Import links and configurations instantly

Import anything from anywhere in no time

One of the most time consuming and boring thing is to copy-paste your website links in a new project. But not with the Swimbi app. Simply drop a file or give it a website address, or paste any HTML code with links; Swimbi app knows how to extract necessary information from the given source.
All navigation data such as names, links, icons and hierarchy are instantly copied.
drop files and import HTML
Also you can import configuration(visual design information) from a website or file with a menu created by Swimbi.

How to import navigation links

1. From HTML code
2. From file
3. From URL
4. Drag and drop

How to import visual configuration

5. From file
6. From URL
7. Drag and drop

1. Import navigation links from any HTML code

Top menu => Import => Navigation HTML code
(Chrome plugin) Top Navigation control => Import HTML
Insert HTML code with links, whole page code or any portion of the code. It doesn't matter whether menu links created by Swimbi or some other software. It can handle any code and fish out links data and hierarchy.
import HTML
  • Click the Import button to create new navigation preset (separate navigation config).
  • Click the Append button to add links to the current navigation.

2. Import navigation links from a file

Swimbi tries to import links from file,
  • when you Open a page it loads Swimbi navigation or import other links and creates new nav preset, but doesn't apply it to current menu until you select the preset in the navigation presets control (File => Open Page or Open Recent)
  • when you Import Navigation from File it loads Swimbi navigation or any other links and apply it to current menu (Import => Navigation from File)
menu options to import from file
New Navigation preset will be added in the top Navigation control list with the name "Loaded Config".
The easiest way to import or open a file is drag and drop

3. Import navigation links from URL

Top menu => Import => Navigation from URL
Import navigation structure right from a website, just enter the address and hit enter. First of all Swimbi app will try to find DIV id="swimbi" and load from it, if it cannot be found import all links from the given URL.
import from URL window
Some menu systems generate links with Javascript and page HTML doesn't have any links information. In this case you need to copy generated HTML code into the Import HTML code form.
Don't know how to do that? Use Chrome Developer Tools or Contact us, we can extract links from any menu.

4. Drag and drop to open page and import navigation

There are 3 different ways of importing links using drag-and-drop:

1. Importing along with opening. Drop a file in the Starting Window to open the page for edit and import links. First of all it will try to find swimbi code and load menu links from it. Or just import all links from the page.
The window appears on application startup. To open it any time later go to File => Starting Window
starting windows drag and drop
2. Drop a file in the navigation tree area to import links from a file to current menu project.
drop to import navigation
3. Drop a file to the right of the nav tree to import just the page title and relative path. That should help to build navigation easily if your website consist of static HTML pages pointing to each other. To build your menu, you just need to drop all pages one by one into a main page, then update navigation sitewide with a single click. More info on how to update static websites.
drop to import page title and URL

Use drag and drop to import visual configuration.

5. Import visual configuration from a file

Configuration can be imported only from page with swimbi menu, that points to the "config.json".
Swimbi tries to import configuration from file:
  • when you Open a page. It loads Swimbi menu visual config if the page has a link to the config.json - "swimbiUIcfg.json" - file that contains all info about Swimbi UI controls and settings (File => Open Page or Open Recent)
  • when you Import Configuration from File (Import => Config from File)
menu options to import config from files
New configuration will be added in the top Config control list with the name "Loaded Config".

6. Import visual configuration from URL

Top menu => Import => Config from URL
Load config of swimbi menu right from a website. Enter URL and click OK button (or hit Enter).
If it doesn't load, provide direct URL of the "config.json", ex.
import config file

7. Drag and drop to import configuration

Drop a page with Swimbi menu that points to the "config.json" or JSON file itself (swimbiUIcfg.json from menu_files folder) into the Live Preview area of Swimbi app (desktop version only).
import config file window
Use drag and drop to import navigation structure.

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