Swimbi release 1.8.0

What's new:
- Unlimited choice of icons. Thanks to Icomoon fonts compatibility.
- User Interface usability improvements
- Better color picker. Real time preview of color changes and all menu parameters modifications
- Minified menu caption
Unlimited icons choice
How to import new icons from Icomoon or other websites described here.

Live Preview

Improved Live Preview:
  • Displays submenu when you switch between menu styles and configs.
  • Two way synchronization between selection in Live Preview and Navigation Tree.
  • Shows submenu when you change an icon in submenu.
  • Reveals submenu when you change some parameter that affect on submenu or main menu rollover.

Color picker

Swimbi UI color picker have been significantly improved:
  • Now you can see all color changes in real time in the live preview.
  • Quickly switch between different color parameters.
  • History color bar at the bottom of the color picker helps to select similar colors for different menu details.
  • Text and text shadow colors selected automatically (using color contrast algorithm) when you change menu colors.

Icons on top of text in main menu

Ability to switch left-top position of main menu icons.
Switch icon position left or top
(Icons tab => Main Menu Icons => Position)

Minified menu caption

Ability to change text of minified menu (for mobile devices and small screens).
Text on minified menu
(Publication tab => Mobile Section => Minified Menu Caption)

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