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Nice CSS menu
Easier than ever

Multi-column submenus Site search
search field
Unlimited drop down CSS menu Many skins
and options
Patterns, effects,
Any icons
in SVG format
Import links
in one click
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Key features

seo friendly

Search engine friendly

Web crawlers optimized
clean css menu


Design, HTML, CSS
menu site search

Site Search

Add search field easily

Nice Menus

Swimbi app has only the best and popular drop down and vertical menu designs, created by professional designers.

More attractive and usable visualized by a myriad of icons. Menu icons choice is unlimited!

Presented skins and configs are just examples. No limits to customization. Swimbi goes beyond the box of simple CSS.
iconic menu


Unlimited icons
responsive menu


Mobile devices friendly


Shows current page

Friendly UI

To make it user friendly is the real challenge.

We could add even more options for customization what could be helpful for experts, but confusing for anyone else.

Restrained to a reasonable limit, categorized by functions, separated by scope, organized in logical groups, provided with short help information, that's it.

Changeable skins

A lot of skins


Lightweight and minified


Drop downs, columns etc.

Quick results

Speed and efficiency is our top priority.

Import your website links in no time. Drag and drop files to quickly open pages and import data. Update multiple pages with a few clicks.

No more tedious copy/paste. Drop your page in Swimbi, click Publish. Just a minute to have new navigation on your site.

Swimbi UI


Drag and drop

Import and move items

Instant import

Links, designs, icons


Menu configs and links
live preview


Preview in real time


Clearly organized controls


Shows all you need

Publish anywhere


Sitewide update

For static websites

More to come

Evolving and updating

User Interface

Preview Window

Download Swimbi, it's free:
swimbi huge logo transparent

CSS+ Menu

CSS Menu

Swimbi drop down menus are based on CSS.

Not only static CSS, but also additional styles, generated by Javascript. We call it CSS+.

The purpose of which is to extends the possibilities of standard styles sheets.


Swimbi menu doesn't load any images.

Additional styles and images generated by Javascript and Canvas technology.

Any modern browsers can generate it very fast, much faster than loading from a web-server.

On the fly

CSS+ menu generated on the fly is fast and lightweight.

But the main advantage of such approach is flexibility.

We can use less data to generate more complex graphics, and modify it when needed.

How it works

Swimbi generates menu code

how swimbi generates menus, scripts and files Swimbi application generates menu files. Menu files folder contains Javascript file and CSS file. Menu HTML created by Swimbi inserted in the page.

Menu script creates CSS+ Menu

learn how menu script generate CSS+ and CSS menu Static CSS loaded in the page as is. Dynamic CSS made by Javascript extends the static CSS. As the result you get advanced CSS+ Menu. The Vista Style Twilight is navigation menu.

Why CSS+ Menu is cool?

CSS+ menu advantages Is it possible to make such horizontal menu with pure CSS? No, it's not. Only with static images. "CSS+ menu" is dynamic and much more flexible. Any size for the menu 35px, 50px, 40px, 45px etc. Any color, brown, green, blue, red, etc. Any pattern overlay, Net, PSneutral, Fabric, Tea Pot.
Download Swimbi app now:

More customizable

Rollover effects

Swimbi has 18 different rollover effects for main menu and 6 effects for submenu.
( Suggest new effect )

Let's take for example a menu item:
milk menu itemsMilk Style -

Now choose few rollover styles that suits better for the menu (you see here only 7 of 18).

rollover inside effect Inside 2 -

hover glossy effect Media -

indented hover effect Inside -

rollover bulging effect Puff -

hover line below effect Line Below -

rollover convex shining Pill -

hover line above effect Line Above -

Now choose some patterns for rollover effect.

Submenu styles

Swimbi has 8 different submenu styles available for usage.
( Suggest new style )

plain menu with dropdown css - Plain plain with border dropdown - Plain with border plain separated - Plain separated adobe style drop down menu - Adobe style vista style dropdown menu - Vista style business style drop down menu - Business style gray menu - Gray round corners drop down menu - Round corners

Rollover with pattern

Swimbi has 28 overlay patterns for main menu and rollover effect.
( Suggest new pattern )

For the same menu item:
milk menu itemMilk Style -

We can choose some overlay patterns that suits better for the menu (you see here only 7 of 28):

rollover with pattern fabric Fabric -

hover effect wtih pattern psneutral PSneutral -

rollover with pattern kinda jean Kindajean -

hover effect and pattern knitted netting Knitted Netting-

rollover with pattern vaio Vaio -

tea pot pattern rollover Tea Pot -

slanted lines pattern hover Lines -

As you can see an overlay pattern can dramatically change a rollover effect.

Sub rollover effects

6 rollover effects for sub menu items.

( Suggest new style )

default sub rollover - Default frame sub rollover - Frame yahoo style sub rollover - Yahoo style bar sub rollover - Bar plain sub rollover - Plain inside sub rollover - Inside inside2 sub rollover - Inside default style with round corners hover - Default round

Menu designs

swimbi logo huge opaque

Quick start

Quick start guide

starting window Update navigation on your website in 4 simple steps:

1. Open page
2. Import links
3. Select design
4. Publish

  • Drop your page in the starting window of Swimbi.
    Browse to your page or create new page.

  • Import menu links with one of the following ways:
    - Drop your page in Swimbi (simplest way)
    - Insert HTML code (most accurate way)
    - Browse to a file
    - Submit website URL (if you don't have local file)
    Learm more about importing.
  • Use top controls to select menu designs, visual configurations and navigation presets. (You can create and save your own presets here).
    top controls
  • publish button in swimbiClick the Publish button in the top right corner of the Live Preview area. The Preview Window shows up. In the window you can view/edit the page code, open the menu files folder or open the page in default browser.

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