Register a menu Before publish online you should register your website domain name in our system. Registration protects our rights and prevents unauthorized copying of your Swimbi menu.

In the top right corner of the Preview Window you can see current registered domain name (click "Publish" button to open the Preview window in the Swimbi app).
swimbi domain name Click on the domain name (or the word "Unregistered") to quickly add/change the domain name.

There is no difference between rigistered and unregistered menu when you test on your computer. But when you publish the menu on a website, the first button "register" is added to an unregistered menu.
register swimbi menu
How to register 1. Switch to the Publication tab in the SWIMBI app.

2. You'll see the "Register Domain Name" section on the right side.
register domain Enter your website domain name where you want to publish a menu. Click the "Register" button.

3. You will see the registration form (if you see the Publication Licenses, click "Already Signed Up" link).
register form Enter email and order ID you get after a payment for a Publication License. Check the domain name again and click "Submit" button below.

Select a Publication License
SWIMBI is free software, however if you going to publish a menu online the domain registration required. Please select a license, depending on how many websites(domains) you may need to register.
You can get a FREE registration if you ready to helps us with the product promotion, just let us know.


  • 1 domain
    can be registered
  • One time fee
  • Standard designs set

  • -

  • Standard support



* - The price for creation of custom menu designs, that can be included in our styles set and given to other customers.
If you want us to create exclusive design, the price for custom design x2.

** - Priority support. If you find a problem with a Swimbi menu or Swimbi app, it will be fixed in 1-2 business days.

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