CSS Menu Builders comparison

If you're looking a software that helps to create a menu for your website quickly and easily, it can be defficult to determine what best suits your needs.

CSS Menu Maker vs Likno vs Easy CSS Menu vs CSS3menu vs OpenCube vs Swimbi

Below is a brief comparison of 6 popular CSS/HTML Menu Builders, looking at the problem from the perspective of the site owner who wants to save time and money to get quality for the site navigation, not fiddling with coding.

Hence the main criteria:

  • Quality menu designs,
  • Intuitive interface, nobody wants to spend time learning, all want results,
  • Price or the ability to use free of charge,

Products are similar, so we omit the same and obvious features, such as support for browsers, standards, search engines friendly reputation, etc.

Menu DesignsExamplesExamplesExamplesExamplesExamplesExamples
Unlimited submenus-
Price (min.)$19$9/Year$139$65$59$30
Free usage
(For non-commercial websites)

(few designs)
(few designs)

(few designs)
Intuitive UICheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Live FTP update-----
Built-in Icons---
Google Fonts integration-----
Pattern overlays-----

Represented comparison expresses only our opinion and not pretend to be objective, because we are the creators of one of the products. However, we've tried to be objective. Please comment if you are not agree with something.

The main reason why we started to develop Swimbi - it's our belief that we can make this product better than others. In basically we succeeded, but it's only the beginning. Development potential inherent in this product will be fully realized in future versions.

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