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Our story

macromedia logoWe started f-source.com in 2004 from making simple flash buttons for Macromedia Exchange marketplace. That was in early days when Macromedia was on top of success. No one could even imagine that Adobe will acquire Macromedia. metal buttons
It was flash buttons, in a form of extensions (plugins) for Dreamweaver. The next step was producing navigation menus. mac style old navigation
Which became even more popular. As you can see they are neatly designed and we had a lot of customers.

iphone style menu
For many users of Dreamweaver, these extensions were really helpful and time saving.

2006 - 2010.

The success in Macromedia/Adobe marketplace bring us success in Google. For several years we had the first position in search results for phrase "flash menu".
google first place

The results:
  • About 5000 clients all over the world
  • > 6 mln. pages with our menus worldwide
However it was obvious that flash menu were losing popularity against CSS menu.

search interests over time
The design of CSS navigation of our competitors was very primitive. Our client often asked us to remake our menus using only CSS and images. But we love flexible solutions and couldn't find a technology that provide the same capability and flexibility.


Finally, support by most browsers of CSS3, HTML and Canvas technologies made it possible! New brand - Swimbi. New website - swimbi.com. CSS menus based on new technology, even better than flash version, versatile, lightweight, and natively supported by browsers. Furthermore, instead of Dreamweaver extensions we made desktop apps for Windows and Mac, and browser plugin for Chrome. New technologies brought new possibilities, effects and features. dark glossy css menu
And a lot of ideas of improvement and growth...

Our plans

future of swimbi To be number 1 in the Google in the whole world! :)
Provide our customer with best menu designs, handy apps for menu creation, modification and support.

We are planning to make a big gallery with a large set of menu skins and configs. drag and drop Made by our designers and community. Ability to select and drag loved instance from the gallery page into the Swimbi app and make it work in seconds.

Evolve menu generation scripts, add more effects, overlay patterns and animations which people love.

Our experience helps us better understand your needs as a webmaster, web designer or website owner.

Who we are

We are small team of independent developers. Self-funded, self-motivated. We love to improve our product and listen to the people who use it, constantly innovate and make beautiful designs.

Dmitry Molchanov dmitry molchanov

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Founder of both f-source.com and swimbi.com, main generator of ideas. Leading in all aspects of the project, website, software and public relations, can not only motivate others to do things, but also get his own hands dirty.

Max Poetro dmitry molchanov

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Max is a digital creative developer. Passionate about web technologies, graphics generation algorithms and turning complex problems into simple solutions. Loves to push pixels into the right place using different programing languages.

Our contacts

For any technical or business questions please contact us using the form.

If you have any financial or sales questions, please contact our ecommerce provider - iPortis.

iPortis is a privately owned company located in Apex, NC USA, and was incorporated in 2006.

iPortis Corporate Headquarters
5448 Apex Peakway
Suite #140
Apex, North Carolina 27502-3924
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