Swimbi app updated to v. 2.1.0

What's new:
- all menu designs have been revised and improved, added new skin and configurations.
- new rollover effects for main menu and submenus.
- changed shadow size limit. Now you can create shadows with negative size. This allows you to create more realistic shadows. (Negative size with bigger blur value and bigger Y-value).
- new colors for pop up help and tours windows. Blue background and white text.

New css menus

- new "+Parent" button in Navigation tab which allows to add parent element in the navigation tree, useful if you need to move many elements in lower level submenu.
- improved Remove from tree button functionality. If removed item has children they won't be removed, but moved in the parent level instead.
- second click on the "+search" button (if you alread have search field) will select search item in the navigation tree.

New rollover effects demonstrated on drop down menus.

3 simple and moderate gradients called respectively: Gimp, Mac and Kit. Also available in the main menu item rollover drop down list. (Items tab => Sub Items Rollover and Items tab => Main Items Rollover)

New submenu rollover effects

Negative shadow size. Available in main menu and drop down menu shadow.

Regular shadow compared with negative size shadow.
1. Regular shadow - Size: 0, Blur: 12, X: 0, Y: 1
2. Negative size shadow - Size: -10, Blur: 11, X: 0, Y: 10
(Shadows tab => Main Menu Shadow and Shadows tab => Sub Menu Shadow)

Negative shadow size (left: regular, right: negative size)

New colors for context help pop up windows and tours windows.

Blue help pop ups

"+Parent" - add parent button.

Add parent button

The feature is usefull if you need to move a lot of items in a lower level.
The Remove button actions also changed:

  • When you remove an item with children, all childs are moved in the higher (parent) level.
  • To remove all items at once, you need to hold Shift key and click the Remove button.

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