10 Efficient Ways to Improve Your Online Store

by Andy W. ntwdesigns.com on Jan 29 2017

The internet has changed the world and pushed it into more modern times. The internet provides an accurate source of information, instant worldwide connection, and a new market for online sales. The online generation is made up of the new youth generation and the old generation habituating to this new era that we all live in. E-Commerce stores are now more popular and trusted than ever. The internet has reached billions of people around the world and e-commerce sales are rocketing on the web. Read below 10 ways to improve your online e-commerce store.

Improve your online shop

10 Ways to Improve Your Online Store

1. Monochromatic Theme Selection

In 2017, there is a new range of colors that are very popular and professional for all websites to use. Mountain blue and forest green are 2 popular color selections. Monochromatic colors have a much better color tone and are most recommended for a website to have. These color tones have proven to be much more preferred by the average web visitor. A theme color pallet should have 3 selections of monochromatic color tones.

2. Meta Tag Input

Meta Tags are an important factor of SEO. A meta tag that includes keywords, a description, a robot tag, and a title tag on a homepage will tell search engines the exact phrases desired to be ranked in. Every E-commerce store should include proper heading meta tags to boost search engine visibility.

3. Detailed Descriptions

Every web visitor that lands on an e-commerce store will first take a look at the image of the product and then steer down to reading the description of the selected product. Descriptions that are too general don’t sell too well. A description that uses much bolder and unique words are likely to stand out. Detailed product descriptions will impress the average web visitor and be a great booster for online visibility.

4. Mobile Responsive

A responsive layout is a mobile web standard. A responsive web design fits perfectly for all different screen sizes that come along. With a variety of devices out today, a responsive website is a must to have in an e-commerce store.

5. Subscription Box

A subscription box is a great addition to an e-commerce store. A subscription box will not only capture interested website visitors, but an e-commerce store has the ability to send out mail listings to subscribers. Active and scheduled mail listings will eventually lead to sales. Digital multi-million dollar companies actively use subscription boxes and mail listings to send out coupons, new hot deals, and general info.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very advanced tool that will show live visitors on a website. Aside from the live view, google analytics also includes the source where these visitors came from and how long they spent on a website. This is important information for every website owner and SEO expert to know. Google Analytics is easy to install and instant to start tracking.

7. Public Product Reviews/Client Snaps

Making your online store interesting and authentic will increase trust and brand reliability online. If an e-commerce store had a public review section and a place where clients could upload their product photos, it would increase sales due to website trust. The more detail a web visitor has on a product, the better chance of a faster sale. A public review and client product section will open up a space where the client can interact on the website.

8. Social Media Posting

Social Media is a home run for SEO and online brand expansion. Every e-commerce store should open up social media accounts with their e-commerce store brand name. Social media is a great place to interact with people, share links, and build followers of the same likings. It has been proven that by posting on social media 2x a day, web visibility will become much higher.

9. Live Chat

The live chat is a great support feature that every e-commerce store should have integrated on every site page. The live chat system will provide an instant remedy for web visitors that have any quick questions. Live chats will speed up the Q & A process and this can lead to a faster sale on the web. Aside from that, a live chat is a very advanced feature that will make an e-commerce store look much more professional and reliable.

10. Product Photos

Quality website media will improve the visual appearance of an e-commerce store. By investing time in taking great product snaps and finding some great banner images online, a company can have a great visual exterior on the web. Website visitors and future online buyers have just 1 thing to judge on the net and that is a web design. Having a great web design with great photography is the key way to satisfy these individuals. Why should you convert to E-Commerce? The web makes things much easier. Online, the average person has 2 options. They can either have a digital store which would only sell virtual items or an e-commerce online shop that will actually ship out tangible items. With good SEO, the internet will bring e-commerce stores web visitors and those web visitors will turn into future leads or instant sales on a site. E-Commerce stores are much more efficient and advanced than ever.

"Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that." ― Paul Cookson

The internet brings in a new wave of people that will lead to a new income through the web. Use the 10 ways above to improve your online store!

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