Swimbi version 1.3.0

The update brings ability to create vertical css menu.

What's new:
- Convert any existing Swimbi menu into vertical menu.
- Insert both horizontal and vertical menu into one page.
- New dialog window to select which menu to edit, horizontal or vertical.
- New vertical configurations.
- Fixes and improvements in autosave of navigation settings.

Vertical Flyout CSS Menu in 2 clicks

Select any existing menu configuration in Swimbi app, switch to Menu tab (1). And change the main menu layout to "Vertical Flyout" (2). Set desired menu width in the width control below.

Convert horizontal drop down menu into vertical flyout

If your page has 2 Swimbi menus, vertical and horizontal you will see the pop up window when you load the page.

Select menu to edit in Swimbi

Just a few more examples of vertical css menus

Examples of vertical css menus

And remember when you use Swimbi you are not limited with a few skins. You can modify a lot of parameters and create unique configurations. If you need something unusual, please contact us.

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