving the customer’s cost and time, as well as reducing any possible risk. They keep expanding and innovating their services, offering cost-effective solutions to all PCB needs.


PCBSKY is an expert custom PCB design/PCB/SMT/FPC/PCB layout company located in China. The company specializes in prototypes and quick turn PCB. Also, PCBSKY isn’t just a mere PCB maker; rather, it is a PCB supply that offers full service. They also offer both Rigid and Flexible printed circuit boards.

Furthermore, the company has many technicians with vast experience in the field. Also, PCBSky can offer high process capability, as well as a much better service. One huge feature of this company is their free support and engineering review. Also, they offer full-service manufacturing, and can make a circuit board with 28 layers.

Also, the company’s tech center focuses on microelectronics, prototypes of HDI PCB, and more. In addition, their services are top-notch and their products are of high-quality.


There are countless custom PCB companies in China. This is why we have taken our time to help you out in knowing which of these companies have the necessary service you desire. Above are the best 20 custom PCB companies in China. You can choose from any of these. However, we still advise that before you go ahead and make your decision, you should do your own research. This will help you know which is best for you. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us here.


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