Search Field and Multi-column Menu in Swimbi v. 1.9.0

What's new:
- search field. Ability to use Google Site Search or any other engines or scripts.
- multiple columns in submenu.
- swimbi UI improvements, menu icons shown in the navigation tree. (Navigation tab)
- indication in main menu of a link to the page the user is currently on. (Extra tab => Behavior => Highlight Current Page)
- text decorations for selected menu items: Bold, Italic, Underlined. (Navigation tab)

Multi column menu with search

Search Field with expandable width.

The search field expanding animation may be triggered by mouse hover or mouse click, or disabled.
( Swimbi UI => Extra Tab => Search Field ).

Search field expandable width

On mobile devices and small screens:

  • Collapsed menu with search field and the "hamburger".
  • Expanded menu with the rest of the menu buttons.

Responsive menu with search field

Default link of the search button is http://google.com/search?q=site:swimbi.com. (Simply replace "site:swimbi.com" with "site:{YourDomain}" to make it search on your site) The search query is added to the end of the link when you hit enter.

Possible targets (Swimbi UI => Navigation tab => Target) for search button:

  • window - to open search results in new window
  • _blank - to open search results in new tab
  • no target or _self - to open search results in the page itself
Test live example with search results in new window:

Multi columns.

To split a long submenu into columns select an item in the middle of a submenu and hit the button "+ Column".

Multi column menu

The "+ Column" button shown in the image below.
Move menu items among columns using Up and Down arrow buttons, or drag-n-drop in the navigation tree.

How to add columns

It is possible to add columns in deeper level submenus.

Nested sub sub menu columns

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