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Version: 2.1.2
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Version: 2.1.2
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Version: 1.8.0
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What's new
v2.1.0 (Sep 2, 2016)
- all menu designs have been revised and improved.
- new main menu skin and several new configurations.
- new rollover effects for main menu and submenus.
- new "+Parent" button in Navigation tab which allows to add parent element in the navigation tree, useful if you need to move many elements in lower level submenu.
- improved Remove from tree button functionality. If removed item has children they won't be removed, but moved in the parent level instead.
- changed shadow size limit. Now you can create shadows with negative size. This allows you to create more realistic shadows. (Negative size with bigger blur value and bigger Y-value).
- new colors for pop up help and tours windows. Blue background and white text.
- second click on the "+search" button (if you alread have search field) will select search item in the navigation tree.

v2.0.0 (Apr 28, 2016)
- new submenu styles, round corners for any submenu.
- new patterns.
- main menu arrows indicating that an item has submenu (Icons tab => Submenu Indicator => Right Side Arrow).
- position of arrows in submenu (Icons tab => Submenu Indicator => Top position).
- drop down menus with more forgiving mouse movement paths.
- embed HTML into JS, embed HTML and CSS into JS(Publication tab => Source Code => Embed Source Code).
- title attribute (shows up as tooltip in browser) (Navigation tab =>Title).
- copy HTML to clipboard during publication (to enable Publication tab => Source Code => Copy HTML to Clipboard).
- optimizations for Blogger(blogspot).
- UI usability improvements: two level drop down menu for skin selection, permanently saves the tree state, etc.
- a lot of small fixes and improvements.

v1.9.4 (Dec 11, 2015)
- various bug fixes and minor improvements.
- better alignment for submenu item text, with and without icons.
- new option that determines how to align text in submenus with mixed content (with and without icons) (Icons tab => Sub Menu => Align text with/without icon)

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