Unlimited icons

Create custom icon sets in Icomoon app

Swimbi is now compatible with custom icon fonts created by Icomoon app. It means access to 4000+ free icons on Icomoon itself and ability to import any icons in SVG format from other websites.
unlimited icons in swimbi menu
Short how-to:
  1. Find and download SVG icons from any website (like flaticon.com) or create your own icon.
  2. Import SVG icons in the Icomoon app.
  3. Select the icons that you want to have in your menu and generate custom icon font.
  4. Drop icomoon.zip in Swimbi icon selection window.
drop icomoon.zip in swimbi
Now you can switch between different icon sets.
switch icon sets
Important! You cannot mix icons from different sets in single menu!
If you need icons from different sets, combine them in the Icomoon app and generate new selection.

Step by step example of adding new icons

Let's say you are creating a menu for a website about newborn gears and toys. You can find a couple of icon packs on flaticon.com new borns and baby pack
Click download pack button to save the whole pack on your computer.
new born flaticon
Extract the content of the new-born.zip and baby-pack.zip on your computer hard drive.
Open Icomoon app (website page), click the Import Icons button,
import icons in icomoon
browse to the SVG folder of the extracted ZIP content, select all and import.
select all icons to import
Now you have new born set in Icomoon app.
new born icomoon
You can have as many icons in Icomoon app as you wish, but it's important to select icons that you will actually use in your menu.
Click Generate Font button.
icomoon generate font
You can add new icons in your font later and easily replace the icon set in Swimbi app.
Click Download button.
icomoon download font
Now you just need to drop the icomoon.zip file in Swimbi icon selection window.
drop icomoon.zip in swimbi
New icons are ready to use in your navigation.
new icons in swimbi
If you want to make big iconic menu, switch to position:Top in the Swimbi Icons Tab
icon menu in swimbi app
After publication icon fonts can be found in /menu_files/fonts/ folder, next to your page.

Where to find new icons?

1. The Icomoon Library provides access to 4000+ free icons.
icomoon library
2. Search flaticon.com - 76000+ flat vector icons, free for personal use.
search icons on flaticon.com
3. Explore packs on flaticon.com A best way to find icons for a given theme.
explore flaticon packs
4. Search iconfinder.com. Contains 545000+ icons, but you need only flat, vector icons in SVG format
search icons on iconfinder.com
Few more icon font websites:
5. glyphter.com
6. fontastic.me
7. fontello.com

Still need more icons? Explore The Big List of Flat Icons & Icon Fonts

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