8 Best China SMD Assembly Companies

China has become a famous region for SMD PCB assembly due to smooth and occasional price reduction as well as cheaper labor.

Some turnkey PCB meeting agencies employ X-Ray inspection in testing the SMD qualities. Also, the implementation of more effective detection and prevention procedures enables the supply of the best level, which will increase the price.

Also, the elimination of numerous checking procedures might result in lower prices for the SMT assembling. Before we go into details, let us first understand what a SMD is.

What is a Surface Mount Device?

A floor-mount tool or SMD is an digital tool for which the additives are established or positioned at once onto the floor of the PCB.

Surface-mount era, or SMT, is the call of the approach used for generating an SMD. In the enterprise it has in large part changed the thru-hole era creation approach of becoming additives with twine leads into holes within the circuit board.

Both technology may be used at the equal board for additives now no longer ideal to floor mounting along with big transformers and semiconductors. Surface-established gadgets (SMDs) are digital additives connected to the PCB throughout the SMD meeting method. Regardless of length and form differences, the SMD additives are frequently categorized primarily based totally on their digital functions.

An SMT issue is normally smaller than the thru-hole counterpart as it has both no leads or smaller leads. It may also have brief pins as well as leads of numerous flat contacts, or terminations at the frame of the issue.

What is SMD Assembly?

The floor mount era is well-known for its excessive performance and the huge variety of bendy answers it gives. It would not even come into lifestyles if the upward thrust of floor-established gadgets (SMDs) failed to arise in addition to the discovery in their meeting. The SMD’s unique layout confirmed dominance upon historically used thru-hole digital applications that required big PCB area and guide mounting of lead into holes. The SMDs exceeded thru many improvement stages till they fulfilled all electric and mechanical homes necessities for a success SMD meeting.

Besides SMDs structure, the 2 different elements have been essential for a success SMD meeting. Firstly, the invention of substances appropriate for connecting with pins that do not have an effect on electric powered conductance and reason open circuits. Besides containing metallic powder that melts throughout the soldering section, the solder paste need to very own adhesive assets to keep additives firmly earlier than and throughout the soldering degree.

Secondly, as soon as suitable substances have been advanced within the shape of the solder paste, there has been a want to layout a method so as to completely restoration SMDs to the PCB. The soldering below excessive temperatures wherein paste transforms within the strong has become the same old method for everlasting mounting digital additives onto forums. The innovation in phrases of soldering below excessive temperatures challenged a fabric scientist to find out highest quality substances so as to be first-rate insulators to electric powered additives with the aid of using having excessive thermal resistance values.

What is the Difference Between SMT and SMD?

SMT and SMD are often misunderstood and used simultaneously. Indeed, any era and its real additives may be deeply entwined, growing confusion. Such is the case of SMT and SMD. This is why understanding the distinction among an SMT meeting and man or woman SMD additives is essential.

In a less difficult vein, SMT is the method within the era, even as SMD is the tool worried within the era. SMT is the era that makes use of the approach of at once putting and soldering digital additives on a PCB. These additives also are every now and then referred to as floor mount gadgets or SMDs. They are designed to be established on a broadcast circuit board (PCB).

SMDs make for gadgets produced faster, with greater flexibility and much less price, without having to sacrifice capability. They promise greater capability due to the fact smaller additives permit for greater circuits on small board area. This miniaturization is the important function of SMD.[6]

Both SMT and SMD paintings collectively to offer customers with faster, greater energy-green, and greater reliable PCBs.

8 Best China SMD Assembly Companies


Bittele is an skilled SMT meeting residence in China. Their personnel are extraordinarily educated and taken into consideration specialists on this area. Bittele plays unmarried and double sided placement of all issue types. The SMT soldering method utilized by Bittele is cautiously matched to the purchaser’s layout and constraints. Bittele gives DFM recommendation from the earliest degrees of the layout.

Bittele’s immediately PCB meeting quote calculator enables the purchaser to estimate the tough price of project’s meeting from the very beginning. Choosing Bittele as your SMD PCB assembler way you’ll get our 10 years of revel in and our promise of great purchaser provider.

This china smd assembly company apprehends both your product in first degree or it’s far small marketplace you want pattern or small run. Therefore, they insist no commercial enterprise is simply too small, they’ll additionally attempt our attempt to assist and fee affordable price for small run SMT PCB prototype. They keep to amplify and undertaking themselves to make certain they could assist to reap a a success SMD meeting.


Rayming Technology manufacturing centers in China, has emerged as a widely known Printed circuit forums producer, and now additionally offer turn-key PCBA provider for low- to mid-quantity digital settlement production. Also, Rayming is widely known for imparting reasonably-priced one-forestall PCB meeting offerings, along with PCB fabrication, sourcing of additives, and entire digital PCB meeting.

With a nation of the artwork facility and present day era, they cater to clients frequently positioned within the United States and Canada in a wide spectrum of industries. Their PCB production centers are ISO9001-licensed, IPC-A-six hundred and IPC-A-610 compliant. They have a well-advanced PCB production facility, a devoted group for procurement of brilliant digital additives, and a PCB meeting Plant in Shenzhen, China, to fulfill the ever-growing call for of digital PCB meeting offerings.

For each order, this china smd assembly company’s group of engineers and PCB meeting specialists gives DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and DFT (Design for Testing) consulting offerings, which might be important throughout the pre-manufacturing degree to make sure a excessive best manufacturing run at the bottom viable price.


In this SMD meeting employer (SMD= Surface Mounted Device) they bring together approximately 20 million additives in step with year. With this era they do now no longer drill holes. Instead, they solder even very small additives at once onto the published circuit board. This is finished with the assist of lead-loose vapor section soldering, that’s in particular mild and dependable.

They use automatic traces in addition to a prototype device with the maximum present day automated placement machines. Through the automatic PCB meeting they assure the best in their electronics manufacturing. With the assist of those Pick & Place packages they shop a variety of time in manufacturing.

With SMD era, the additives require notably much less area. This permits this china smd assembly company to mount their additives on even the smallest of forums and reap a excessive issue density. In this manner, the published circuit forums may be miniaturized in SMD meeting. In this manner they shop costs. All PCBs get hold of a completely unique serial quantity throughout manufacturing, which permits them to hint the substances afterward. To make sure best, they check all forums within the closing step with the aid of using automated optical inspection (AOI).


As a expert SMT meeting producer, we assure you the best SMT meeting. We will have unique kinds of SMD meeting relying for your specifications. Venture makes use of brilliant substances in order that the best of the forums will certainly meet and exceed the purchaser’s expectations. They also can deliver them relying for your specifications.

Also, this China SMD assembly company is imparting entire answers of SMT assemblies and they’re able to production a huge variety of SMT assemblies. They have skilled workforce to help you while you are in want of SMT meeting. Also, they provide a huge variety of published circuit board skills so as to suit all of your PCB needs. You may also do not forget home fabricators to get a brief transport options.

But while you’re interested by offshore PCB production offerings, they’re capable of paintings with you to create a product so as to revolutionize your enterprise. Venture ensures a excessive best of engineering, manufacturing and purchaser provider, irrespective of what street you pick out to take, our orders begin from 1pcs.

Moko Technology

MOKO gives brilliant SMD PCB meeting for clients in a number of markets, our one-forestall offerings along with PCB production, additives procurement, PCB meeting, and checking out can continually lead them to satisfied.

This china smd assembly company has vast experience in imparting clients with great PCB meeting offerings, our offerings variety from PCB production, and additives procurement, to PCBA, and checking out. They have a group of specialists within the PCB enterprise who will collaborate with you intently to supply brilliant PCBAs at a quick turnaround time.

From PCB manufacturing, and issue sourcing to meeting and checking out, they could carry out each step worried within the PCB meeting method well. MOKO takes the best of its merchandise very significantly and 100% checking out guarantees that each PCBA introduced to our clients is of excessive best.


PCBGoGo’s automatic meeting traces permit fast, correct and managed meeting procedures. The SMD additives (Surface-Mounted Device) are routinely positioned within the formerly implemented solder paste. They manufacture collection and portions from 1 from samples to prototypes to small collection and big collection.

They use unique soldering strategies along with reflow soldering, vapor section soldering or vacuum SMT soldering. In addition to SMT (floor-mounting era) floor mounting, additionally they provide SMD meeting with adhesive. PCBGoGo makes use of numerous lead-loose solder pastes. An essential method step in best guarantee is the cleansing of additives and circuit vendors throughout or after meeting.

The capability is examined and assured with the aid of using their educated and certified employees and with the aid of using their engineers within the area of dimension era. They are capable of reply to purchaser requests and layout appropriate check adapters with our group and test the capability with software.

Agile Circuits

Agile Circuit Co., Ltd is a purchaser-oriented employer specialized in imparting answers for an intensive variety of custom circuit forums with correct best, excessive performance at aggressive prices. They deliver SMT PCB forums for a huge variety of packages, along with computer, telecommunication, client electronics, automotive, business control, aerospace, medical, army and different digital meeting industries.

Their aim is to be your nice dependable China SMD meeting companion assisting you end from the PCB layout to the custom circuit forums merchandise. This China SMD assembly company’s assignment is to shop time & price for you, lessen the viable hazard to discover the obligation of more than one providers included. They constantly innovating and increasing our merchandise and offerings, imparting one-forestall price-powerful PCB answers to fulfill all your needs.

Furthermore, they constantly undertake to provide our purchaser with aggressive prices to permit them to hold their benefit within the marketplace. In addition, they assist brief turnaround collectively with regular lead time to fulfill clients’ unique necessities. They have a first-rate group with licensed control to make confident your circuit forums’ best.


PCBCart gives complete-function PCB manufacturing offerings with excessive reliability to be completely likeminded together along with your requirement. This china smd assembly company has multiplied skills in floor mount era. PCBCart is one in every of China’s maximum skilled SMD PCB manufacturing provider supplier.

Swimbi Full PCB Manufacturing

With the concept that their achievement is measured with the aid of using their clients’ achievement, they ensure care and great interest in every PCB production step. They additionally provide vacuum packaging, weighing and transport to make certain your PCB order arrives effectively and freed from damage.

Up to now, they’ve PCBs for agencies of all sizes from over eighty countries, and that they goal to supply our made PCBs to each nook of this global within the coming years. They are always upgrading their complete function SMD PCB provider with higher equipment, greater schooling and greater green strategies to offer the best, complete function SMT PCB production and meeting for his or her clients.


The apparent and smooth technique to any capability downfalls with SMD meeting is to make certain you are operating with a certified, credible companion. A contractor that focuses on supporting with the layout section will advocate you on any capability problems with the use of SMT vs. thru-hole.

As you may see, SMD meeting is a massive a part of pretty much each electronics layout today. If you are nevertheless the use of thru-hole for your PCB layout, do not forget searching into whether or not or now no longer SMD meeting is the improve you want to assist your product evolve.


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